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The Best Gift Wrap Storage

Last updated on November 20, 2023
gift wrap storage

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Primode 600D Oxford Material Gift Wrap Storage Organizer

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


600D Oxford Material Gift Wrap Storage Organizer

Including enough space for up to two dozen gift wrap rolls, this option is available in red, green, black and silver. There's a convenient section for ribbon alongside the rolls, and the lid has three handy pockets for accessories.

Overall Take

Several Handy CompartmentsConsider this option if you want a convenient place to store a lot of gift wrap and accessories.

 Runner Up

Handy Laundry Durable Tarp Material Gift Wrap Storage Organizer

Handy Laundry

Durable Tarp Material Gift Wrap Storage Organizer

Made of plastic, this smaller organizer bag comes in black or red and can hold eight rolls. You get a couple zippered pockets plus an additional compartment for other items.

Overall Take

Economical and SpaciousThis organizer is an economical option that still provides sufficient space and can fit under a bed.

 We Also Like

ZOBER Moisture & Tear Resistant Gift Wrap Storage Organizer


Moisture & Tear Resistant Gift Wrap Storage Organizer

This organizer comes in four two-toned color options featuring the colors black, red, white and green. It accommodates 18 to 24 rolls plus your other gift wrap accessories in two pockets and a bottom section. There's also a label tag.

Overall Take

Several Color OptionsIf you have a large gift wrap collection, this organizer is made to last and gives you several color options.

 Strong Contender

Regal Bazaar Dual-Sided Hanging Gift Wrap Storage Organizer

Regal Bazaar

Dual-Sided Hanging Gift Wrap Storage Organizer

Featuring two compartments sized for gift wrap rolls and plenty more for other items, this organizer can hang on a rod or door. It has a weight limit of 35 pounds, so there's a lot of flexibility.

Overall Take

Compact and FlexibleThis hanging option is a good choice when you're short on space and prefer many compartments for gift wrap accessories.

Buying Guide

Whenever you’re giving a gift for a special occasion, using gift wrap adds some creativity and can provide a fun opening experience for the recipient too. But when you’re not wrapping presents, you’ll need the right storage solution to help protect your wrapping paper from damage. Gift wrap storage also makes organization easier so you can find what you need later.

To choose the right gift wrap storage, take some time to assess the size of your collection since capacity varies by option. In addition, think about where you’ll store the gift wrap in your home since some options take up more space than others.

If you’re looking for a simple solution, you can find rectangular or cylindrical plastic containers made to hold several rolls of gift wrap. This type of gift wrap storage comes in several sizes and is usually clear so you can easily see what’s inside. Some of these containers are made of hard plastic and have lids that open. However, others are made of soft plastic, feature a zipper and have handles so you can carry them like a bag.

A more comprehensive storage solution is a gift wrap organizer bag that can accommodate up to two dozen rolls and fit under a bed for convenience. This option has a big bottom compartment for the rolls and then other places in the bottom and inside the top cover where you can put other gift wrap items. For example, you can store holiday cards, ribbon, scissors, tape, tissue paper, small bags, gift tags and bows. You’ll often find these organizers in holiday-themed colors.

If you’re concerned about space in your home, you can also find hanging gift wrap storage organizers that can go over a door or rod on a wall or in your closet. These usually hold fewer rolls of gift wrap than the other options, so this is a good option for a small collection. In addition, you get pockets to put other small items such as bags and bows, and some hanging organizers have compartments on both sides for such accessories. You’ll find these hanging organizers in plenty of color options to match your home.

What to Look For

  • If you have a large gift wrap collection, consider purchasing multiple storage solutions so you can conveniently organize your rolls by holiday or use. For example, you might use a large storage organizer for your Christmas wrapping paper, ribbon and bows plus a smaller container for the few rolls of general gift wrap you have.
  • Before buying a container for gift wrap, make sure it’s tall enough for your rolls, especially if the container has a lid. Also, check the weight limit for any hanging gift wrap organizers.
  • Consider putting labels on your gift wrap storage so that it’s easy to find what you need.
  • When getting rid of unwanted gift wrap, keep in mind that some types aren’t recyclable. You’ll want to specifically check whether the roll of gift wrap contains something other than paper. For example, if you find lamination, foil decorations or glitter, then you likely can’t throw that gift wrap in your recycling bin and will need to put it with your regular trash instead.
  • Before putting gift wrap into storage, take some time to make sure it’s tight and tidy on the roll.
  • You might find it helpful to use a piece of tape to keep the gift wrap roll from unraveling. However, you’ll want to be careful removing the tape later so you don’t tear the paper. You can also use a rubber band, paper clip or special fastener as a less risky way to secure the gift wrap.
  • Don’t store your gift wrap in a place with a lot of moisture or sunlight since this can damage it.

More to Explore

It’s easy to accumulate too many rolls of gift wrap over the years and wonder what you should do with all of it. If you find you’ve got too many to fit in your gift wrap storage solution, consider repurposing it rather than getting rid of it.

For example, you can use the gift wrap as packing paper to cushion items you’re shipping, make book covers or line your bookshelves or drawers. If you’re a crafter, some creative options include turning metallic gift wrap into confetti, making your own envelopes, making origami projects and creating collages.

You can also use unwanted gift wrap to make holiday items. For example, you can use Christmas-themed wrapping paper to make bows for presents or shred it and put it inside clear ornaments to hang on the tree.

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