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The Best Tub Pillow

Last updated on October 11, 2021
Best Tub Pillow

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AmazeFan 4D Mesh Breathable Tub Pillow

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4D Mesh Breathable Tub Pillow

This pillow features a soft, breathable design that keeps you comfortable while you relax. The design features two panels that contour to your neck and shoulders to provide optimum support. It attaches to the tub with seven large suction cups for easy installation.

Overall Take

Quick DryingWith a mesh design that features oversized holes, this pillow will dry quickly to keep the risk of mold low.

 Runner Up

Fitheaven Ventilated Mesh Butterfly Shaped Tub Pillow


Ventilated Mesh Butterfly Shaped Tub Pillow

A butterfly-shaped design will conform to your head, neck and shoulders to optimize your comfort. The 3D mesh fabric has plenty of ventilation to promote quick drying. The pillow is machine washable and even includes a hook that makes it easy to hang for air drying.

Overall Take

Shoulder CushioningMany bath pillows stop at the shoulders, but this butterfly-shaped pillow extends down to support your back, too.

 We Also Like

Viventive Non-Slip Suction Cups Tub Pillow


Non-Slip Suction Cups Tub Pillow

A 4-inch thick design makes this pillow cushier than other brands for extra comfort. The pillow is contoured to support your head, neck and shoulders. The pillow attaches to the tub with four extra-large, extra-strong suction cups to prevent slipping.

Overall Take

More CushioningThis 14-by-13-by-4-inch pillow is thicker than others to provide even more cushioning.

 Strong Contender

Gorilla Grip Waterproof Tub Pillow

Gorilla Grip

Waterproof Tub Pillow

Available in white, pink, gray and light blue, this bathtub pillow can be customized to fit your color scheme. You can also choose from two different sizes: 14.5 by 11 or 19.5 by 15 inches. The design of the pillow helps keep water from getting inside to keep it waterproof and mold-resistant.

Overall Take

Multiple Colors and SizesYou can choose the look and feel that's right for you with this pillow, which comes in your choice of two different sizes and four different colors.

Buying Guide

If you enjoy a nice, long soak in the tub, you’ve probably noticed that it can be tough to find a place to rest your head. You can’t exactly bring a standard pillow into the tub since water and pillows don’t mix.

That’s where a tub pillow can help. Tub pillows are made to withstand exposure to water while also giving your head, neck and shoulders the support they need while you relax. A tub pillow typically attaches to the surface using suction cups, staying there between baths.

But bathtub pillows can differ dramatically in their design. One major design difference relates to the way water flows through and around the pillow. Some use a cover that keeps water from getting to the interior cushioning, while others feature a mesh that lets both water and air easily flow in and out. Either design will help keep your pillow from molding after prolonged exposure to moisture.

Perhaps the biggest design difference between tub pillows is the support they provide. Each one is designed differently, with some being thicker to give you extra cushioning for your head, neck and/or shoulders. Others will have thinner cushioning but more of a wraparound effect to extend the support across your shoulders and upper back.

One thing to consider as you’re shopping for a tub pillow is ease of cleaning. Occasionally, you’ll want to freshen up your pillow. Some can be tossed into the washing machine and then set out to dry, while others will require you to wipe them down.

It’s also important to look at the material your bathtub pillow utilizes. The fabric will come in direct contact with your skin, so you’ll want something that doesn’t irritate. This is especially relevant if you have sensitivities. You can typically check the material type in the product description.

What to Look For

  • Tub pillows will have regular exposure to moisture, which can lead to mold. Look for a pillow that features a quick-drying design.
  • For best results, remove your pillow from the bathroom and take it to a less humid area while it’s drying. Leaving it in the bathroom might not allow it time to dry, particularly if the shower is regularly used. Some tub pillows come with a hook you can use for holding it while it dries.
  • A bathtub pillow attaches with suction cups. If you’ve ever used suction cups in a bathroom, you know some hold up better than others. Large, high-quality suction cups often work best. The number of suction cups can also make a difference. You won’t want your pillow slipping while you’re relaxing.
  • To improve your suction cup’s hold, moisten each cup before pressing it to the tub surface.
  • Although many tub pillows support your neck and head, you could find your back needs a little cushioning, too. Some pillows extend to offer support for your upper back as well.
  • Many bath pillows come in white or off-white, but you can find some other color options. Most will be in a neutral or pastel color.
  • Bath pillows come in different sizes. Measure the area you want your bath pillow to cover before buying.
  • While you’re buying a bath pillow, consider buying a bathtub tray as well. This will give you a handy place to store items like soap, bubble bath, books or candles.
  • If you’re in a pinch, you can use a bath towel as a pillow. This won’t be quite as cushy as a bath pillow, and you’ll probably find that it soaks up water, making it less pleasant as your bath progresses.
  • It can be annoying to get all settled into your bath, only to have the water turn cold on you. For best results, start your bath a little hotter than you like and make sure you close the bathroom door to trap the warmth in as long as you can. Occasionally, drain a little water out and add new hot water to keep the warmth going as long as possible.

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If you prefer a shower to a bath, there might be some good reasons to consider at least occasionally going for a soak in your tub. It starts with your mental health. Some research has found that a 30-minute hot bath can ease depression, and warm baths in general can help reduce stress hormones.

Then there are the physical benefits. A warm bath can help relax muscles to relieve pain. Epsom salts can boost these benefits even more. That said, it’s not recommended that you take a bath every day since they can dry out your skin, especially if you add Epsom salts to the bath.

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