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The Best Curtain Tiebacks

Last updated on March 2, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Curtain Tiebacks

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Amazon Basics Durable Metal Curtain Tiebacks, 2-Pack

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Amazon Basics

Durable Metal Curtain Tiebacks, 2-Pack

These curtain hooks are a fashionable and practical way to keep your curtains secured. With three finishes available, you can be sure to find something to match your style in every room of your house.

Overall Take

Strong and So StylishKeep your curtains securely fastened with these highly durable metal tiebacks.

 Runner Up

BEL AVENIR Hand-Woven Polyester Rope Curtain Tiebacks, 2-Pack


Hand-Woven Polyester Rope Curtain Tiebacks, 2-Pack

These woven curtain tiebacks are the perfect way to add flair to a room. Available in 14 colors, there's sure to be something that will match whatever curtains you choose. Simply handwash and lay to dry to keep these tiebacks looking great for years to come.

Overall Take

Braided and BeautifulBring your own aesthetic preferences to your room with these fashionable rope curtain tiebacks.

 We Also Like

Toresper Anti-Rust Metal U-Shape Curtain Tiebacks, 2-Pack


Anti-Rust Metal U-Shape Curtain Tiebacks, 2-Pack

These sturdy and rust-resistant curtain tiebacks are perfect for low-key accessorizing. The simple-but-pretty finials that adorn the ends are certain to avoid distraction from the beautiful draperies you hang from your windows.

Overall Take

Understated and ChicFor an understated and classy vibe, look no further than these metal curtain tieback hooks.

 Strong Contender

NICEEC Magnetic Fasteners Curtain Tiebacks, 2-Pack


Magnetic Fasteners Curtain Tiebacks, 2-Pack

These magnetic curtain tiebacks are the perfect way to accentuate your windows. With their wide range of colors, you can easily match or contrast any room's color scheme. And the braided rope offers an extra bit of style to boot!

Overall Take

One in Every ColorFor versatility and sophistication, look no further than these gorgeous magnetic curtain tiebacks.

Buying Guide

Curtain tiebacks are decorative pieces designed to hold back curtains in a secure and stylish way. They provide an elegant accent to any room and come in a variety of styles, from classic rope tiebacks to tasseled curtain holders.

To use curtain tiebacks, simply loop the ends around each side of the pulled-back curtains and tie them in a knot or bow. Some tiebacks have small plastic loops at the ends to hook onto a nail hammered into the wall.

Depending on the size of the loops, you may also be able to secure the tiebacks by attaching the ends to the wall with hooks, screws or other fasteners. Alternatively, if there are no permanent fixtures in place, you can use adhesive strips or removable hooks to attach the tiebacks.

Depending on your style preference, you can choose tiebacks that are made from a variety of colors and materials such as rope, tassels, crystals, beads or fabric. If you would like tiebacks that match your curtains, try to find some that are made of a similar material and come in the same color.

Alternatively, you can buy tiebacks that contrast with your curtains to make them stand out. This may be the way to go if you are having trouble finding tiebacks that match your curtains; it can be better to provide a clear contrast rather than use something that is just a little bit off.

If your curtain tiebacks have small loops on the back, be sure to keep them out of reach of small children and pets, as the loops can be a choking hazard if detached.

What to Look For

  • For fabric tiebacks, make sure to follow manufacturer guidelines for their care. If they’re not marked as safe for machine washing, doing so could cause them to fade or become damaged.
  • Tiebacks are available in different lengths, so measure down from where you will be tying up your curtains to avoid getting tiebacks that are too long.
  • Drapery hooks, while fashionable, can create a larger footprint away from your wall. This could make them less than ideal for rooms with more of a confined space.

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Did you know that curtains have been around for centuries? It’s true! In fact, evidence suggests that curtains were being used as far back as ancient Egypt in 3300 BC. Back then, people used woven mats and reeds to protect their homes from sunlight and sandstorms.

Fast-forward to the 14th century, when curtains became a popular way to showcase wealth and status. Nobility would often hang silk or velvet curtains embroidered with elaborate designs and symbols, sometimes even made of precious metals like gold and silver. Today, we’re still using curtains as a way to add style and luxury to our homes!

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