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The Best Funny Candle

Last updated on July 15, 2020
Best Funny Candle

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 Best Overall

Cedar Crate Market Friends Stick Together Candle

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval

Cedar Crate Market

Friends Stick Together Candle

This funny candle is meant for the best friend in your life, who has stuck by you in good times and bad. The candle comes with an attractive gift box and is free of zinc and lead. It's made from an all-natural soy and scented with vanilla, lemon and huckleberry.

Overall Take

Share Among FriendsIf you're looking for a gift for your best friend, this funny candle is an excellent choice.

 Runner Up

Highland Bluff Studio Funny Candle, Wizard’s Holiday

Highland Bluff Studio

Wizard's Holiday Candle

You'll get a burn time of up to 75 hours with this funny candle. It's designed for Christmas gift giving and comes in a glass that can be repurposed for drinks. The candle itself is constructed from all-natural ingredients and is free of any unnecessary dyes.

Overall Take

Excellent GiftOnce you finish burning this funny candle, you'll be able to wash the glass and reuse it for your favorite drinks.

 Best for Animal Lovers

Cedar Crate Market Funny Candle, Dog Fart Extinguisher

Cedar Crate Market

Dog Fart Extinguisher Candle

It's no secret that dogs emit some of the strongest scented bodily odors, so why not gift the dog lover in your life with this funny candle. It's marketed as a "Dog Fart Extinguisher" and is made up of a blend of grapefruit, black currant, rose and musk. The candle also comes with a metal lid to protect the candle from dust when not in use.

Overall Take

Goofy PickGift this funny candle to the dog lover in your family and get ready for a few good laughs.

 We Also Like

Silver Dollar Candle Personalized Soy Wax Funny Candle

Silver Dollar Candle

Personalized Soy Wax Candle

These funny candles come in a choice of 8 or 16-ounce sizes. They are completely customizable and made using a soy wax that burns cleanly. Buyers will be able to type in their own saying, choose a font and pick a scent for the candle.

Overall Take

Completely CustomizableIf you want to choose your own saying, font and fragrance, this customizable funny candle is your best bet.

Buying Guide

Herman Melville said, “A good laugh is a mighty good thing, a rather too scarce a good thing.” Why not incorporate a little humor into your gift-giving, so you can get a good laugh out of the receiver? One way you can do this is by purchasing a funny candle. Candles make excellent year-round gifts and they’re gender-neutral, so you can gift them to just about anyone.

When shopping for the best funny candle, consider the individual you’re shopping for. There are candles with snarky sayings that may apply to several different family members and friends, as well as candles, like the Cedar Crate Market Friends Stick Together Candle, which are made specifically for best friends. You’ll even find some geared toward pet owners.

Next, consider the occasion. The Highland Bluff Studio Wizard’s Holiday Candle, for example, is best gifted for birthdays or holidays. It’s white and comes in a dishwasher-safe glass. Once the candle has finished burning, the glass can be washed and used to serve a refreshing alcoholic beverage by the fireplace.

Take a look at the candle’s construction before you buy. You want to go with an all-natural wax, like soy or beeswax, as these burn clean and do not emit any harmful toxins into the air. Cotton wicks are best, as they don’t contain any lead or zinc.

Consider the scent, as the recipient won’t want to burn the candle if it has a strong or repugnant odor. The Cedar Crate Market Dog Fart Extinguisher Candle has a pleasant grapefruit, rose, musk and black current blend. Other funny candles offer popular scents like vanilla, honeysuckle and spearmint.

Choose a customizable funny candle if you have your own special quote. The Silver Dollar Candle Personalized Soy Wax Candle allows buyers to select their own phrase, choose a font and pick a fragrance. You can even have the lid personalized if you’d like. Talk about a truly unique gift!

What to Look For

  • Never burn a candle in a room in which you are not present. Extinguish the candle if you have to leave the room. You can always relight it when you come back.
  • If you have children or small pets at home, don’t leave a lit candle anywhere it can be knocked over accidentally. Again, you’ll also want to stick to using the candle only when you’re in the room.
  • The National Candle Association recommends spacing multiple candles 3 inches apart to prevent them from creating a draft and to keep them from being close enough to add to the heat of the other candle.
  • Store your candles in a cool location that is also dry and away from direct light. Even the light from a lamp can cause the candle wax to melt or fade in color.
  • Most candle jars are made out of wax and can be repurposed. You can use them to create a mini plant garden or so that your children can try their hand at sand art. You can paint the jars and use them as a place to keep your spare change or set them in the bathroom to serve as a soap dispenser.
  • When selecting a gift for a friend, you’ll want to take price into consideration. When comparing funny candle prices, you’ll first need to divide the total cost by the number of ounces the candle holds to get the price per ounce. You’ll find the Cedar Crate Market Friends Stick Together Candle and the Cedar Crate Market Dog Fart Extinguisher Candle are the most affordable. You’ll pay a moderate price for the Highland Bluff Studio Wizard’s Holiday Candle. The Silver Dollar Candle Personalized Soy Wax Candle has the highest price tag, but keep in mind this option is completely customizable.

More to Explore

The majority of candles used to be made from paraffin wax. Over time, soy wax grew in popularity, and for good reason. Soy wax is natural and burns clean, whereas paraffin wax has been discovered to emit toxins into the air when it burns. In addition, it can also leave black soot on your curtains and ceiling.

Another reason people are turning to soy wax is because it’s environmentally friendly. Soybeans are renewable, but the petroleum used to make paraffin wax isn’t. Soy wax also has a stronger scent, an even burn and lasts 50% longer than traditional candles.

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