Looking To Leave The U.S.? New Zealand Is Hiring 100 International Tech Employees

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Considering finding a new job and relocating? New Zealand hopes you’ll consider a career in their country.

In fact, the city of Wellington, New Zealand, is actively recruiting U.S. citizens to bring their talents to the area.

How badly do they want top U.S. talent? This program will pay the airfare and accommodations fees for those candidates looking to make a change.

An International Online Job Match

The job initiative is known as LookSee Wellington. The goal: to find 100 employees in the technology field, and they are focusing hiring efforts on the United States. The organizers of LookSee Wellington are working to connect employers and employees.

How will this work?

  1. Companies from around the Wellington area can sign up for the program through the LookSee Wellington website.
  2. Next, potential employees can register on the LookSee Wellington website and create a profile for employers to review.
  3. Once employers review candidate profiles, they will nominate their top candidates for a job.
  4. LookSee Wellington then selects the final top 100 candidates and pays their way to New Zealand for their job interviews, which will take place in May.

From there, it’s up to the job candidate to impress potential bosses and land a job offer.

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New Zealand’s Silicon Valley

Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, calls itself New Zealand’s Silicon Valley or “Silicon Welly.” In other words, it’s a city with many businesses that work in developing software and other technology.

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Alanna Irving, an online entrepreneur, used to live in San Francisco and now resides in Wellington. She talked with Forbes about the benefits of job relocation.

“I love how down to earth and free from hype it is down here,” Irving told Forbes. “[In California] it seems like people work crazy hours, hustling for survival or trying to be the next unicorn.”

In addition to the tech-savvy environment, Wellington offers other social benefits as well.

“New Zealand has a strong social safety net, free healthcare and affordable education” explained Irving. “That means more people can take risks for their ideas.”

Irving believes the LookSee initiative is part of a “real trend toward welcoming fresh energy and entrepreneurial ideas from overseas.”

“Our tech ecosystem is ready to grow, so anything that increases opportunities is great,” she concluded.

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