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The Best Toy Chest Storage Boxes

Last updated on May 29, 2024

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Our Picks For The Top Toy Chests & Storage

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Mindspace Fabric Velcro Close Toy Chest & Storage

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Fabric Velcro Close Toy Chest & Storage

Available in gray, black or beige, this toy chest and storage will keep all of your child's stuffed animals, games and extra pillows neat and organized. The chest is large in size and features a divider to create two separate compartments. When not in use, this piece folds up flat for easy storage under a bed or in a closet.

Overall Take

Most AffordableYou won't have any trouble sticking to your budget when you opt for this economical toy chest and storage.

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Delta Children Cubby Style Toy Chest & Storage

Delta Children

Cubby Style Toy Chest & Storage

Featuring a wooden organizer with nine toy bins in three sizes, this toy chest and storage option offers more utility and flexibility than a typical toy chest. You can choose from three color schemes to fit your child's room and preferences.

Overall Take

Choose Your ColorIf you're looking for an all-in-one storage option with several toy boxes included, this system is a great option for organizing toys by type.

 Strong Contender

Step2 Removable Art Board Toy Chest & Storage


Removable Art Board Toy Chest & Storage

If you're looking for a multi-functional furniture piece to add to your child's room, this toy chest and storage is an excellent option. There's plenty of room inside the chest to store stuffed animals, board games and extra pillows. The outside of the chest doubles as an art studio, so kids can store colored pencils or markers in the bins and draw...

Overall Take

Easy to CleanYou can get this toy chest and storage box in pink, gray, tan or mint.

 Also Great

Melissa & Doug Hinged Lid Wooden Toy Chest & Storage

Melissa & Doug

Hinged Lid Wooden Toy Chest & Storage

This toy chest and storage bin doubles as extra seating for kids weighing up to 81 pounds. It's constructed from a durable wood and comes in white, gray and blonde finishes. Inside, you'll find 45 cubic-feet of storage space for organizing everything from stuffed animals to Lego sets to sporting equipment.

Overall Take

Solid BuildThis toy chest and storage is made with a safety-hinge to prevent children from accidentally shutting the lid on their fingers.

Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a toy storage solution for your child’s bedroom or playroom, then a toy chest is a simple option to help keep things tidier. This type of container is usually rectangular in shape and has a lid that lifts for easy access to the toys inside. Rather than featuring many compartments like other toy organizer solutions, toy chests usually have one large space and may include some type of divider to make two compartments.

You can find plenty of toy chests made of wood, plastic or cloth. Wooden toy chests offer a classic look and are heavy, so they’re less portable but also more durable. Plastic toy chests are also durable but lighter in weight and come in many colorful options. Cloth toy chests often resemble collapsible storage bins and are very lightweight and portable.

Since these toy chest materials have their pros and cons, you’ll want to consider your planned use to make the right decision. Your child’s age also plays a role in which type is suitable.

If you plan to move the toy chest around to different rooms, a collapsible toy chest made of cloth and with handles would make your job easier. This type of lightweight toy chest is also easier for children to move and open. On the other hand, plastic and wooden toy chests work best when you don’t have to move the toy box around. However, keep in mind that wooden toy chests can particularly be harder for small children to open since the lid will be heavier.

Keep in mind that a particular toy storage product might have special features to note. For example, some wooden toy chests double as a bench or have shelves on top to store books or stuffed animals. Some products include several toy chests in various sizes and a frame where you can place the chests as a full organization solution.

What to Look For

  • Toy chests can present safety concerns, especially for small children, so check for specific safety features as you shop. For example, consider products that don’t have sharp corners and are easy to open up from the inside in case your child tries to get inside. Going with a lightweight toy chest made of cloth avoids some common safety issues.
  • If you’re concerned your child will outgrow the need for a toy chest soon, try going for an option that comes in a classic pattern or a solid color. That way, you can repurpose it to hold clothing, bedding, books or other items in your child’s room or another room in your home.
  • One consideration when going with a toy chest is that you often will have just one large compartment and possibly a divider to split the space into two. This can make it harder to organize small items or locate a specific toy quickly. You might opt for a larger toy organizer with multiple bins if you’re concerned about these limitations.
  • Since the toy chest will probably get a lot of use and handling, be sure to give it a good cleaning from time to time. You’ll want to follow the manufacturer’s instructions since cleaning methods can vary. For example, you might be able to clean a plastic or cloth toy chest with soap and water, while a wooden toy chest may need a special wood-safe cleaner.

More to Explore

If you want to keep your child’s toys tidy, getting a toy chest is just one step for getting started. Since you’ll have limited space in the toy chest, it helps to go through your child’s toys beforehand to pick out the toys he or she still uses. You can put those useful items aside to put in the chest, while you might consider donating the unused or duplicated toys to reduce clutter.

You’ll probably come across some toys in their original boxes during the preparation process. Getting rid of those boxes and using some resealable plastic bags when necessary can make it easier to fit everything in the toy chest.

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