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The Best Safety Pins

Last updated on November 1, 2022
Best Safety Pins

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If you work with clothing or textiles of any kind, you know there’s one fastener you simply can’t do without. The humble safety pin hasn’t had much in the way of design improvements since its invention in the mid-1800s, and it probably doesn’t need any. In its purest form, a safety pin is a sharp metal pin, bent and coiled back on itself in such a way that the point can be tucked away in a tiny sheath. Hence the safety. But that clasp also makes the safety pin ideal for holding together skirts, shirts or layers of cloth. These tiny helpers are essential for any number of projects in the crafting world, from dressmaking to quilting and beyond.

You won’t find too much variety in the way of how safety pins are configured. But all brands and types are not the same, especially if you’re an avid crafter.

Certain sizes of safety pins are more suited to certain projects or fabrics. The find the right length for you, check the designation on the box. The largest type of pins are size 4, generally known as blanket pins. Size 4 pins are 3 inches in length, not 4 inches as you might imagine. The smaller categories don’t follow much of a pattern either: There’s size 3 (2 inches), size 2 (1.5 inches), size 1 (1 1/16 of an inch), size 0 (7/8 of an inch) and size 00 (3/4 of an inch). The smaller types are generally meant to hold buttons or light fabrics in place during embroidery or other work, while the bigger safety pins are like the duct tape of the textile world: They’re a temporary fix and/or fastener for just about anything.

Material also matters. Most safety pins are made of steel, though some extra-safe pins for kids might be coated with plastic. Stainless steel is the standard, or possibly nickel-plated steel. Either will be resistant to rust and should be strong enough for regular use. For heavy use, you may want to try to find chrome-plated steel, which is extra strong and resistant to excessive bending. Another big advantage to nickel-plated safety pins? They are slightly magnetic, which means you can pick them up easily with a magnet when and if they get lost in the carpet.

Aside from that, crafters might want to invest in multicolored packs of safety pins that might help them keep track of various projects. Whatever you do, buy in bulk. If you use them at all, safety pins are too handy not to have them around.

Our Picks For The Top Safety Pins

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YiwerDer Stainless Steel Classic Safety Pins, 60-Pack

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Stainless Steel Classic Safety Pins, 60-Pack

Constructed from a nickel-plated steel, these safety pins are strong and sturdy. They also have an attractive glossy finish and do an excellent job of resisting rust and corrosion. Thanks to their large size, the clasps are also easy to open and close.

Overall Take

Easy to CloseYou'll receive 60 safety pins in this set, all of which are great for a variety of craft projects, as well as securing two pieces of fabric together.

 Runner Up

ZIPCCI Rust Resistant Sharp Safety Pins, 100-Pack


Rust Resistant Sharp Safety Pins, 100-Pack

Available in 2 and 3-inch sizes, these safety pins are quite versatile. They are made using a nickel-plated steel that won't bend or break, so you'll be able to use them for everything from sewing to diapering. Each set includes a total of 100 pins, which means you won't have to buy another pack for a long time to come.

Overall Take

Stock UpThese safety pins come neatly packaged inside a sturdy plastic storage box.

 We Also Like

Mr. Pen Assorted Nickel Finish Safety Pins, 300-Pack

Mr. Pen

Assorted Nickel Finish Safety Pins, 300-Pack

No matter what job you have, you'll find the safety pin for it here. This large pack contains multiple sizes, from petite 1-inch pins to 2 1/4 inches. The included case helps keep them organized.

Overall Take

Wide Variety PackFind the pin you need with this variety assortment.

 Strong Contender

Officepal Multipurpose Stainless Steel Safety Pins, 250-Pack


Multipurpose Stainless Steel Safety Pins, 250-Pack

This multipurpose safety pins pack includes a total of 250 pins in four different sizes. You'll receive 50 .75-inch, 50 .87-inch, 100 1.06-inch and 50 1.46-inch pins. All of the pins are neatly organized inside a reusable plastic container with two secure latches.

Overall Take

Handy Storage ContainerThese safety pins aren't flimsy, but rather made from a nickel-plated steel that withstands both wear and washing.

What to Look For

Savvy clotheshorses might already use safety pins to fix a number of problems with their wardrobes. They’re a lifesaver for pinning together bra straps and hiding them under revealing dresses, for example. But did you also know they can stop static cling? Just clip a safety pin on the inside of your clothes, and it will soak up some of the electrical charge that might otherwise get built up in your wool sweaters or socks.

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Walter Hunt invented the first needlepoint sewing machine, so it should come as no surprise that he also invented the safety pin. Hunt’s doodad (then called a “dress pin”) was an afterthought of an invention, created to cover a $15 debt in 1849.