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The Best Remote Control Holder

Last updated on April 4, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Remote Control Holders

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 Top Pick

YAPISHI Faux Leather Multi-Compartment Remote Control Holder

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Faux Leather Multi-Compartment Remote Control Holder

Durability and visual appeal make this wooden remote control holder with faux leather and high-quality stitching stand out. It has five compartments for holding your remotes and other items. Choose from different designs in two sizes.

Overall Take

Modern and FunctionalHigh-quality faux leather and stitching make this modern storage option durable and attractive.

 Runner Up

Fintie Multi-Compartment Vegan Leather Remote Control Holder


Multi-Compartment Vegan Leather Remote Control Holder

With room for five devices, this remote control holder is great for keeping by your side anytime. The material is high-density board with an anti-scratch microfiber interior, covered in padded vegan leather to create a classy option.

Overall Take

Classic OptionPadded vegan leather gives this remote control holder a classic look for any space.

 We Also Like

SANQIANWAN Faux Leather Multi-Compartment Remote Control Holder


Faux Leather Multi-Compartment Remote Control Holder

Five compartments give you room for remotes and small items like pens and makeup brushes. The material is PU leather, giving it a classic look that holds up over time. You can choose from multiple colors, including pastels and neutrals.

Overall Take

Versatile and SturdyThe sturdy design of this organizer makes it great for use beside a TV or elsewhere in your home.

 Strong Contender

BLIENCE Linen-look Multi-Compartment Remote Control Holder


Linen-look Multi-Compartment Remote Control Holder

This space-saving remote control holder is made from medium-density fiberboard with a woven cloth outer material. Each compartment is lined in felt to protect valuables. Choose from multiple neutral colors for the best decor fit.

Overall Take

Extra DurableHigh-quality materials make this small remote control holder lightweight and convenient.

Buying Guide

If you’re an average American, you spend three hours a day watching TV and make it your top leisure activity.  Whether you spend that time lounging in your favorite recliner or propped up in bed, it’s important to have all the conveniences within reach. A beverage, your smartphone and — of course — the devices you need to control your TV all need to be nearby.

Over time, that table next to your favorite spot can get cluttered. It’s bad enough if you have only one remote control, but if you have separate remotes for your TV, sound system, DVR, streaming device and/or gaming system, you may find yourself dealing with a stack of devices. Add those to the other personal items you like to keep close (your phone charger, glasses cases, etc.) and things may start to feel a bit disordered.

A good organizer can help you keep everything together — and a remote control holder is specifically designed for the job. Containing multiple compartments, this storage solution can hold your remotes in a vertical position, reducing the amount of space you need and making it easier to grab your remote when you want it.

These organizers aren’t just for remotes, though. You can use them to store other items you like to keep next to you while you’re relaxing after a long, hard day. Some feature narrower compartments than others, so before you buy, consider what you want by your side as you’re watching TV.

What to Look For

  • Look at the material used to make the remote control holder. Leather has its benefits, but you’ll pay extra, and you’ll also have to worry about exposure to moisture. Polyurethane (PU) leather offers the look of real leather while also being resistant to the occasional spill.
  • Pay attention to the interior of each compartment. Some are lined in soft material to protect the items you keep in them. This is especially important if you plan to store items like eyeglasses and mobile devices in your remote control holder.
  • The construction of the remote control holder makes a difference. Many are built using high-density board, which keeps things lightweight while also providing durability.
  • Look at the stitching of the fabric on your chosen remote control holder. You’ll want one that will hold up as you insert and remove your devices and remotes day after day.
  • Remote control holders vary in size. First, measure the area where you plan to store it to ensure you’ll have the space required. Also note the size of each compartment to make sure you’ll have enough room for your widest remote and/or your smartphone.
  • Some remote control holders feature material on the bottom designed to protect your tabletops. This is especially important if you have sensitive wood or glass tables. You’ll be able to prevent scratches while also keeping your space organized.
  • Before shopping for a remote control holder, take note of your décor. You can find storage solutions in a variety of colors and materials. Your own design aesthetic will play a direct role in whether a remote organizer is the right fit for your space.
  • Even with a remote organizer, you might find that you’re limited on storage. Consider consolidating your remotes. You can buy universal remotes that will eliminate one or more, but you may simply want to tuck away remotes you rarely use.
  • Remotes need batteries. Make sure you have somewhere nearby to stash them. Otherwise, you’ll be making a mad dash around the house to refresh your remote’s dead batteries in time to watch your favorite show.

More to Explore

It might be hard to imagine a time before televisions came with remote controls. But most homes didn’t have a television until the mid-1950s. Even when early remotes were available, many households still didn’t have one, choosing to simply walk across the room to switch between the few channels available.

But the technology for the remote control existed long before families gathered around their tiny black-and-white TVs to watch “The Andy Griffith Show” and “I Love Lucy.” Nikola Tesla is credited with coming up with the earliest wireless remote controls. He introduced his invention in New York at Madison Square Garden in 1898. His “teleautomaton” could control devices like miniature boats using radio waves.

In later decades, remote controls were used many devices, from garage door openers and airplanes to radios. Finally, in the 1950s, consumers got remotes to control their televisions, but it wasn’t until the 1980s that infrared remotes, the ones we use today, became standard.

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