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The Best Fluoride Mouthwash

Last updated on October 15, 2023
Best Fluoride Mouthwash

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Listerine Total Care Zero Alcohol Fluoride Mouthwash, 2-Pack

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Total Care Zero Alcohol Fluoride Mouthwash, 2-Pack

This fresh mint fluoride mouthwash can help with bad breath, tooth enamel and overall mouth health. This two-pack doesn't contain any alcohol and leaves your mouth feeling fresh and reinvigorated.

Overall Take

Pack of TwoGargle with this fresh mint fluoride mouthwash for better health of your teeth and gums.

 Runner Up

Colgate Strengthening Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash


Strengthening Anticavity Fluoride Mouthwash

This fluoride mouthwash has a delightful mint flavor that will leave your breath smelling fresh. Of course, the formula is also designed to improve your overall oral health. It prevents cavities, restores calcium and strengthens enamel.

Overall Take

Freshens BreathIf you're searching for an alcohol-free fluoride mouthwash, this option is an excellent choice.

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Hello Children’s Dye-Free Fluoride Mouthwash, 3-Pack


Children’s Dye-Free Fluoride Mouthwash, 3-Pack

Thanks to the strawberry flavor of this fluoride mouthwash, you won't have any trouble getting your kids to rinse after brushing their teeth. The bottle is free of dyes, alcohol and preservatives and instead contains thoughtful ingredients, like xylitol. It's an excellent addition to your child's oral hygiene routine, as it works well to prevent ca...

Overall Take

Stock UpYou'll receive three fluoride mouthwash bottles when you opt for this set.

 Strong Contender

Oxyfresh Alcohol-Free Clinically Proven Fluoride Mouthwash


Alcohol-Free Clinically Proven Fluoride Mouthwash

Although this fluoride mouthwash has a mint flavor, it doesn't burn like other options on the market. That's because the mint flavor comes from natural essential oils. The 16-ounce bottle of mouthwash is the perfect addition to your oral care routine, as it fights against cavities, plaque and tartar.

Overall Take

Lasts All DayUse this fluoride mouthwash for just 1 minute and you'll enjoy fresh breath all day.

Buying Guide

Using mouthwash works along with flossing and brushing to keep your mouth clean and freshen your breath. If you’re looking for a type of mouthwash that can also help make your teeth and gums stronger, fluoride mouthwash serves as a good option. Your dentist might even recommend it, depending on the condition of your teeth and concerns you have.

This type of mouthwash contains the ingredient fluoride, which you’ll usually find in your toothpaste. However, when you buy over-the-counter products, you’ll find that the fluoride is at a lower level than the toothpaste or professional mouth rinses that your dental hygienist uses.

When shopping for fluoride mouthwash, you’ll come across options with and without alcohol. Both types will work to strengthen teeth, and some have ingredients that kill bacteria in your mouth too. However, alcohol-free mouthwashes can be gentler on your mouth than alcohol options. On the other hand, alcohol mouthwashes can do a better job killing bacteria but may dry out your mouth, so they can be less comfortable to use.

You can find fluoride mouthwash in a variety of flavors and colors. Many brands offer mild and strong mint options, but you can also find fruity flavors and even bubblegum options. While many fluoride mouthwashes come in colors to match the flavor, you can find dye-free versions with a milder taste. Dye-free fluoride mouthwashes often include only natural ingredients and can work well if you have sensitivities.

Be sure to check whether a bottle of fluoride mouthwash you’re considering has the American Dental Association seal of approval. The “ADA Accepted” label on the bottle indicates the mouthwash is both effective and safe to use.

What to Look For

  • To give the fluoride mouthwash time to do its work, try to wait half an hour before you drink or eat anything.
  • Using a fluoride mouthwash is just one part of your oral hygiene routine, so continue flossing and brushing regularly.
  • Make sure to check the manufacturer’s instructions before using a new mouthwash since the amount you’ll use and the length of time to swish the product around your mouth can vary by brand.
  • Consider talking to your dentist before you start using a fluoride mouthwash in response to any dental problems you have. They might recommend a prescription mouthwash or dental treatment instead.
  • Avoid swallowing fluoride mouthwash since there could be ingredients in it that will make you ill when digested. Check the product’s label for instructions on how to handle accidental swallowing, especially if a child is using the mouthwash.
  • For best results, brush and floss before you use your fluoride mouthwash. Since your teeth will be clean, the mouthwash can reach more surfaces on your teeth and do its job better.
  • You’ll generally only use fluoride mouthwash once a day or as directed by your dentist. You can still use a regular mouthwash at another time of the day to freshen your mouth.

More to Explore

Here are some interesting oral hygiene facts:

  • Long before commercial toothpaste and mouthwash brands starting being sold in the 1800s, people used natural items like flowers and charcoal to maintain their oral hygiene.
  • The popular mouthwash brand Listerine traces its origins all the way back to 1879. However, it was first used for wound cleaning and surgeries. In 1914, it finally became available over the counter to the public as an oral germ killer.
  • Alcohol-free mouthwash didn’t get patented until the 1990s, so alcohol mouthwashes were the standard for most of the product’s existence.

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