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The Best Sweepers & Accessories

Last updated on November 10, 2023
Best Sweepers & Accessories

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Lemason Amyehouse Replacement Filters & Brushes For Roomba Sweeper

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Amyehouse Replacement Filters & Brushes For Roomba Sweeper

Compatible with iRoomba 600 series vacuum cleaners, this accessory set includes cleaning tools, three filters and a variety of brushes. The brushes can help you get into tough corners and remove even more dust and debris than ever.

Overall Take

Boost Your Robo-VacuumThese brushes and filters will supercharge your iRobot Roomba with tools that keep floors even cleaner.

 Runner Up

WORX 20V Battery-Operated Cordless Multi-Use Sweeper & Accessories


20V Battery-Operated Cordless Multi-Use Sweeper & Accessories

This leaf blower will help you quickly eliminate debris for a neater, tidier lawn. With a 120-mph air speed and 80 cubic feet per meter air flow, the unit provides impressive power for a cordless device, and a 3.5-pound build keeps fatigue at a minimum.

Overall Take

Odor-Cutting OptionA compact and light battery-powered leaf blower offers a user-friendly alternative to cumbersome gas versions.

 We Also Like

GIBTOOL Sweeper Accessories Cleaning Components, 6-Piece


Sweeper Accessories Cleaning Components, 6-Piece

Boost your vacuum's power with this accessory set that works with both wet and dry versions. Clean inside crevices and remove debris from air vents. Measure the outside diameter of your vacuum attachments before you buy.

Overall Take

Versatile OptionThis attachment set gives your existing vacuum additional flexibility in cleaning furniture, cars and more.

 Best Swiffer Cloths

Swiffer Odor Defense Dry Cloth Sweeping Refills


Odor Defense Dry Cloth Sweeping Refills

These refill cloths for multi-surface sweeper tools have more than 30,000 3D fibers to eliminate dust, dirt and pet hair from your floors. You'll also be able to reduce funky pet smells while you're sweeping.

Overall Take

Furry Friend CleaningThese cloth refills for are specially designed to pick up pet hair and provide odor reduction.

Buying Guide

When it comes to keeping the floors in your house clean, there are some basic tools you’ll use. Mops, brooms and vacuums are necessities in any cleaning toolkit, but other products have come along over the years to make life easier.

Sweepers have long been a versatile alternative to brooms and vacuums. They’re compact and simple items, easy to grab and use as needed. You can find sweepers with disposable cloths, but some also use suction to lift dirt from your floors. The best thing about either of these types of sweepers is that you don’t have to pull out a dustpan to toss out the debris you sweep.

In recent years, some companies have even helped automate the process of home floor cleaning. Robotic vacuums run a cycle around the house on a schedule you set. These machines do require at least a little maintenance, though. You’ll have to empty the dustbin and change the filter occasionally. You may sometimes need to replace one of the brushes to keep it functioning at peak performance.

Don’t forget you’ll need to sweep your outdoor spaces, too. A good leaf blower can help you quickly clear debris away. Traditional leaf blowers use gas and are quite powerful, but newer electric leaf blowers eliminate fumes and are lighter to carry. Some are even cordless and have a battery inside that can be charged.

When you’re considering which floor sweepers to buy, you may wish to look at how easy or inexpensive it is to obtain replacement parts like filters, batteries and brushes. Some of these items are fairly universal, but you’ll find that a few sweepers require you to purchase parts either directly from the manufacturer or from a narrow range of resellers. Before you commit to a purchase, look into how you can order those parts if necessary.

What to Look For

  • If your house includes a combination of flooring types, it might be helpful to find one sweeper that can tackle them all. Some sweepers can handle low-pile carpets, wood, vinyl and tile for an all-in-one solution.
  • Sweepers that can fold down for easy storage will help you save space. These versions are also more portable and make it easy to take your sweeper on the go with you, if you ever need to clean up your office or a vacation rental home.
  • Although sweepers with disposable pads can be convenient, you can also find sweepers that use more sustainable microfiber cloths. These can be tossed into a dishwasher and used multiple times.
  • If you’re going for a battery-powered solution like a leaf blower or vacuum, make sure it packs enough power to do the job you need it for.
  • Housekeeping can be grueling work. Look for sweepers and leaf blowers with a lightweight build that will reduce fatigue and make that work a little easier.
  • Your existing sweeper or vacuum cleaner might come with hoses and various accessories, but you aren’t limited to the accessories that came with it. Search for add-ons that will make your life a little easier. Hose brushes can be especially useful at getting into those cracks and crevices your sweeper can’t.
  • One benefit of a sweeper is that it can be quieter than your vacuum cleaner. This is ideal if you have little ones napping throughout the day or if you want to clean after they’ve gone to bed at night.
  • If you have pets, you know that dander and hair can tend to cling to floors. A sweeper that uses electrostatic technology can help attract them, ensuring your floors are cleaner than they would be with traditional sweepers and vacuums.

More to Explore

We spend so much of our time keeping outdoor grit off our floors that it might be hard to imagine people used to live with dirt floors. But in some areas of the world, and possibly even in parts of North America, the flooring type persists. In the U.S., dirt flooring was used en masse as recently as the 1850s, when those who arrived early in California as part of the gold rush didn’t have anything but the basics in their makeshift houses.

It might seem odd that people would try to keep a dirt floor clean, but it was still necessary to keep spaces clear. Colonial homeowners simply used a broom to sweep the floor every day. Combined with foot traffic throughout the day, this process hardened the dirt, cementing it into place.

Mopping was, of course, not an option, as even the smallest amount of water would turn areas of the floor to mud. Over time, though, a dirt floor could become hardened enough that a bit of liquid could technically be used as part of a cleaning regimen.

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