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The Best Lego City Sets

Last updated on June 14, 2023
Best LEGO City Sets

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Our Picks For The Top LEGO City Sets

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LEGO Ocean Themed City Sets, 745-Piece

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Ocean Themed City Sets, 745-Piece

This toy exploration ship has a working crane, a shark cage, a dinghy, a submarine and a helicopter. The ship even floats for bathtub fun. You'll also get eight mini-figures, plus a shark and stingray. The crane on the ship will lower the sub and the shark cage into the water during playtime.

Overall Take

Ocean VesselTake to the seas with this Lego City set, which features a floating ocean exploration ship and plenty of accessories.

 Runner Up

LEGO Recreational Vehicle City Sets, 190-Piece


Recreational Vehicle City Sets, 190-Piece

For the child who enjoys the great outdoors, this Lego City camper van kit includes a classic-style RV and mini-figures. You'll get a mom, dad and baby to create realistic camping scenarios. The interior of the RV is fully furnished, packing in a kitchenette with a table, as well as a sleeping area. The side panel opens and the top comes out to giv...

Overall Take

Classic Camper VanThis recreational vehicle gives you all the accessories necessary to create a fun vacation during playtime.

 We Also Like

LEGO Mobile Ice Cream Vehicle City Sets, 200-Piece


Mobile Ice Cream Vehicle City Sets, 200-Piece

Your kids will have hours of fun with this brightly colored ice cream truck that comes equipped with an employee, a skateboarder and a dog. Children can drive the truck with the mini-figure inside and serve ice cream from the hatch. It has 200 pieces and is recommended for ages five and up.

Overall Take

Ice Cream TruckKids can start their own pretend business with this set, which includes an ice cream truck and all the accessories they'll need.

 Strong Contender

LEGO Fire Station With Vehicle City Sets, 509-Piece


Fire Station With Vehicle City Sets, 509-Piece

Build a three-level fire station with this set, which includes a separate garage and an off-road truck. The truck features both lights and sound for a realistic play experience. Accessories include firefighters and a dog, and a toy drone with spinning rotors, while a water scooter will help kids reach pretend fires in a hurry.

Overall Take

Fire Station With VehiclesChildren will have hours of fun with this fire station, which includes emergency vehicles and accessories.

Buying Guide

Lego has done a great job of evolving over the years. Although you can still stack basic bricks together to create buildings, the toy manufacturer now offers many other options that allow kids and adults to express their creativity. You can purchase buildings, vehicles and accessories that will let you create entire cities.

That’s where Lego City sets come in. With a Lego City set, you get a scenario straight out of city life. This doesn’t just mean skyscrapers, either. Lego City sets can range from fire stations to airports to space exploration. Each set includes everything you need to start playing.

But there are some things to consider if you’re shopping for a Lego set. First, it’s important to pay close attention to the age recommendation. The Lego City line can include small parts, especially with the accessories. Many sets are recommended for ages five and up, due to the choking hazard these items can present.

Lego City sets usually come with a large building or vehicle that serves as the centerpiece. Some come with multiple buildings or sections that join together. These are often in one big piece with little assembly required, so your kids won’t have to worry about connecting bricks to make the building. You’ll have a head start on playtime right out of the box.

You’ll also often get smaller vehicles or tools that are designed to match the main building. Many Lego sets now also include mini-figures. This is Lego’s name for the miniature people and pets that populate many sets. In addition to being sold as parts of sets, you can also purchase mini-figures in mystery bags or in bins at a Lego store. They can become collectibles, especially if you have rare ones that came as part of a now-discontinued set.

Speaking of collectibles, Lego City sets may become collector’s items, too. But one of the best things about these sets is that they encourage young children to learn about building and creating. Kids can even build up multiple sets from the collection to create a large city in their own bedroom.

One of the best things about Lego’s sets, though, is that you can buy accessories to make the town even more fun. You can purchase food, flora and sports accessories, among many other things. Keep an eye on Lego’s website for information about new releases.

What to Look For

  • Lego is no longer aimed only at children. Many adults find building things with Lego bricks is a great way to relax and some sets are made specifically for adults.
  • Each Lego set will state how many pieces are inside the box. This will show you the value you’re getting for your money. You can also typically see the items included in the photo on the box.
  • Different Lego sets are better for different age groups. Lego sets get more sophisticated for older children. There are also Lego sets that are geared toward children under the age of five if you want your toddlers to join in on the fun. Lego’s brand for the youngest kids is Duplo.
  • If you need a way to liven up bath time, consider the ocean-themed Lego City set. This set features an ocean vessel that actually floats, along with a shark cage you can lower into the water.
  • It can be easy to lose some of the accessories, so you may want to invest in a bag to store everything in between uses. Lego sells storage bags in a wide range of sizes, but a standard storage bag will do the same job.
  • Look carefully at what’s included in your set. Some sets have actual functioning parts, such as emergency vehicles with working lights and sounds, which might require separately sold batteries.
  • Younger children might not yet know the type of Lego set they want. This provides a great opportunity to try out various interests. As children get older, though, they’ll inevitably gravitate toward Lego sets that fit their interests. Some children prefer aviation-related toys, for instance, while others will steer toward buildings, cars or settings from pop culture.
  • Licensed sets will cost more than general Lego City sets. Anything branded with movie themes, for instance, will likely cost more due to the licensing fees related to them.
  • There are websites where you can find replacement bricks or accessories you need to enhance your city. Some have been discontinued, so you won’t find them on the official Lego site or in any Lego store.
  • If you need a replacement part, you may be asked for a set number. There’s a number on your box and on the instructions that’s between five and seven digits long. Older sets had set numbers that were only three digits long. Jot this information down before you discard the box and/or instructions to make sure you’ll have it if you ever need it. If you can’t find a set number, you can typically look it up online, especially if the set hasn’t been discontinued yet.

More to Explore

The Lego City line has been around since 2005, but it’s actually been on the market much longer. Lego City was simply the renaming of another popular Lego offering, known previously as Lego Town, which launched in 1978. The basic concept of both products is that mini-figures are put in real-life scenarios. The 1978 launch included Lego Town, Lego Castle and Lego Space — with many others added in the years to come.

The biggest Lego City set to date is called City Square, a set that lets you create a miniature city. City Square includes a coffee bar, car dealership with showrooms, a mechanic and much more. There’s even a news helicopter to fly around and check everything out. There are 1,683 pieces in the City Square set, including 12 mini-figures with plenty of suitable accessories.

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