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Last updated on March 15, 2024

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Nachteule LED Clip-On For Eyeglasses Book Light

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LED Clip-On For Eyeglasses Book Light

This book light has a smart design and clips to your glasses, providing light coverage wherever you look. The light is highly portable and lightweight. It comes with a protective case.

Overall Take

Highly PortableThis book light clips to your glasses, so you get focused coverage on your book or anything else you're working on.

 Runner Up

Glocusent LED Rechargeable Bendable Book Light For Neck


LED Rechargeable Bendable Book Light For Neck

This book light comes with multiple modes so you can adjust the color and the brightness. It can be used for reading, knitting, camping or conducting repairs in tight spaces. The light does not flicker and is comfortable to look at.

Overall Take

Multiple ModesThis book light has three color temperatures and six brightness levels.

 We Also Like

Hooga Amber LED Eyestrain-Free Clip-On Book Light


Amber LED Eyestrain-Free Clip-On Book Light

This book light has a flexible gooseneck that offers 360-degree visibility as you can move it in any direction. The light is lightweight and highly portable. It has blue-blocking light that is sleep friendly.

Overall Take

360-Degree VisibilityThis book light has a flexible gooseneck so you can position it in any direction.

 Strong Contender

Energizer Flexible Battery-Powered Attachable Book Light


Flexible Battery-Powered Attachable Book Light

You can use this book light with paper books and e-readers. The clip is large and flexible so it can attach anywhere. The light has an optimal beam size that is easy on the eyes.

Overall Take

Versatile ChoiceThis book light is perfect for paper books and e-readers.

Buying Guide

Being curled up in bed or on the couch under a warm blanket with a good book in hand is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whether you’re reading late at night or on a rainy day, not being able to clearly see your book can put a damper on the experience. A book light is a great tool for any avid reader. It is a small, bright light that clips on to the pages of your book so you can have just the right amount of light to read. Some book lights even clip on to your glasses so you can have a clear view of anything you look at.

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One of the most important things to figure out when you’re getting a book light is the type you want. Do you prefer to have the light clip on to your book while you’re reading? Do you want to go with a neck light instead, which wraps around your neck and points at the pages of the book? If you’re reading on an e-reader or laptop, you might prefer a light that attaches to your glasses.

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You will also want to determine how much brightness you need from your book light. Many book lights have LEDs that let you adjust the level of light. This way, if you’re reading in a particularly dark space, you can up the brightness differently than you would when you’ve already got some ambient light.

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There are typically three different modes of light on book lights. Daylight white is best for reading at night because it is bright. It does not work well if you’re reading during the day. Cool white is a better option for reading indoors during the day or in a semi-lit space at night. Go with warm white light if you’re reading in a space that has a good amount of ambient light.

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What to Look For

  • Battery life is key. You don’t want to snuggle in with your book only to realize the light is not charged. Some book lights take AAA batteries while others are rechargeable via a USB cable.
  • Do you have a habit of reading late into the night because you’re so engrossed in your book and don’t realize the time? Go with a book light that has a timer. You can set the light to turn off automatically after a certain length of time, which encourages you to go to bed instead of reading until dawn.
  • Sturdiness is important for book lights that have clips. You want to make sure the clip stays stable while you’re reading or turning pages. Otherwise, the light moves around and can be distracting to look at when you’re trying to focus on your book.
  • Keep in mind that cool-colored bulbs can be stimulating and may not be the best choice for reading late at night, as it can hard for you to relax and go to sleep afterwards. If possible, look for warm-colored bulbs for late-night reading.
  • If your eyes hurt after reading with a book light, something’s wrong. You might need to adjust the brightness of the light so that it is more comfortable for you to look at. You may also have to adjust the position of the light and how it reflects on the pages of the book to make sure you have the best visibility.

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