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The Best Decorative Lantern

Last updated on October 15, 2022
Best Decorative Lantern

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Stonebriar Distressed Wood Hanging Decorative Lantern

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Distressed Wood Hanging Decorative Lantern

Display this decorative lantern on a fireplace mantel or hang it on a wall as a sconce. The lantern is constructed using a rustic distressed wood and features glass panels that allow you to see the warm glow of your favorite candle. All accent pieces are made from a durable metal that won't rust.

Overall Take

Farmhouse ChicThis decorative lantern is available in small, large or extra large to fit your space.

 Runner Up

Go2garden Solar Powered Constellation Decorative Lanterns, 2-Pack


Solar Powered Constellation Decorative Lanterns, 2-Pack

Looking for a decorative lantern to illuminate your outdoor space? This pack of two garden lanterns is an excellent choice. Both are constructed from a durable metal and made to either sit on a patio table or hang from a tall pole. Since they are solar powered, you won't need to worry about reaching an outlet.

Overall Take

For Astronomy LoversThe bronze finish and moon, star and sun cut-outs make this decorative lantern a top pick.

 We Also Like

Bright Zeal Cross Grids Pattern Decorative Lanterns, 2-Pack

Bright Zeal

Cross Grids Pattern Decorative Lanterns, 2-Pack

These lightweight vintage lanterns are finished with an attractive black metallic coating and feature crossing grids. They have strong glass panes and large LED pillar candles at the center that cast a soft, warm glow. Hang them from the attached ring or place on a flat surface.

Overall Take

Classic AppealYou'll love that this two-pack of decorative lanterns use timers and come with the requisite AAA batteries.

 Strong Contender

zkee Tabletop Party Decorative Lanterns, 8-Pack


Tabletop Party Decorative Lanterns, 8-Pack

With a bright flickering LED flame nestled behind durable tempered glass panes, this lovely decorative lantern requires two AA batteries. It can shine for up to 50 days when you use the included timer to control battery usage.

Overall Take

Real-Looking FireYou can set this decorative lantern to turn on and off at certain times every day, and you will love how it looks when lit.

Buying Guide

Flickering, decorative candle lanterns that use wax candles can be beautiful, but they have a downside: cleaning up the melted and hardened wax can be a tedious, time-consuming chore. Not only does the mess tend to get onto the glass, but it can also flow into the nooks and crannies of the lantern, possibly requiring the whole thing to be thrown out.

There’s no reason to deal with all that, since you can achieve nearly the same look and atmosphere with battery-powered LED lantern candles. They come in different sizes and finishes, but they all create a calming ambience without a mess. Best of all, there is no need to worry about these lanterns causing a fire.

Vintage-themed lanterns are trendy, but lanterns of any aesthetic can be made from metal, plastic or wood. Look for options with unadorned glass panes or with cross grids. It’s handy to get the types that have hooks on top, as they can be easily suspended or displayed on tables. Some feature solid panels with cut-outs, allowing the light to shine out in splendid, flickering patterns.

It is also wise to buy battery-powered decorative lanterns that have automatic shut-off features or timers. This way, if you forget to turn the lantern off — which you will definitely do — the batteries are less likely to die in a hurry. Kerosene-style LED lanterns have a more rustic look, and some also have dimmer features.

For maximum eco-friendliness and power efficiency, there are also solar-powered decorative lamps on the market that may or may not require batteries. These may also have automatic shut-off features built in.

What to Look For

  • Some, but not all, battery-powered decorative lanterns come with batteries. Read the product description carefully to know for sure. Either way, it makes sense to buy some extra batteries when you buy the lantern as they will inevitably run out.
  • Solar-powered decorative lanterns have batteries that can work indoors or outdoors, making them more versatile.
  • Portable battery-powered lanterns can also be functional. You can bring them out to your deck or on camping trips. They are also good to have on hand in case the power goes out.
  • If you plan to use the lantern outdoors, verify that it’s made of waterproof materials.
  • Some lanterns even have built-in Bluetooth speakers, making them perfect for gatherings or outdoor lounging.

More to Explore

Lanterns have been used for centuries but these handy devices got their time in the spotlight (pun intended) thanks to a superhero.

DC Comics’ Green Lantern first appeared in a comic book back in 1940. The hero, everyday dude Alan Scott, finds a green railroad lantern containing a mystical orb called “Starheart.” The globe directs Scott to create a ring out of its magical material and gives him the power to fly and create all manner of things using the power of the ring.

In later incarnations, the character Hal Jordan replaces Scott’s Green Lantern, and instead of a lantern, his powers come from the alien Abin Sur, who is from the planet Ungara.

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