Delta Is Now Serving Free Meals On Flights

Megan Fenno  |  March 6, 2017

in-flight meals have made a comeback. On March 1, Delta Airlines began offering meals at no additional cost to passengers on select flights.

Looking For A Job? Now You Can Search On Facebook

Sarah Kuta  |  March 6, 2017

You can search for jobs using Facebook's new "Jobs" feature, which rolled out last month. Apply to jobs near you while you scroll your news feed.

Costo Reports 15 Fall In Quarterly Profits

If You’re Not Buying These 10 Things At Costco, You’re Throwing Away Money

Tricia Goss  |  March 6, 2017

There are some amazing steals to be had at this members-only warehouse club.

Calphalon Knives Recall — Here’s What You Need To Know

Sarah Kuta  |  March 3, 2017

Calphalon is recalling 2 million knives because the blades have been breaking away from the handles and cutting people, the company says. So far, the company has received 27 reports of finger or hand lacerations, including four cuts that were…

Here’s Why Many LuLaRoe Customers Are Angry About Recent Purchases

Bridget Sharkey  |  March 1, 2017

LuLaRoe has attained cult status among the legions of women who either sell the clothing, wear it, or both.

Wellington NZ

Looking To Leave The U.S.? New Zealand Is Hiring 100 International Tech Employees

Marie Rossiter  |  March 1, 2017

Considering finding a new job and relocating? New Zealand is actively recruiting US citizens to bring their talents to the area.

22 Disney Vacation Tips That Will Save You Time And Money

Kate Desmond  |  February 28, 2017

A trip to Walt Disney World can be a vacation of a lifetime, but it will cost you. Make sure you know how to save time and money wherever you can!

A Single Mom’s Message About Her Tax Refund Has Gone Viral

Augusta Statz  |  February 24, 2017

Tax season is upon us, and how much money you owe or get back is entirely your business. But, if you do post your tax refund online, be prepared for the possibility that it might go viral. A single mother from…

Advertising Week New York 2016 - Day 3

Mark Cuban Predicts This Will Be the Most Important Job Skill in 10 Years

Jessica Suss  |  February 23, 2017

The job market changes constantly, but one of the biggest changes in years is coming up. Do you have the most important job skill for 2027?

Mall Of America—America’s Largest Mall—Is Looking For A Paid Writer In Residence

Jessica Suss  |  February 23, 2017

If you've ever been to the Mall of America and thought, "this place is a literary inspiration," you're in luck. They're hiring a writer in residence

Outback Steakhouse Restaurant

Dozens Of Outback Steakhouse, Bonefish Grill And Carrabba’s Restaurants Are Closing

Sarah Kuta  |  February 22, 2017

If you’re a fan of Bloomin’ Onions and Bang Bang Shrimp, listen up. Dozens of Outback Steakhouse, Bonefish Grill, Carrabba’s Italian Grill and Fleming’s Steakhouse locations will be closing soon. Bloomin’ Brands, the parent company for those chains, announced last week…

Gander Mountain - Closed March 2012

Gander Mountain Could Be Headed For Bankruptcy

Sarah Kuta  |  February 15, 2017

Though nothing is official yet, it appears that outdoor sporting goods chain Gander Mountain is preparing to file for bankruptcy. The news, first reported by Reuters, comes after Gander Mountain tried—and failed—to lure new customers to its stores. Gander Mountain,…

Apple Fans Await iPhone 7

Verizon Is Offering Unlimited Data Again, But Is It A Good Deal?

Jessica Suss  |  February 14, 2017

Long ago, Verizon got rid of unlimited data packages. But everything old is new again, and now these plans are back. But is it a good deal?

5 Things You Need To Know About Filing Your Tax Return This Year

Bridget Sharkey  |  February 9, 2017

They say that just two things are certain in this world: Death and taxes. Ominous, right? If the thought of paying your taxes gives you stress-hives, you are not alone. But, we’ve got a few important tips that will help get…


A Beginner’s Guide To Shopping At Aldi

Sarah Kuta  |  February 8, 2017

There are so many tried-and-true ways to save money on your groceries—spend less on meat, use coupons, scour the weekly ads for deals. But one of the easiest things you can do is to simply shop at a grocery store…

Giant Target Ball Causes $3,500 Worth Of Damage In A Parking Lot

Jessica Suss  |  February 8, 2017

Have you ever noticed those giant red balls that sit outside of Target stores? Well, apparently they can cause a heck of a lot of damage when knocked loose.

3 Reasons To Pass On The Cable Company Router And Buy Your Own

Megan Fenno  |  February 7, 2017

A lawsuit alleges Time Warner Cable is defrauding customers by providing them with substandard equipment. Make sure you're getting the speed you pay for.

