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The Best Small Propane Tank

Last updated on May 31, 2023
Best Small Propane Tank

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Our Picks For The Top Small Propane Tanks

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 Top Pick

Coleman Lightweight Clean-Burning Small Propane Tanks, 4-Pack

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Lightweight Clean-Burning Small Propane Tanks, 4-Pack

This set of four fuel small propane tanks comes in handy for powering any portable propane appliance. Use these cylinders for tabletop grills, propane stoves and torches.

Overall Take

Handy SetIt's good to have a few of these refillable 16-ounce canisters available when you are low on fuel.

 Runner Up

Bernzomatic Easy Use Home Small Propane Tanks, 3-Pack


Easy Use Home Small Propane Tanks, 3-Pack

With this small propane tank set, you'll receive three cylinders, allowing you to stock up. Each tank longer and more narrow in shape than other models on the market, making it easier to transport when camping. There's even the option to purchase a small adapter, which makes the tanks refillable.

Overall Take

Stock UpEach of these small propane tanks has a 14-ounce capacity.

 Strong Contender

Flame King YSN5LB Pre-Purged Small Propane Tank Cylinder, 5-Pound

Flame King

Pre-Purged Small Propane Tank Cylinder, 5-Pound

This versatile 5-pound small propane tank is easy to carry and hold. It is made with high-grade, rugged steel construction, and it has a pre-purged cylinder that can be filled with gas.

Overall Take

Extremely ConvenientTake this portable small propane tank on camping trips or use it for backyard barbecues; it can handle any smaller task.

 Also Great

Perune Hiking Lightweight Small Propane Tank, 100-Gram


Hiking Lightweight Small Propane Tank, 100-Gram

This small propane tank fits inside a backpack, making it the ideal choice for camping, hiking and fishing trips. It can be used in all seasons to prepare meals in the great outdoors. Since it's easy to use, even those new to camping won't have any trouble getting a fire going.

Overall Take

Affordable PickIf you need to stick to a recreation budget, this economical small propane tank is the way to go.

Buying Guide

Many homeowners use propane tanks to transport and store the propane needed to run their grills, outdoor equipment, patio heaters and generators. These tanks can weigh around 20 pounds when empty, and they weigh even more when filled up. They can be large, heavy and cumbersome.

Smaller “mini” propane tanks are much better suited for camping, tailgating and other types of outings.

These smaller tanks generally weigh around 5 to 10 pounds, so they need to be filled up more often. The tanks are sold empty and need to be filled before use. Places like U-Haul, Home Depot and Walmart have propane filling stations, as do many local gas stations and convenience stores. You can also buy propane cylinders that come filled with gas, but these are smaller and should only be used once.

Before buying a small propane tank, read the product descriptions to see how much gas the tanks can hold. You might choose a smaller one to bring along on a short camping trip. If you are planning for a season of outdoor tailgate parties, opt for something bigger.

What to Look For

  • Tanks that are made from steel and are powder-coated are durable and more resistant to rust and damage.
  • Propane cylinders are easy to use, but they may not be as cost-effective as larger tanks.
  • Propane tanks and cylinders are highly flammable and must be stored properly. Never keep them inside a garage or anywhere in your house. Keep them outside, on a firm surface (like concrete) that is away from any ignition sources.

More to Explore

Propane, or liquified petroleum gas, is compressed and stored in liquid form. Back in the 1930s, companies added ethyl mercaptan to propane so that consumers would be able to detect leaks (it smells like rotten eggs).

This “odorant” is still used and is also added to natural gas. Now you know where that smell is coming from. (And if you do smell it, seek help from a professional right away.)

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