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The Best Decor Books

Last updated on November 11, 2022

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kroucoco Hardcover Blank Pages Decor Books, 3-Piece

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Hardcover Blank Pages Decor Books, 3-Piece

This set of decorative books is perfect for those who love fashion and fashion history. The books, which have a soft soft matte feel, will communicate your interest in style and minimalism. They're real blank books you can use, too.

Overall Take

Ideal for Fashionistas The covers of these bold, decorative books explore fashion history.

 Runner Up

Jetec Twine Wrapped Wood Block Decor Books, 3-Piece


Twine Wrapped Wood Block Decor Books, 3-Piece

These fake books have a modern farmhouse vibe and telegraph sweet and short messages of gratitude and love. They're made from wood and are decorated with twine, beads and tassels for visual interest and texture.

Overall Take

Wooden ConstructionGet great texture with these décor books, which are made from wood.

 We Also Like

ZICOTO Customizable Spine Decor Books, 3-Piece


Customizable Spine Decor Books, 3-Piece

You can customize the message on these boooks with the included letter stickers. The books are plain white and will work in any aesthetic. They are real blank books and come with a hemp rope you can wrap them in for a natural look.

Overall Take

Customize Your MessageTailor these books to your space with the perfect personalized message.

 Also Great

AuldHome Design Hollow Interior Decor Books, 3-Piece

AuldHome Design

Hollow Interior Decor Books, 3-Piece

These decor books are already simple and sweet, but also make a great canvas for personalization. This makes them ideal for those who love to craft. The books are empty inside and open up like a box, so you can store small items inside.

Overall Take

Decorate Your OwnThey're simple and sweet as is, but can also be easily customized.

Buying Guide

Books open up other worlds. They can be exciting and mystical, calming and informative. However, books are more than just food for your brain — they can be appealing to the eyes as well. This makes them a great choice for decorating your home. Book decor can communicate to others what your reading interests are, providing a meaningful way to enhance your space.

If you don’t want to use your actual books as centerpieces because you love reading them so much, consider getting decor books for this purpose. As the name suggests, decor books are for decoration only — not for reading. Even if you wanted to read them, you couldn’t, since they are typically only filled with blank pages or empty space inside. Their exteriors, however, are eye-catching and interesting.

Unlike hunting for real books, searching for decor books is a different beast entirely. Ultimately, because these books are for show, you do actually want to judge the book by its cover. Consider the style of your space and how decor books can add to it. For example, if you have a traditional and ornate home, a vintage encyclopedia book set might fit in nicely. If, on the other hand, your space is more modern and minimalist, look for decor books that are white or black, with clean lines and bold text. For those who have a farmhouse vibe, look for fake books wrapped in twine or wool.

When it comes to sizes, you have a couple of decisions to make. You can either go with bundles of books in the same size or in different sizes. If you’re buying a set or want to create a big visual impact with a lot of books, try to get them roughly the same size. If you like visual intrigue and asymmetricity, then opting for different sizes is key.

What to Look For

  • Color is important when you’re decorating with books. Many people like to make visual statements by grouping books of the same color together on a shelf. For example, during the Christmas season, you could add lots of red and green books as part of your decor. Consider how the color of the books will impact your space and the mood you’re trying to create.
  • Like regular books, decor books can begin to discolor or fade in the sun. Place décor books carefully, keeping in mind if they will be exposed to sunlight for long periods of time.
  • If you don’t want anyone to know that your book is just a decorative item, place it strategically in your space. For example, you could add another decorative object on top of the books so people are less inclined to open them up. You could also place the books in a place that is hard to reach.
  • If you want to add more heft to your bookshelves, mix in fake books with real books. Just remember which ones are real and which ones aren’t, so you aren’t disappointed if you want to read one of the fake ones.
  • Want to make your decor book display more visually interesting? Add in other items such as plants, pottery and framed artwork or photographs to add visual interest without getting cluttery. Be sure to also change the orientation of the books. Place some books upright and some on their sides. You can also lean books diagonally on other items.

More to Explore

Did you know there are almost 130 million books in existence? That’s according to Google, which calculated the number back in 2010 — which means there are probably more than that now!

Also, there’s a word for the smell of a good book: bibliosmia. Of course, you won’t necessarily get that if you’re buying fake books for decorating your home — but hopefully, you have some real books around to provide that sensory enrichment.

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