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The Best Chlorine Pool Tablets, 3-Inch

Last updated on June 3, 2024
Chlorine Pool Tablets, 3-Inch

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POOLWELL Corrosion Preventing Chlorine Pool Tablets, 3-Inch

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Corrosion Preventing Chlorine Pool Tablets, 3-Inch

Whether you're looking to treat your pool or hot tub, these chlorine pool tablets, 3-inch have you covered. The reusable 5-pound bucket contains tablets that are quick to dissolve. The tablets work to kill any algae or bacteria that may be growing in your water. You only need one tablet for every 10,000 gallons of water.

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Affordable PickStick with this set of chlorine pool tablets, 3-inch and save.

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LeisureQuip BioGuard Soft Water Chlorine Pool Tablets, 3-Inch


BioGuard Soft Water Chlorine Pool Tablets, 3-Inch

You can get these chlorine pool tablets, 3-inch in a 7.5 or 25-pound container. The tablets are designed to work longer and do much more than just remove bacteria and algae. They also soften the water and prevent staining.

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Longer LastingThis chlorine pool tablets, 3-inch comes with a complimentary pool care log book.

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CLOROX XtraBlue Bacteria Killing Chlorine Tablets, 3-Inch


XtraBlue Bacteria Killing Chlorine Tablets, 3-Inch

Sunlight can work against your chlorine tablet's effectiveness, but this tablet builds in a chlorine stabilizer to protect your water from the sun. It also contains conditioners to keep your water feeling silky smooth. A supporting app can help you with maintaining your pool.

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Sunlight ProtectionThese chlorine pool tablets, 3-inch are enriched with a chlorine stabilizer to protect against the harmful effects of the sun's rays.

 Strong Contender

Rx Clear Jumbo Chlorine Pool Tablets, 3-Inch

Rx Clear

Jumbo Chlorine Pool Tablets, 3-Inch

Keep the water in your swimming pool or hot tub safe using these chlorine pool tablets, 3-inch. All you need are two tablets for a pool filled with 10,000 gallons of water. The tablets are individually wrapped and designed to dissolve slowly for maximum benefit.

Overall Take

Handy OptionThis chlorine pool tablets, 3-inch works as a disinfectant, a bactericide and an algaecide.

Buying Guide

Any body of still water is prone to algae, as well as dangerous bacteria like E. coli. If a pond has wildlife like fish, that can help, but fish waste and decomposing plant material can still lead to algae unless the right balance is there.

When that body of water is a swimming pool, bacteria and algae become a real problem. If you’ve ever owned a pool, you know all about the dread that comes with pool water turning green. Once pool water has turned, it can be tough to get it back on track again so that you can once again safely go for a swim.

Enter chlorine. Chlorine keeps algae at bay, letting you maintain a healthy pH balance that protects against pollutants. But it’s a careful balance. You’ll need to keep the chlorine level above 1 ppm to battle any bacteria and germs present in the water. Unfortunately, even a slight drop in chlorine concentration can throw your pH balance off and lead to that dreaded green water.

Chlorine tablets are an easy way to give your water that steady release of chlorine you’ll need to maintain a healthy balance. You’ll just need to get a kit to regularly test your water and keep an eye on things. You should also use pool tools to scrub the surfaces and remove any debris that drops into it.

What to Look For

  • Before slow-release chlorine tablets, pool owners had to constantly replenish the chemicals in the pool. These tablets keep the water fed with a steady supply of chlorine to keep things healthy.
  • Even if you have someone cleaning your pool every week or two, a little rain can throw the pH balance of your pool off, leading to issues.
  • Your pool’s chlorine level should be above 1 ppm at all times, but it should also never go above 3 ppm. Too much chlorine can irritate your eyes, nose, lungs and throat while you’re swimming. You can use either strips or kits to test your water on a regular basis.
  • You can buy pool tablets in 1-inch and 3-inch versions. The 3-inch tablets are easier to handle and may even be lower in price. You’ll also typically be able to use fewer 3-inch tablets, which will stretch your kit farther.
  • Don’t simply toss the tablets into your pool. You’ll instead add them to your pool skimmer, which will have the water gradually move over them as it passes through your filter when it’s on. You can also purchase a floating chlorine dispenser, although this isn’t ideal if you have a pool liner. Sometimes dispensers can get stuck in one area of the pool, which can discolor your liner over time.

More to Explore

If you’re concerned about getting into a public swimming pool, your concerns might not be unreasonable. One study of public swimming pools found that nearly 80% of pools inspected had some type of violation. That’s eight in 10! And one in eight had violations so serious that the pools had to be closed. The most common issues were not enough disinfectants like chlorine and inadequate safety equipment to help drowning victims. There are real consequences for a failure to disinfect properly. From 2003 to 2012, there were nearly 350 disease outbreaks linked to public pools.

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