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The Best Storage Box

Last updated on May 12, 2022
Best Storage Box

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 Top Pick

BALEINE Eco-Friendly Easy Label Storage Boxes, 5-Pack

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Eco-Friendly Easy Label Storage Boxes, 5-Pack

Each of the five storage boxes in this set feature two handle cut-outs and two fabric handles, making them a cinch to carry. The boxes fold up flat for easy under bed storage and are made from a durable high-quality linen. You can use the boxes for organizing everything from file folders in your office to toys in your child's bedroom.

Overall Take

Easy to CarryOn the front of these storage boxes are translucent pockets for quickly adding labels.

 Runner Up

VENO Linen Stackable Storage Boxes, 4-Pack


Linen Stackable Storage Boxes, 4-Pack

This attractive storage box set comes in a choice of black or gray and includes a total of four pieces. Each box has a large capacity and is constructed from a thick woven fabric that is also waterproof. Features that set this box apart from others on the market include an attached lid with Velcro closure, side handles and the ability to collapse u...

Overall Take

Most VersatileThis modern storage box works well to organize craft supplies, stuffed animals, extra blankets, books, seasonal clothing and sports gear.

 We Also Like

Pioneer Acid Free Memory Storage Box


Acid Free Memory Storage Box

Keep your photographs ordered and safe in this heavy-duty storage box. It comes with index cards for easy organization. There is a metal identification plate on the front of the box.

Overall Take

Heavy-Duty ChoiceThis well-constructed storage box is perfect for organizing and storing photographs.

 Strong Contender

Wintao Collapsible Linen Fabric Storage Box


Collapsible Linen Fabric Storage Box

This collapsible storage box folds flat when not in use. It is made from environmentally friendly materials and is durable. The lid prevents dust from accumulating on your things.

Overall Take

Great for Small SpacesThis storage box folds flat when not in use.

Buying Guide

Storage boxes are the perfect double-duty item for any room in your house. Not only do they help you organize your things and ensure your space is neat and tidy, they also come in a variety of styles so you can spruce up your décor at the same time.

The most important thing to look at when buying storage boxes is size. After all, if your items won’t fit into the box, then it won’t be very useful. Get the things you want to store and stack them in a neat pile. Use this time to also throw away any items you don’t need. Then measure the dimensions of your pile to figure out approximately how big of a storage box you’ll need. Be sure to add in a few more inches for extra space.

In addition to size, also consider the fill weight, as storage boxes have a maximum weight they can accommodate. If you go beyond that weight, the box may collapse or break. If you will be keeping the storage box stationary, then weight won’t matter as much. However, if you’re planning on carrying the box or moving it from one room to another, make sure the items are not too heavy for the storage box.

What to Look For

  • Storage boxes come in many different styles. From utility-focused cardboard boxes to elegant linen-covered bins, you can find storage boxes in just about any look. Think about where you will keep the storage box in your home and how you can match the look of the box to your décor. For example, if the storage box will be under a coffee table in your living room, you may want something that coordinates with your furniture. If the box is going to be hidden away in a closet, then the look isn’t as relevant.
  • Don’t forget about handles! These are an important feature of storage boxes that often gets overlooked. Ensure there is an easy way to carry the box, especially when it is full. This will keep your fingers and hands safe.
  • Sometimes, you have to store the storage box itself. In this case, opt for ones that are collapsible. This way, you can store the boxes flat, and just build them up as you need them. Collapsible storage boxes are a good choice for small spaces.

More to Explore

Storage boxes are a great addition to your space. In the living room, they can keep photographs or memorabilia stashed on a shelf. In the kitchen, they are ideal for small utensils you don’t use too often, such as dessert forks or serving spoons. Storage boxes in the bathroom can be used to store toiletries and makeup, while in the closet they can house accessories like belts. For kids’ rooms, use storage boxes to hold small toy figures or craft supplies.

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