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The Best 18-Inch Doll Accessories

Last updated on November 15, 2021
Best 18 Inch Doll Accessories

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Our Picks For The Top 18-Inch Doll Accessories

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Sophia’s Golden Retriever 18-Inch Doll Accessories

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Golden Retriever 18-Inch Doll Accessories

When playing pretend, it's helpful for your child to have a few 18-inch doll accessories to go with her favorite figure. This 10-piece puppy set gives the doll an adorable companion. Included with the golden retriever is a dog bowl, bone, brush, ball, bed and carrier.

Overall Take

Adorable Canine PlushStoring this 18-inch doll accessories set is a breeze, as it comes with a stylish keepsake box.

 Runner Up

Etistta Fashion Footwear 18-Inch Doll Accessories


Fashion Footwear 18-Inch Doll Accessories

With this 18-inch doll accessories set, you'll receive six pairs of shoes, all of which are completely unique. Girls will especially love the cute panda shoes, as well as the black and white-striped pair of roller skates. As an added bonus, the set also comes with two pairs of socks.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly SetThese 18-inch doll accessories come with an affordable price tag, so your little one can dress her dolls for less.

 We Also Like

ZITA ELEMENT Wardrobe 18-Inch Doll Accessories, 24-Piece


Wardrobe 18-Inch Doll Accessories, 24-Piece

Kids will have fun mixing and matching the pieces in this 18-inch doll accessories set to create new outfits. This set includes 10 different styles of clothes with matching hair accessories. The materials are kid-safe.

Overall Take

Fun to Mix and MatchKids can create an endless parade of outfits with this 24-piece 18-inch doll accessories set.

 Also Great

The New York Doll Collection Traveling 18-Inch Doll Accessories

The New York Doll Collection

Traveling 18-Inch Doll Accessories

This travel set for 18-inch dolls includes fun accessories like a cosmetics holder, passport and boarding pass. The suitcase has swivel wheels and an adjustable handle. The handle has an attachment for dolls' hands.

Overall Take

For Jet-SettersThis 18-inch doll accessories set includes a suitcase, passport and other doll-sized travel accessories.

Buying Guide

An 18-inch doll is a great toy for kids of varying ages. For younger children, the doll is a fun way to develop their fine motor skills while they learn how to dress and undress them. For older children, the doll is a means of exploring fashion by creating unique outfits or trying out social scenarios while playing pretend.

One of the most fun things about having an 18-inch doll is that you can dress it up with clothes and accessories. It’s best to have a variety of outfits on hand for the doll — including formal and casual options — so kids can dress their dolls based on the kind of game they are playing with them. For example, if they are pretending to take the dolls to a ball, then having a formal dress and shoes is a good idea. If they are pretending to play school, they will need a T-shirt and pants or a skirt, along with a backpack. You can buy 18-inch doll outfits individually or in sets.

When it comes to playing pretend, having a variety of accessories is key. This way, kids have the freedom to create any scenario they choose. Have a few accessories that can be used in different ways. For example, a doll booster seat can also act as a high chair if they are pretending to have a baby doll, or it can work as a couch in a living room setting.

What to Look For

  • One of the most important things to look for when purchasing accessories for 18-inch dolls is how easy they are for kids to use. Can kids dress and undress the dolls on their own or do they require a parent’s help? Are kids able to move the accessories around as needed or are the items too heavy for them? Ensure the accessories foster independence so kids can gain confidence in using them by themselves.
  • Be sure to look at how easy the accessories are to clean. Can the outfits go in the washer and dryer or will they need to be hand-washed? Can furniture and other items be easily wiped down with a damp cloth? Most kids’ toys will need to be cleaned at some point, as they may get covered in food, drinks, dirt and dust.
  • Find out whether the accessories can be mixed and matched with items your child already has. For example, a travel suitcase for an 18-inch doll may be the perfect accessory for kids who have a toy sleeping bag and like to play pretend sleepover.

More to Explore

Organizing 18-inch doll accessories can be challenging, especially if your child has a lot of them. Consider getting some stackable bins and sorting the items by use. For example, you can dedicate one bin to casual clothes, one bin to formal clothes, one to fashion accessories, one to travel accessories and so on. For items that don’t fit into a bin, such as doll furniture, you can keep things tidy by tucking them under the bed when they’re not in use.

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