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The Best Light Sockets

Last updated on October 5, 2021
Best Light Sockets

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 Best All-Purpose

ICC Lite Pigtail Waterproof LIght Sockets, 5-Pack

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

ICC Lite

Pigtail Waterproof LIght Sockets, 5-Pack

These medium copper base sockets sport 5-inch, 14-gauge leads and sturdy weatherproof construction. Their easy wiring and classic look make them perfect for home remodeling or construction site projects. They even work for steampunk looks!

Overall Take

Handy SetGet good, reliable lighting without worrying about weather damage with these light sockets.

 Best for Ceilings

Leviton R50-08827-CW4 Pull-Chain Top-Wire Light Socket


R50-08827-CW4 Pull-Chain Top-Wire Light Socket

This top-wired light socket features a broad base and aluminum socket, as well as pigtail leads. A pull chain makes operation simple and accessible.

Overall Take

Classic Illumination TypeYou can't go wrong with this classic pull-chain light socket.

 We Also Like

Aplstar E26 & E27 Edison Light Socket, 8-Pack


E26 & E27 Edison Light Socket, 8-Pack

This classic-looking pendant lamp socket is made from fire- and corrosion-resistant materials. Use it for a variety of incandescent, halogen, LED and CFL fixtures up to 250 watts and 250 volts.

Overall Take

Durable and UsefulThis light socket has your lighting needs covered.

 Strong Contender

DiCUNO E26 Outlet Light Socket


E26 Outlet Light Socket

This light socket fits into a standard E26 bulb socket. It features a max wattage of 660 watts over the outlets. Easily plug in and get your space illuminated with this choice.

Overall Take

Helpful OptionAdd versatility anywhere there's a standard light socket with this combination product.

Buying Guide

Light sockets are a basic piece of hardware, yet they come in many variations. With the plethora of light bulb and lighting options available on the market today, finding the right light socket can be difficult — especially with all the additional considerations, such as lead types, extensions and converters.

In order to determine the type of light socket you need, you must first determine the lightbulb’s base and what you intend to use it for. There are two main types of bulbs that are widely available. The most common is a screw. Screw bulbs have threads around their base and are fitted with a classic Edison-style lightbulb. Another common type is the pin, which has two points of contact on its base.

Once you have determined the bulb’s type, measure the threaded base’s diameter (or the distance between the pins) in millimeters. The most common bulb and socket style in the United States is E26 — E as in Edison, and 26 millimeters in diameter.

What to Look For

  • Different bases do not alter the wattage, luminance or color temperature of a given bulb. However, pay attention to the bulb’s intended voltage.
  • Some sockets are intended for specific applications. Look for these specialty sockets if you’re making a lamp from scratch or repurposing an existing one.
  • Light sockets are made from a variety of materials. Make sure the material you choose is appropriate for where you will be mounting the socket.

More to Explore

While we all associate lightbulbs with Thomas Edison, the U.S. Department of Energy explains that the first instance of constant electric light was in England in 1835, over 40 years before Edison’s first patent.

Even back then, incandescent bulbs were recognized as inefficient. Both Edison and Tesla experimented with fluorescent lighting as early as the 1890s.

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