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The Best Phone Card Holder

Last updated on March 15, 2024

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Ringke Universal Transparent Phone Card Holder

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Universal Transparent Phone Card Holder

Available in gray, black, yellow and clear, this phone card holder is a handy tool for individuals who aren't keen on bulky wallets or purses. The design has been upgraded to accommodate three cards. It also utilizes the strength of 3M adhesive to keep the holder firmly secured to your phone.

Overall Take

Works on Small PhonesEven if you have a smaller cell, this phone card holder will fit and provide easy access to your cards and IDs.

 Top Pick

SHANSHUI Smartphone Compatible Phone Card Holders, 5-Pack


Smartphone Compatible Phone Card Holders, 5-Pack

In addition to being budget-friendly, this phone card holder set includes five silicone wallets. The holders are compatible with just about every smartphone and have a high-quality strong adhesive that won't let you down. Users will appreciate that the adhesive leaves no residue behind, should you decide to remove it down the road.

Overall Take

Affordable Price TagIn addition to your cell, this phone card holder works on refrigerators, car dash boards and office desks.

 Runner Up

Sinjimoru Fabric Wireless Charging Compatible Phone Card Holder


Fabric Wireless Charging Compatible Phone Card Holder

With this phone card holder, you'll be able to conveniently store up to five cards. The holder is slim, so it doesn't take up much space, allowing you to still carry the phone in your pocket. You can also get the item in a variety of colors, including yellow, hot pink, light blue and orange.

Overall Take

Easy to ApplyThe 3M adhesive tape on the back of this phone card holder allows you to install it in a matter of seconds.

 We Also Like

Hoblaze Universal Lycra Phone Card Holders, 3-Pack


Universal Lycra Phone Card Holders, 3-Pack

Smooth and sleek are the best words to describe this phone card holder. It features a card slot that can hold up to five cards, as well as a front pouch for storing some cash. Each set includes three phone card holders, all of which are constructed from a flexible lycra with a built-in 3M adhesive tape backing.

Overall Take

Most DurableThis phone card holder is compatible with all smartphones that measure 4-inches or larger.

Buying Guide

Students love phone card holders. Instead of carrying a purse or wallet, they can simply stick their IDs and payment cards in a pocket on the back of a smartphone and head to class. But phone card holders aren’t just for college students. They’re perfect for keeping up with your ID cards at the gym, while out with friends or even for everyday use.

Simplemost Media

In fact, these adhesive card pockets have become so popular in recent years, they’ve evolved far beyond the basic versions you could initially buy. You can find a wide variety of designs along with different pocket options to fit various preferences. But it’s important to make sure each of those pockets is designed to prevent your cards from falling out, whether that means nonslip material or a tightness that keeps your cards in place.

Simplemost Media

The adhesive used to attach the holder is also important, especially if you’re putting it directly on the back of your phone rather than on a case. You’ll need a holder with adhesive strong enough to stay in place, but it can’t be so strong that it damages the back of your phone. Many manufacturers use adhesive from 3M, maker of Post-It Notes, but there are competing products that can provide similar results.

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

Once you’ve narrowed your choices to the card holders that will stick to your phone, you’ll need to take a look at the pocket design that works for you. How many cards you’ll be able to hold depends on the thickness of the cards you’re adding.  But typically, you can squeeze two to three cards into a phone card holder. Some phone card holders can stretch to hold even more, though, and still others have an extra front pocket that comes in handy for storing miscellaneous items like your office key or cash.

Simplemost Media

What to Look For

  • The first consideration when you get your new phone card holder is whether you’ll attach it directly to the back of your phone or to the protective case you have on it. But if it’s going directly on your phone, you’ll want to make sure the adhesive doesn’t damage it. Some phones use 3M adhesive that sticks well without leaving a residue. But others, on the other hand, use a special type of adhesive that promise to sticks better to the newer glass-back style of cellphones.
  • It’s important to note that some iPhones are designed with fingerprint-resistant backs, which means you will need a case to make the adhesive stick. Since glass-back phones are becoming increasingly popular, a case may be in order for any type of phone card holder you buy moving forward, though.
  • Capacity is a major deciding factor in a phone card holder. The vast majority of phone card holders will hold up to three cards, which may mean your student ID, driver’s license, and a credit card, at most. There’s also a style of phone card holder that features a unique stretchy design that lets you slip in as many as eight cards. This also gives you the flexibility you need if you want to tuck some cash into it. A third type of design has two pockets: the back pocket, which holds up to four cards, and the front pocket, which can hold cash and/or a car or office key.
  • As handy as a phone card holder can be, it won’t be useful at all if your cards slide out. It’s important to look at how tight each pocket is, but some phone card holders are built with a non-slip interior grip that keeps your cards in place.
  • It’s also important to look at the materials used to make your phone card holder. A holder made from 100% genuine leather may be the best bet if you’re looking for durability.

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Of the many things invented by accident over the centuries, Post-It Notes may be among the most famous. The adhesive was invented in 1968 by a 3M chemist named Dr. Spencer Silver. But the company didn’t have an application for the invention until 1974. One of Dr. Silver’s colleagues, Art Fry, was looking for a way to mark his place in his hymnals in choir when he thought about giving Dr. Silver’s adhesive a try. He was amazed at how effective it was in keeping his bookmark in place within leaving a residue. Fry was the one who came up with the idea of putting the adhesive on the back of notes. In 1980, Post-It Notes launched nationwide.

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