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The Best Volleyball Knee Pads

Last updated on April 27, 2022

We looked at the top 7 Volleyball Knee Pads and dug through the reviews from 26 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Volleyball Knee Pads.

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Our Picks For The Top Volleyball Knee Pads

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Product Overview
Key Takeaway
 Top Pick

JMOKA Moisture Wicking Volleyball Knee Pads

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Moisture Wicking Volleyball Knee Pads

This pair of volleyball knee pads have thick, anti-collision front sponge pads and stretchy elastic that feels comfy, flexible, breathable and soft. They reach above and below the kneecap and come in three different sizes.

Overall Take

Safeguard Your JointsGuard yourself against injury and relieve pain with these easy-on, easy-off knee protectors.

" Ergonomic design. Easy to wear and take off. Elastic cuffs to avoid the knee sleeves from sliding or rolling. Suitable for different knee curves."
"A little bit bulky. Not strong enough for intense use."
 Runner Up

Nike Streak Dri-FIT Fabric Volleyball Knee Pads


Streak Dri-FIT Fabric Volleyball Knee Pads

Measuring ‎6-by-8-by-2 inches, these Nike volleyball knee pads fit well and are made with polyester, nylon, EVA and rubber. They utilize shock-absorbing foam and Nike's Dri-FIT fabric to wick away the sweat and keep you feeling cool.

Overall Take

From a World LeaderYou'll appreciate the free range of motion, soft brushed interior lining and familiar logo on the front of these knee pads.

" Soft brushed interior lining offers additional comfort for a long period of time. Back-of-knee ventilation zones for breathability."
"Machine Wash Not Allowed."
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adidas Elite Flex Zones Volleyball Knee Pads


Elite Flex Zones Volleyball Knee Pads

Adidas fans will like these imported polyester, viscose and elastodien sculpted knee pads. Their anatomical flex zones, 7 1/2-inch sleeve height and perfect amount of stretch are ideal for athletes.

Overall Take

Another Trusted NameWear these on the volleyball court and anywhere else that you need to shield your knees from impact.

" Offer full-knee coverage. Don’t feel too bulky. Durable and long-lasting. Comfortable and qualitative."
"Many have issues with the sizes. Maybe too thin. Only for women."
 Strong Contender

Rawxy Dual-Layer Cushion Volleyball Knee Pads


Dual-Layer Cushion Volleyball Knee Pads

These supremely comfortable knee pads are crafted with bamboo nylon yarn to provide a full range of motion with soft, breathable comfort. You'll get maximum impact protection all around your knees and the sense that you're invincible on the court.

Overall Take

Comfy and ErgonomicThese knee pads will help you feel confident and carefree when wearing them to play.

" Good protection; super comfy. High-quality construction. Breathable fabric."
"Could have a strong odor when new. This, however, goes away after a few days."

Buying Guide

Volleyball can be demanding on the knees, and that’s why it’s so important to wear protective knee pads. The knee is among the most complex joints in the body and connects the shin bone (tibia) to the thigh bone (femur); it also holds the kneecap (patella) in place. A severe injury could be devastating since the knees are so often used in everyday activities.

It’s not just the typical knee stress that comes with playing sports that volleyball players deal with, as this sport involves diving to prevent balls from hitting the ground and performing other risky moves that can cause the knees to make hard contact, which is why volleyball knee pads are so important.

Health experts recommend that players wear volleyball knee pads when playing. It makes sense to do so: common volleyball knee problems include torn knee cartilage, patellar tendinopathy (jumper’s knee), chondromalacia (runner’s knee) and ACL and MCL ligament injuries. If there’s a way to protect the knees and prevent those issues from happening, why would anyone not take it?

Volleyball pads are typically made out of materials like polyester, nylon and neoprene and should feel comfortable against the skin. Many have brushed inner liners and wicking materials in the sleeves to keep wearers cool and comfortable.

These pads should fit snugly but not too tightly; you may need to do some measuring before buying a pair. The padding on the front is usually made from reactive, shock-absorbent materials like memory foam or high-density foam. These are then wrapped up inside the knee sleeves, providing protection and knee compression.

Bulky kneepads that don’t fit well and are made of non-breathable materials can provide minimal protection and impact a player’s abilities and comfort. On the other hand, ones that are too lightweight won’t provide enough protection. There needs to be a balance between that and wearability. You might have to try a few pairs until you find ones you like.

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Our experts reviewed the top 7 Volleyball Knee Pads and also dug through the reviews from 26 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Volleyball Knee Pads.

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What to Look For

  • To measure for kneepads, measure the circumference of the leg at the point where you’d need to wear the top elastic part of the kneepad.
  • In general, 13 inches or less is small, 13 to 15 1/2 inches is medium, and 15 1/2 inches and up is large.
  • If your volleyball knee pads are too tight, you can try stretching them out. Stretch them over your volleyball shoes and leave them on there overnight.
  • Volleyball knee pads are suitable for any activity involving jumping, twisting, bending, lunging and running.
  • Volleyball knee pads are also good to wear for general knee problems, as the compression can aid in comfort and healing.

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