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The Best Swing Accessories

Last updated on March 22, 2022

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Our Picks For The Top Swing Accessories

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Jungle Gym Kingdom Plastic Swing Seat & Chains Swing Accessories, 2-Pack

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Jungle Gym Kingdom

Plastic Swing Seat & Chains Swing Accessories, 2-Pack

Plastic-coated chains and a plastic and grommet swing seat give you what you need to replace an existing swing set or create a new one. You'll need hanging tools, but this pack comes with four snap hooks. The chains are coated to keep your kids from getting pinched while swinging, and the swing has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, so adults can use...

Overall Take

Versatile OptionTurn any outdoor area with an overhang into a fun spot with this swing set, which comes with chains and a plastic seat.

 Runner Up

Sorbus Saucer Mat Swing & Ropes Swing Accessories


Saucer Mat Swing & Ropes Swing Accessories

With space for up to three children, this swing mat provides a fun play space for friends or siblings. The saucer mat measures 40 inches in diameter and the seat has a capacity of up to 700 pounds. The top of each rope has steel rings that connect to an adjustable suspension rope, allowing you to mount it to a tree, existing swing set or beam.

Overall Take

Fun and ComfortableThis saucer mat features a comfortable seat and a sturdy build for hours of fun.

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Sunnyglade Swing Seat & Plastic Coated Chains Swing Accessories, 2-Pack


Swing Seat & Plastic Coated Chains Swing Accessories, 2-Pack

Whether you're replacing an existing swing set or setting up a new one, this durable seat and chains give you everything you need. Each zinc-plated chain is 66 inches, and 30 inches of that length is coated with thermoplastic to keep little hands safe. The seat itself is made from EVA thermoplastic to provide a sturdy yet comfortable spot for your ...

Overall Take

Sturdy and ReliableGet peace of mind with this sturdy swing set, which comes with zinc-plated chains and high-quality EVA plastic.

 Also Great

Sportstrail Trapeze Swing Bar & Ropes Swing Accessories


Trapeze Swing Bar & Ropes Swing Accessories

This trapeze swing lets little ones swing or hang from the delta rings. You can adjust the bar and rings to get the height you need and even include it in a backyard obstacle course. The metal bar is sturdy and measures 17.7 inches in length.

Overall Take

Easily AdjustableCustomize the rope to get the bar height you need with this trapeze swing bar.

Buying Guide

Swing sets have been a part of the family backyard for decades. This one backyard staple gives you a play area for your children and all their friends. Installing a good playground for your kids can also improve the value of your house, especially if you invest in high-quality equipment. Future homebuyers will love the family-friendliness of your outdoor space.

But over time, even the most patient child can get bored with the same backyard play area. That’s where swing accessories can come in. You can attach these to your existing swing set or hook them onto a tree or support beam. This allows you to turn any area into a play space.

One of the most classic examples of this is the tire swing. At one time, enterprising adults would take an old tire and attach it to a tree using chains. This simple solution was surprisingly effective. The tire was both comfortable and sturdy, giving children — and adults — hours of swinging fun.

There was one weakness with the tire swing concept, though. The chains could be hard on the skin, especially if they weren’t coated for comfort. Over the years, manufacturers have found ways to create “hang anywhere” swings that combine durability and comfort while also prioritizing safety.

Swing accessories come in a variety of options. You can find attachments for your swing that add rope climbing, hanging, games and even slides. But you can also upgrade your existing swing seat and chains with a more durable and comfortable option. If you’re concerned about the chains pinching your little one’s hands, this could be a great way to give yourself some peace of mind.

Lastly, there are swing set accessories that will let multiple children play together. This could be a horse glider that lets two children join in on the fun or a swing saucer you can hang from a tree that seats two or three kids. If you have more than one child or you routinely have friends or neighbors over, this might be a way to keep things fun for everyone.

What to Look For

  • Weight capacity is an important consideration for any swing set. This is especially true if older children or adults join in on the fun or if you have a multi-child swing option.
  • You can get a mix of durability and safety by choosing a swing with metal chains that are coated in comfortable material. Typically, this is a type of plastic, so you get the tactile experience from less durable swing sets with the reliability of old-fashioned steel chains.
  • The swing seat is an important feature as well. You’ll want to look for a seat that’s wide enough to keep kids comfortable while also being sturdy enough to withstand hours of swinging.
  • Look for the installation tools that come with your swing set accessories. You’ll need something to help you attach your accessories to your swing set or tree, and this typically comes in the form of hooks. If you plan to attach it to a tree or beam, this will likely require more than a hook or two. You’ll need a strap long enough to wrap around the surface. Even with all that, though, you’ll also need a ladder and tools to secure the accessory in place.
  • Look closely at the length of the chains that come with your swing set. This will tell you where it will land in height from the ground. Your little ones will need to be able to climb on, but kids with longer legs will need plenty of room to comfortably swing without dragging their feet on the ground.
  • Swinging isn’t the only activity kids love. Climbing can also be fun, and it helps with balance and strength. You can find climbing ropes that will attach to your existing swing set or a tree to add to the fun.

More to Explore

Although there are sculptures depicting people using swings dating all the way back to 1400 B.C., the invention of the swing is often credited to Charles Wicksteed. Wicksteed owned Wicksteed Park in Northamptonshire, England, when he came up with his creation, which he installed in the park in 1921.

Wicksteed, an engineer, wanted to encourage families to participate in healthy activities, so he built the swings to perform. His original swings were suspended from a 12-foot-tall frame. A swing that was thought to be a prototype for Wicksteed’s park-bound swings was discovered a decade ago in a house that was once owned by his relatives. The swing was still in great condition.

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