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The Best Buffet Cabinet

Last updated on September 28, 2022

We looked at the top 13 Buffet Cabinets and dug through the reviews from 16 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Buffet Cabinets.

Best Buffet Cabinet

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Our Picks For The Top Buffet Cabinets

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Product Overview
Key Takeaway
 Top Pick

Yaheetech Extra Storage Sleek Buffet Cabinet

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Extra Storage Sleek Buffet Cabinet

Not only is this buffet cabinet easy to assemble, but it also looks great in both a kitchen and dining room. The side cabinets have ventilation slats that allow for proper airflow and all of the shelves are adjustable. The large top surface can be used to serve food or to display a few collectibles.

Overall Take

Eco-Friendly ConstructionYou don't have to worry about foul odors when you go with this buffet cabinet, as it's made using eco-friendly materials that are free of pollution.

" It can be used for the bedroom, dining room, living room, and kitchen. It is stable which helps prevent it from wiggling when stacking heavy. It is easy to assemble for anyone with the manual attached. The process is convenient..."
 Runner Up

BELLEZE Rustic Distressed Wood Buffet Cabinet


Rustic Distressed Wood Buffet Cabinet

Farmhouse chic is the best way to describe this beautiful buffet cabinet. It measures 70 inches and features glass doors, so you can easily view the decorative China inside. There's plenty of space on top of the cabinet to display your family photos, attractive flower vases or even a collection of wine.

Overall Take

Elegant DesignThe shelves inside this buffet cabinet are completely adjustable, so you can customize the space to meet your needs.

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Costzon Sideboard Dining Buffet Cabinet


Sideboard Dining Buffet Cabinet

This buffet cabinet has a classic and clean look to it that will look good with other dark wood or black furniture. The open shelf at the top lets you use it easily for temporary storage of items and the cabinet doors at the bottom open up to a useful space for things that would be better hidden out of sight.

Overall Take

Most CompactThis buffet cabinet is a compact and clean looking buffet cabinet.

" The material used is very sturdy. There is also ample storage for you to organize various items. Another thing we like is how quick it is to assemble, making it a fine addition and value for your money."
 Strong Contender

Giantex Multipurpose Eco-Friendly Buffet Cabinet


Multipurpose Eco-Friendly Buffet Cabinet

Thanks to the solid pine wood legs on this buffet cabinet, it's able to hold up to 220 pounds. Since the cabinet has ample storage space, it can also be used in a living room or office, in addition to your dining room. With its clean lines and iron handles, the entire piece adds a bit of rustic charm to any space.

Overall Take

Choice of FinishesYou'll find this buffet cabinet is available in a choice of finishes, including aqua, beige, coffee brown and gray.

Buying Guide

In the world of attractive and functional pieces of furniture, the buffet cabinet stands out as one of the most common and versatile pieces you will find. Whether you use it for the traditional purpose of storing your nice dishes and having it at the side of your dining room to act as a buffet for serving food, or if you plan to use it as an entertainment center to hold all of your electronics while hiding the cords, this one piece of furniture can be exactly what you need.

A buffet cabinet is generally narrow, as it is meant to be placed along a wall where you wouldn’t need a deep desk-like storage piece. The height and length of buffet cabinets vary a lot though, and this is a measurement that will be very important to you as the purchaser. Measure the space you want to use and find a range of measurements that will work the best. This will help you narrow down your search for buffet cabinets quickly as it can pare the list of choices in half right off the bat.

The items you plan to place on your new buffet cabinet will also help guide you in finding the right one for you. If you have a lot of heavy dishes that you plan to store in or on the buffet cabinet, look for units that are built with thicker hardware and have a lower center-of-gravity to be sure your cabinet will be stable and avoid the potential for it tipping over. If you are using it as an entertainment center, look for holes in the back where you can run wires and cables through, or at least find a model that will work well and drill your own cable holes.

Some buffet cabinets have an entire top cabinet that can sit directly on top of them. This cabinet will often have glass doors and can be wonderful for displaying art, memorabilia or fine china. These toppers are narrow and you will want to make sure they’re firmly affixed to the cabinet and maybe even anchored to the wall to avoid them ever toppling over during events like a dog running into them or an earthquake.

After finding the right function and geometry for your new buffet cabinet, it’s time to look for the perfect design elements to make sure it really stands out or blends in with your current furnishings. Buffet cabinets come in many great aesthetics. From mid-century modern styles to country farmhouse chic, there is sure to be a buffet cabinet that expresses the essence you hope to get from it. Have fun searching for the options you can find and take your time to make sure this new cabinet is exactly what you want.

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Our experts reviewed the top 13 Buffet Cabinets and also dug through the reviews from 16 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Buffet Cabinets.

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What to Look For

  • For taller and narrower cabinets that might be a bit top-heavy, anchor the top of the cabinet to the wall in some to help secure it in place. Even a simple adhesive or velcro pad can be enough to keep it from tipping away from the wall.
  • Dark furniture captures a lot of dust. Remember that dust is everywhere and you will find yourself needing to clean a darker wood or black buffet cabinet regularly just to keep it from looking dusty.
  • Measure the things you want to keep inside of your buffet cabinet. Maybe that big serving platter you have is too wide for the inside of the buffet cabinet you are eyeing.

More to Explore

Buffet cabinets, also sometimes known as sideboards, became popular during the 19th century as families were settled down and wealthy enough to dedicate an entire room of their house to dining. Antique buffet cabinets are often very ornate and have beautiful woodworking and finishes, so be sure to check in your grandparents’ garage or the flea market down the street if you’re looking for a fancy buffet cabinet that takes you back in time.

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