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The Best Pizzelle Makers for Making the Tasty Italian Treat at Home

Last updated on June 5, 2024

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Cuisinart WM-PZ10 5-Setting Browning Control Pizzelle Maker

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WM-PZ10 5-Setting Browning Control Pizzelle Maker

This electrical option can make a pair of four-inch pizzelles at a time. It has nonstick plates, a handy control for the browning level and two indicator lights. You also get some helpful accessories.

Overall Take

Handy FeaturesYou'll find this maker ideal if you want to control how brown your pizzelles get and prefer included accessories.

 Runner Up

Palmer Classic Cast Aluminum Baking Plates Pizzelle Maker


Classic Cast Aluminum Baking Plates Pizzelle Maker

With a simple design free of controls and indicator lights, this iron makes a pair of cookies measuring around 4.25 inches. The durable build features iron and aluminum. It has a handle similar to manual models.

Overall Take

Simple DesignThis is a good option when you want something sturdy and don't want to have to deal with controls or lights.

 We Also Like

Chef’s Choice Space Saving Design Stainless Steel Pizzelle Maker

Chef's Choice

Space Saving Design Stainless Steel Pizzelle Maker

With a black and silver design, this maker helps keep a stable temperature for cooking cookies. It has two plate patterns and makes treats with a 4.75-inch diameter. It cooks quickly and has a simple indicator light.

Overall Take

Good Temperature ControlWith its temperature recovery feature, this option helps prevent cooking issues with your pizzelles.

 Strong Contender

CucinaPro Non-Stick Baking Plates Pizzelle Maker


Non-Stick Baking Plates Pizzelle Maker

Available in black and silver models, this electric maker makes a pair of five-inch pizzelles ideal for cannoli. The plates have two patterns and help prevent sticking. The indicator light helps with preheating.

Overall Take

Ideal for CannoliThis machine suits making larger pizzelles that you can use to create delicious cannoli.

Buying Guide

Coming from Italy, pizzelles are flat, crispy cookies that stand out for their waffle-like texture and design. While you can enjoy these cookies on their own, you can also use them for ice cream sandwiches or roll them up to make yummy cannolis. While making pizzelles just requires simple ingredients, you’ll need to use a pizzelle maker, also called a pizzelle iron, to create them properly.

The most common type of pizzelle maker is an electrical appliance similar to a waffle icon, and this offers the convenience of not needing a stove. When you open it up, the iron has metal plates with one or more spots to make pizzelles, and you may get multiple mold designs too. Using this type of pizzelle maker requires letting the unit heat up, putting the dough on the plates and closing and locking the iron to let the treats cook properly.

These electric pizzelle makers often come with features for convenience and easy use. The maker will usually have an indicator light to help prevent burning the cookies. Some models even have controls for your preferred browning level.  Plus, nonstick plates are common to reduce the need for oiling, and the plates may even be removable for cleaning in the dishwasher. 

If you prefer a manual option, you can instead get a pizzelle iron that has a handle you’ll use to hold it over a stovetop for cooking. This low-tech option is usually made of cast iron or aluminum and makes just one pizzelle at a time. Like when using electrical models, you’ll place the dough and close and lock the plates for cooking. While simple and sometimes less expensive, handheld pizzelle irons take more time if you need to make multiple cookies.

To decide which type of pizzelle maker suits you, think about how many cookies you want to take and what your cooking preferences are. If you want to make multiple pizzelles, cook a single one quickly or avoid the hassles of using the stove, an electrical maker likely fits your needs best. A manual maker can work fine if you want to make individual pizzelles, don’t mind a longer cooking time for multiple cookies and prefer something more basic.

What to Look For

  • Pizzelle makers usually make cookies with diameters of four or five inches, so you may want to consider your preferred cookie size when shopping for one.
  • When buying an electric pizzelle maker, consider your counter space and the machine’s portability. The most compact options are mini makers for a single pizzelle, and you’ll find these easy to take places with you. The largest machines are bulkiest and usually make four pizzelles ideal for a family treat. Mid-sized ones, however, make a pair handy for ice cream sandwiches.
  • For safety, look for electric pizzelle makers with a bottom that won’t slip. Avoid putting the maker too close to the edge of a counter as well. Additionally, keep children away from the machine while it’s hot.
  • If you use a pizzelle maker without nonstick plates, add some oil to them to keep your cookies from sticking.
  • Avoid touching a hot pizzelle maker to avoid burns. Also, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for electrical machines, including placing the machine somewhere safe, checking the cord for issues and unplugging it when not in use.
  • Preheating times for electric pizzelle makers vary, but expect to at least wait a few minutes before you add the dough.
  • Roll your pizzelle dough into a ball and place it in the center of the plate pattern. 
  • Depending on whether you use a manual or electrical unit, pizzelles usually cook quickly in around 45 seconds to 2.5 minutes. Follow the cooking time listed for your maker or recipe to avoid burning the cookies. 
  • A spatula comes in handy for safely removing the pizzelles from the maker. Let them cool on a cookie sheet before you handle them or add powdered sugar and other decorations. If you plan to make cannolis, bend the pizzelles before they cool down so much that they get too crispy.
  • Clean your pizzelle maker’s plates to get rid of the dough residue. Follow the manufacturer’s guidance and don’t submerge electrical makers.
  • Put your leftover pizzelles in a closed container for later enjoyment. They should stay fresh for at least one week sealed, and you can freeze them to keep them fresher for longer.

More to Explore

Here are some interesting facts about pizzelle:

  • The pizzelle stands out as likely the oldest cookie in the world. Originally from southern Italy, the cookie dates way back to the 700s.
  • Did you know that the word “pizzelle” translates to “little pizza” in Italian? This translation comes from the cookies’ round shape that a pizza also has.
  • People have long enjoyed pizzelles at weddings and during holidays like Easter and Christmas. However, they also make a great everyday treat that you can even dip in coffee.
  • A basic pizzelle recipe includes ingredients such as eggs, vanilla, flour, butter, sugar and baking powder. You can add cocoa if you want chocolate-flavored pizzelles or use food coloring to make festive-looking treats. You’ll find plenty of recipes online to make these simple cookies more interesting or flavorful.

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