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The Best Bulk Candy

Last updated on June 28, 2022
Best Bulk Candy

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Jolly Rancher Long-Lasting Bulk Hard Candy, 5-Pound

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Jolly Rancher

Long-Lasting Bulk Hard Candy, 5-Pound

You'll find five varieties of fruit flavor in this five-pound bag. While not evenly dispersed, each one is sure to please any fan of hard candy. This is a treat you can take your time enjoying.

Overall Take

Long-Lasting CandiesThis bulk candy buy has a good variety of these classic hard candies.

 Runner Up

Good & Plenty Chewy Party Licorice Bulk Candy, 5-Pound

Good & Plenty

Chewy Party Licorice Bulk Candy, 5-Pound

If you love licorice, you'll want to pick up this bulk candy bag. Each bag contains 5 pounds of tiny candy-coated licorice pieces. They are perfect for snacking, setting out in a bowl for a party or indulging on sweets during family movie night.

Overall Take

Most FlavorfulYou'll find these bulk candy bites are chewy and delicious.

 We Also Like

Custom Varietea Assorted Sweet & Sour Variety Bulk Candy, 2-Pound

Custom Varietea

Assorted Sweet & Sour Variety Bulk Candy, 2-Pound

If you enjoy both soft and hard candy, as well as sweet and sour treats, then this bulk candy bag is for you. The bag features everything from gummies to tiny hard pebble-like candies. In fact, there are a total of 40 smaller bags in this set with a combined weight of 32 ounces.

Overall Take

Lots of OptionsThis bulk candy bag is ideal for filling up a pinata or handing out treats on Halloween.

 Strong Contender

Airheads Assorted Flavors Bulk Candy, 60-Count


Assorted Flavors Bulk Candy, 60-Count

Those with gluten, peanut or soy allergies can snack in safety with these wrapped candies. There's a variety of six flavors in this bulk candy bag, including "mystery" bars for those who crave a little adventure. Since these don't melt, they're an easy option for outdoor lunches.

Overall Take

Gluten-Free with FlavorThis variety pack of chewy bars is gluten free and great for outdoor snacking.

Buying Guide

Whether you’re planning ahead for a party or an event, when you’re buying candy for a crowd, buying in bulk is the economical way to go.

No judgment if these treats are all yours, but let’s assume you’re buying for company. In this case, variety packs are a great choice to make sure all your guests have something sweet to graze on.

Of course, there’s a crucial difference between house parties and trick-or-treating. At parties, it may be easier to buy unwrapped candies that you can empty into a bowl. If you’re going that route, check to see that your bag can be resealed. Unwrapped bulk candy might last about 3 months, but that time frame dwindles much quicker if it’s left in an open bowl for days.

Don’t be afraid to buy ahead of time if you find the right price. Wrapped candies last much longer than the unwrapped kind, provided they’re stored at roughly room temperature and humidity. Milk chocolate can last seven or eight months, while dark chocolate can stay tasty up to three years. Most hard candies and caramels will last up to a year.

What to Look For

Unless you’re throwing a big get-together, bags of bulk candy are going to take a while to get through. At some point, you might wonder how to store these treats for maximum staying power. Generally, the answer is simple: in the pantry, at room temperature. You might be able to freeze gummy candies and get a bit more life out of them. Just make sure you thaw them for a while before serving.

On the other hand, you may want to rethink that chocolate shelf in your fridge. Refrigeration won’t do much to extend the shelf life of your chocolates, and it might even make them taste worse. This particular treat doesn’t like too much variation in temperature and humidity, and that’s exactly what can happen once you take your chocolate out of the refrigerator. It can result in a telltale accumulation of sugar crystals on the surface of the candy, and that’s a sign that you’re in for a less-than-perfect bite.

More to Explore

There are those who love candy corn and those who can’t stand it, but there’s no denying its staying power as a Halloween staple. The treat has been around since the 1880’s — even before most Americans considered real corn a viable side dish. Back then, the Goelitz Confectionary Company marketed the curious candies as “Chicken Feed,” but the recipe has remained mostly unchanged for decades.

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