Outlet Store Shopping May Not Actually Be The Deal You Thought It Was

Carina Wolff  |  January 31, 2017

Shopping at an outlet mall can seem like stepping into heaven. You’ve got all your favorite items from high-end brands at a much affordable price. But sometimes when something seems too good to be true, it actually is. It turns out,…

59% Of Americans Don’t Have Enough Money To Cover An Emergency

Augusta Statz  |  January 24, 2017

Most of us grew up being taught to put money away for a rainy day, but as we know, saving is not always easy—and it’s certainly not always possible. Over the past couple years, Bankrate has delved into how Americans contend with unexpected…

Here’s How LinkedIn Could Get You a 20 Percent Salary Increase

Brittany Anas  |  January 23, 2017

You already turn to LinkedIn when you’re looking for a new job or want to network with other professionals within your industry. But, did you know LinkedIn could also help you nab a pay raise? Here’s how: The professional social…

Here’s How Much It Costs To Raise A Child Today (Not Including College!)

Jessica Suss  |  January 17, 2017

The latest report on how much it costs to raise a child has been published, and the numbers not pretty—even without the cost of a college education factored in.

If You’re Giving To Charity, These Are The Ones You’ll Want To Support

Carina Wolff  |  December 22, 2016

Holiday season aligns with an uptick in charitable donations, as an estimated third of all charitable donations come in during the last three months of the year. Donating to a good cause is a great way to spread cheer and help…

Take That, Scalpers! Congress Just Passed A Bill To Help Lower Ticket Prices To Concerts & Other Events

Andrew Krehbiel  |  December 15, 2016

If you want to watch the Yankees play the Red Sox, see The Boss in concert or catch Hamilton on Broadway, you have to be a) extremely lucky and b) you also have to make sure you’re online and ready to…

These class-action cases can get you free money

John Matarese  |  November 8, 2016

Colin Rowland is a graphic artist, working on his latest project at the Ft. Thomas Coffee Shop in Northern Kentucky. He always likes a little extra cash to help him put together his next gallery show. So whenever he’s notified…

UPDATE: Where are Duke Energy settlement checks?

John Matarese  |  November 7, 2016

UPDATE 10/27/16: Hundreds of Ohio Duke Energy customers have reached out to 9 on Your Side and WCPO.com in recent weeks to ask: “Where’s our money from the Duke Energy settlement?” The good news: the money is on its way,…

Amazon vs Sam’s Club vs Costco

John Matarese  |  November 7, 2016

The products and services mentioned below were selected independent of sales and advertising. However, Don't Waste Your Money may receive a small commission from the purchase of any products or services through an affiliate link to the retailer's website.If you…

Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, Target toy books released

John Matarese  |  November 3, 2016

If you were a child during a certain time in the 70’s or 80’s, no doubt you remember the Sears Wish Book. It was a giant (or so it seemed to a 7 year old) book filled with all sorts…

Earn money selling your stuff on Facebook

John Matarese  |  November 3, 2016

UPDATED 10/3/16: Want to sell some old stuff? You can always hold a yard sale, but that’s a ton of work. Then there’s Craigslist, but that opens you up to all  sorts of creepy people emailing you, to say nothing…

Warning signs your company is a sinking ship

John Matarese  |  October 31, 2016

As we head toward year’s end….how is your job?    Better yet, how is your company? A new report lists the warning signs that you may be on a sinking ship, and that now may be a good time to think…

More confusion over absentee ballot postage

John Matarese  |  October 26, 2016

UPDATE 10/26/16: One week after 9 On Your Side’s first report on absentee ballot confusion, our newsroom continues to receive emails from voters who say their ballot does not tell them how many stamps are required. At the same time,…

Facebook privacy notice is a hoax…again

John Matarese  |  October 18, 2016

UPDATED 10/18/16 It’s baaaack!  Once again in October 2016, millions of Facebook users are sharing and posting a “privacy notice” that tells Facebook it cannot re-distribute any of your postings or photos. This comes after another warning that claims all…

Confusing PCH contest angers entrants

John Matarese  |  October 18, 2016

Imagine scratching off a sweepstakes ticket and discovering you just won $1 million. That’s what happened to a Northern Kentucky man, until he realized that matching all the numbers doesn’t necessarily mean you are a winner, unlike a state lotto…

Four iPhone 7 bugs, including “connection hell”

John Matarese  |  October 17, 2016

UPDATED 10/12/16: Apple’s new iPhone 7 has been out for barely a month, but already complaints are popping up about some bugs in the new phone. The good news is that millions of people now have the new phones, and…

Phantom warning codes plague some Hondas

John Matarese  |  October 14, 2016

We love high tech cars, with lane departure  warnings, backup cameras, and more. But woman claims her high tech vehicle seems more like Hal the computer from the movie 2001 than the car she thought she was buying. Warning Messages…

Here’s why Grandpa falls for Grandparent Scams

John Matarese  |  October 7, 2016

Most of us think we are smart enough to never fall for a phone scam, like those fake IRS agents threatening to arrest us, who have been targeting taxpayers for 3 or 4 years now. But when a caller claims…

Mom loses $3,000 to work-from-home scam

John Matarese  |  September 26, 2016

Many of us would love to make a little extra money working at home. But before you search for a part time job, one woman has a warning for you, because she just lost thousands of dollars to a work-from-home…

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