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The Best Strip Lights

Last updated on October 21, 2021
Best Strip Lights

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Daybetter Flexible Remote Controlled Strip Lights, 32.8-Foot

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Flexible Remote Controlled Strip Lights, 32.8-Foot

Users will love that these strip lights are completely customizable. They can be cut and linked, so you can easily organize them to fit your space. The set includes a remote control that allows you to switch between 16 different colors and six lighting modes in a matter of seconds.

Overall Take

Fun and EffectiveThese strip lights offer 30 LEDs, which is twice that of competing brands.

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L8star LED Smart Strip Lights, 50-Foot


LED Smart Strip Lights, 50-Foot

In addition to a remote control, this set of strip lights can be programmed using an app on a smartphone. In fact, when you go with the app, you can change the color of the lights to one of 16 million choices. You can also switch to music mode and watch the colors change to the beat.

Overall Take

Great for GatheringsUse the coordinating app to set a timer on these strip lights, so they'll automatically turn off when it's time to go to sleep.

 Strong Contender

DAYBETTER Corded RGB Strip Lights, 32.8-Foot


Corded RGB Strip Lights, 32.8-Foot

This set of strip lights includes two rolls that each measure 16.4 feet in length. The rolls can be easily attached to each other using the provided connector. Together, the set features 300 LED lights that will brighten up any space, including a bedroom, living room, kitchen or bath.

Overall Take

Easy InstallationOn the back of this set of strip lights, you'll find a self-adhesive that is strong and durable for easy installation.

 Also Great

Nexillumi Music Syncing Color Strip Lights, 65.6-Foot


Music Syncing Color Strip Lights, 65.6-Foot

Safety is of the utmost importance, which is why this set of strip lights comes with a 12-volt power adapter that is completely fireproof. You won't need any tools to install the strips, as they simply use a strong 3M double-sided tape. Once you download the company's app, you can quickly adjust the brightness of the lights, the color of the lights...

Overall Take

Lots of VersatilityA few of this strip lights' available lighting modes include romantic, candlelight, sunset and snowflake.

Buying Guide

If you want to add a magical touch to any room of your home, strip lights are an excellent way to do it. Not only can you brighten up your space, but you can also create a mood by creatively using these glowing lights. As the name suggests, strip lights are small lights in a strip formation that are easy to install just about anywhere.

There are many different types of strip lights available, so choose one that works best for your space. If you plan on mounting the strip lights outdoors on your patio or porch, go with ones that have a protective waterproof covering. For indoor use in tight spaces, look for strip lights that have an adhesive backing. These are easy to mount, and can also be cut every two inches. For a plug-and-play version, you can find lights with flexible strips that run directly from your outlet. If you want strip lights that are omni-directional, then go with a rope-shaped option.

What to Look For

  • Did you know that not all strip lights look the same? The color can come in different tones, such as neutral white, warm white and cool white. Decide what kind of mood you want to set with the strip lights and choose the shade accordingly.
  • The LED bulbs in strip lights can be quite bright. However, depending on the ambiance you want to create, bright lights may not be right for you. You can check the brightness of the strip lights by looking at the level of lumens (the unit of measurement for brightness). If you want accent lighting, opt for under 200 lumens per foot. If you are lighting for visibility or focus, then go with a higher number of lumens per foot.
  • Be sure to find out how many LEDs per length are in your strip lights. The higher the density of LEDs, the brighter light quality you will get. If the lights are spaced too far apart, you will not get a clean, constant light — which is the look most people want to achieve with strip lights. LEDs that are spaced far apart may end up looking choppy and messy.

More to Explore

You can use strip lights in almost any room of your home. Create a modern touch in a traditional home by adding white strip lights to the ceiling or architectural details. You can also add them to the top of kitchen cupboards or along the banister on the staircase. White strip lights are a great addition to shelving in any room, creating a visual focal point, or around the edge of a mirror. They can also create ambiance in the bedroom, along the headboard of the bed.

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