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The Best Sandwich Maker

Last updated on March 15, 2024

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Cuisinart WM-SW2N1 Nonstick Sandwich Grill Maker

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WM-SW2N1 Nonstick Sandwich Grill Maker

Suitable for making up to four triangular sandwiches, this simple silver maker cooks evenly and is easy to use. It has convenient lights that tell you both when the machine has warmed up and when your sandwiches are done.

Overall Take

Simple and ConvenientConsider this option if you like the convenience of helpful indicator lights and a hassle-free cooking experience.

 Runner Up

Hamilton Beach Custom Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach

Custom Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Coming in six colors, this maker has a special design for waffles and breakfast sandwiches. As you layer your ingredients, you can cook an egg on a special plate. You can also clean parts in the dishwasher for easy maintenance.

Overall Take

Special All-Purpose OptionIf you want something to make creative breakfast sandwiches, this special-purpose maker handles the task well.

 We Also Like

Proctor Silex Nonstick Deluxe Hot Sandwich Maker

Proctor Silex

Nonstick Deluxe Hot Sandwich Maker

This maker has flat plates that offer versatility for a long sandwich or multiple smaller ones. It's spacious enough for thick sandwiches and can cook them within five minutes. Choose from stainless steel or white colors.

Overall Take

Large and VersatileYou'll find this maker handy if you enjoy thick sandwiches and want the versatility to grill various food items on a flat plate.

 Strong Contender

Ovente Electric Easy to Clean Nonstick Sandwich Maker


Electric Easy to Clean Nonstick Sandwich Maker

Able to cook four triangular sandwiches, this maker is ideal if you worry about taking up a lot of counter space. It cooks your food quickly and has handy safety features. You can use it for other foods as well.

Overall Take

Powerful Yet CompactThis maker is powerful enough to cook sandwiches quickly and doesn't take up much counter space.

Buying Guide

If you enjoy toasted sandwiches, using a sandwich maker is a convenient alternative to cooking them by hand. You can simply prepare a sandwich with bread and your desired fillings, put it in the sandwich maker, close the lid and have your meal ready within around five minutes. This appliance is compact enough to have in your kitchen, dorm or camper, and its versatility makes it possible to create other treats such as pizza pockets, French toast and omelets.

Simplemost Media

Sandwich makers come in various styles with different types of plates. It helps to know how many sandwiches you’ll cook, which types you prefer and how much versatility you need. You’ll also want to pay attention to the size of the machine’s plates and the maximum height your sandwiches can be, especially if you like thick bread and many fillings. The cooking time is another important consideration.

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Many sandwich makers have special indented plates that make two or four triangular sandwiches. However, others have a long plate that is flat and can accommodate a few full-sized sandwiches or even one long sandwich. The flat plates offer more versatility since you can use them for other types of foods easily. You can also consider sandwich makers with swappable plates to make various types of sandwiches and even waffles.

While less common, special-purpose sandwich makers exist for cooking breakfast sandwiches such as croissants and English muffins. These have multiple plates so you cook an egg separately from the bread, meats and other fillings. The downside of these, though, is that they’re not as versatile as traditional sandwich makers.

Simplemost Media

Regardless of which sandwich maker you choose, you’ll notice some common features such as nonstick plates, automatic temperature controls and clear indicator lights. The plates are also designed to keep your sandwich fillings from leaking out and causing a mess. In addition, you can expect your sandwich maker to cook both sides of your food evenly so you don’t have the hassle of flipping your sandwich over.

What to Look For

  • Unless your sandwich maker is marked otherwise, only use it indoors. You should also stick with using a grounded outlet for safety.
  • Always check the sandwich maker’s plug for any defects and avoid plugging it in if you see any.
  • Place the sandwich maker on a stable and heat-safe surface and avoid locations where the maker could get wet or come in contact with something flammable. Plus, make sure that it’s out of the reach of children who could touch it and get burned.
  • When you plug in the sandwich maker, a red indicator light should show that there’s power. After a few minutes, a green indicator light usually comes on to indicate that the maker has warmed up and is ready to cook your sandwich.
  • Make sure you properly prepare your sandwich so that it cooks well. This means avoiding overstuffing it and knowing the limitations of your sandwich maker.  You can also add some butter to your sandwich’s sides if desired.
  • Most sandwich makers don’t require oiling the plates beforehand, but you can still do this if you’re concerned about your sandwich sticking.
  • To use the appliance, place your sandwich on the bottom plate, press the lid down tightly and apply the latch. Make sure you remove the sandwich once it has finished cooking so that it doesn’t get burned. Some makers will automatically shut off to prevent this.
  • It’s best to remove your cooked sandwich using a spatula instead of your hands.
  • Always unplug your sandwich maker and let it cool off before you either clean it or store it for later use.
  • Thanks to the nonstick surface most sandwich makers have, cleaning the plates is usually as simple as using a damp cloth. However, you should avoid using chemicals on it since this can cause damage. Some products make things even more convenient with parts you can remove and safely put in the dishwasher. 
  • When you’re ready to store your sandwich maker, make sure to lock the lid’s latch. This gives you the option to store it upright in a cabinet if desired.

More to Explore

Take a look at these interesting facts about sandwich makers and sandwiches:

  • Charles Champion gets the credit for an early sandwich maker named the “Tostwich.” Patented in 1925, this antique appliance looked much bulkier than the sandwich makers on the market today. Thomas Edison also created an early sandwich grill that you can still see today in his museum.
  • If you love your sandwiches thick and full of yummy toppings, you might be shocked to learn that one sandwich holds a Guinness World Record for having a whopping 60 layers. The DiLusso Deli Company of New York City created this one in 2016.
  • Sandwiches are so popular that you likely eat 200 of them annually. There’s even a National Sandwich Day every year on November 3rd to celebrate this beloved food item.

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