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The Best Modern Toilet Roll Holder

Last updated on May 30, 2022
Best Modern Toilet Roll Holder

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Smarthome Anti-Rust Modern No Drop Toilet Roll Holder

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Anti-Rust Modern No Drop Toilet Roll Holder

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TASTOS Horizontal/Vertical Modern Toilet Roll Holder


Horizontal/Vertical Modern Toilet Roll Holder

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SunnyPoint Elegant Standing Modern Toilet Roll Holder


Elegant Standing Modern Toilet Roll Holder

In addition to having a toilet paper roll at the ready, this modern toilet roll holder also stores three rolls for future use. The stand takes up little floor space and comes in a choice of chrome or brushed nickel. The heavy-duty wire gauge is also durable and sturdy, so you won't have to worry about it falling over.

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Added Storage FeatureThe thick base on this modern toilet roll holder keeps your toilet paper from ever touching the floor.


YGIVO SUS304 Wall Mounted Anti-Rotation Modern Toilet Roll Holder


Wall Mounted Anti-Rotation Modern Toilet Roll Holder

Constructed from a premium 304 stainless steel, this modern toilet roll holder is both durable and rust resistant. The holder is able to fit jumbo rolls and features a lip on the end to keep the rolls from sliding off. Homeowners can install the unit either vertically or horizontally.

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Multiple Finishes AvailableYou'll find this modern toilet roll holder is available in a brushed nickel, brushed gold, chrome polished or matte black finish.

Buying Guide

Standard toilet paper roll holders leave plenty to be desired. First, there’s the flimsy bar, which includes a spring that lets you insert the holder into the posts. Second, the posts themselves often aren’t made to resist rust and corrosion, which can be a problem in a room that can stay pretty humid throughout the day.

Then there’s the issue of modern toilet paper rolls. At one time, the rolls that were made for household use were a standard size. But today, toilet paper manufacturers try to stay competitive by packing more sheets into each roll, which has increased the size substantially. Today’s “mega rolls” that promise four standard toilet paper rolls in one are much bigger than rolls used to be, obviously. This means that those standard rolls will no longer fit unless you purchase an extender.

So it’s probably no surprise that toilet roll holders are changing to match. The clunky spring-loaded design is now outdated. Instead, newer homes have a variety of single bar designs that let you slide the old roll off and replace it with a new one without having to remove a bar. You can also find pedestal-style holders that don’t even need to be mounted.

What to Look For

  • Since toilet paper roll holders reside in the most humid room of your home, you’ll need a holder built to resist rust and corrosion. Top-quality stainless steel does this job best.
  • If you choose a wall-mounted toilet paper roll holder, make sure to check out the installation instructions before you buy.
  • Before shopping, consider where you’ll be installing the holder. Obviously, you’ll want it within easy reach of the toilet. But you’ll also need to make sure it’s out of the way for those who are showering and getting ready.
  • Bar-style toilet paper roll holders that let you easily slide the roll on and off need to also have something built in to keep the roll in place. Many have a slight ridge or raised area at the end that keeps the roll from falling off.
  • Consider matching your toilet paper roll holder to your faucets and shower rod. This small detail can add that extra touch of class to your décor.
  • You can also buy a rack that will house extra rolls of toilet paper in case you run out while seated. Alternately, you can choose a wall-mounted or pedestal-style holder that lets you always keep a spare nearby.

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