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The Best Wooden Letter Board

Last updated on November 16, 2021
Best Wooden Letter Board

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Obliviscar Easy-Store Emoji Wooden Letter Board, 10 x 10-Inch

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Easy-Store Emoji Wooden Letter Board, 10 x 10-Inch

This wooden letter board is extremely versatile. You can use it to make a pregnancy announcement, list daily specials in your restaurant or display an inspirational quote in the classroom. The set includes 725 letters, numbers, emojis and special characters, so there's no limit to what you can do.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsYou'll find this wooden letter board comes in seven different color options, including black, blue, pink and dark gray.

 Runner Up

TUKUOS Hand Crafted Reusable Wooden Letter, 10 x 10-Inch


Hand Crafted Reusable Wooden Letter Board, 10 x 10-Inch

Display both print and cursive messages with this wooden letter board. It features a soft felt board with a handcrafted wooden frame that's made to look weathered. Included with the board are 750 reusable letters and symbols, a pair of scissors, a cloth bag and a handy easel.

Overall Take

Rustic ChicSince this wooden letter board is double-sided, you can display one message on the front and another on the back.

 We Also Like

MAINEVENT Farmhouse-Style Changeable Wooden Letterboard, 12 x 17-Inch


Farmhouse-Style Changeable Wooden Letterboard, 12 x 17-Inch

This farmhouse-style 12- by 17-inch wooden letter board has a solid wood hand-distressed frame, a felt background, 374 pre-cut characters (including special ones), nine bonus cursive words and note clips. This product comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and felt colors.

Overall Take

Handy OptionUse this rustic-looking felt board in your home to share feelings and news. Or, put it to work at your place of business.

 Strong Contender

Crystal Lemon Framed Wooden Letterboard, 10 x 10-Inch

Crystal Lemon

Framed Wooden Letterboard, 10 x 10-Inch

Why fool around with dusty chalk when you can use this durable 10-inch square black wooden letter board display instead? The set comes with 188 sturdy serif print letters and is made with an attractive blond hardwood frame. It can be propped up on your desk or easily hung right up on a wall.

Overall Take

No Mess; Solid BuildIf you like the look of chalkboards but hate the mess, this wooden and felt letter board is the perfect solution.

Buying Guide

Wooden letter boards are a traditional way to share messages with others. They have become trendy in recent years, and they are great to use in photographs, to display in homes, show off on social media or even advertise for a business.

Many such products have removable characters that adhere to felt backboards. You can easily switch around the letters, numbers and words to create different sayings or display other information.

Some types of wooden boards have straight grooves that are built into the felt so that the letters slot in, while other wooden letter boards have tiles that sit on small ledges. Most boards have wooden frames and can be propped up on tables or hung up on walls. If you do plan to hang your wooden letter board up on a wall, make sure you check what hardware it has on the back.

Wooden letter boards are much sturdier than posterboard and are neater than chalkboards. They also have an advantage over whiteboards, because you don’t have to wipe them off or worry about your markers drying out. Another great feature of wooden letter boards is that they go with almost any décor, especially those that come with different colored backgrounds. Some even have rainbow-themed felt!

Some wooden letter boards are basic and have block-printed letters. Many people prefer these simple, traditional styles. Those who prefer a more unique look can find boards with cursive and different colored characters, full words, note clips and picture holders. Just remember: punch-out characters are easy to use, but they might not be as thick and durable as letters made from heavier materials.

What to Look For

  • Since the tiles fit into horizontal grooves built into felt boards, you won’t have to worry about your letters being uneven.
  • Check if the tiles include special characters like punctuation marks, $, #, & and numbers. Some also have arrows, swirls, stars, emojis and other fun shapes as well. These extras can add some personality to your board and give you more flexibility in creating messages.
  • Write out your message before putting it up to make sure that you have enough characters.
  • While a solid wood frame is the sturdiest, a wooden letter board will be heavier.

More to Explore

Cursive writing is a traditional manner of written communication. In fact, the Declaration of Independence is completely written this way. In recent decades, though, the art of penmanship has changed dramatically — especially with the advent of the computer.

Nationally, schools are not required to teach cursive under the Common Core State Standards adopted in 2010. However, states can adapt those standards to their needs. As of 2020, there were 21 states that require students to learn cursive writing. These are, in alphabetical order:  Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and West Virginia.

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