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The Best Board Game For Adults

Last updated on August 6, 2023

We looked at the top 12 Board Games For Adults and dug through the reviews from 45 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Board Games For Adults.

Best Board Game For Adults

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Our Picks For The Top Board Games For Adults

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Jax Original Sequence Folding Board Game For Adults

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Original Sequence Folding Board Game For Adults

This easy-to-understand board game for adults is great for players of all ages. It’s an engaging game that develops patterning and numeracy skills. It can be played with individual players or teams.

Overall Take

Win with The Required Number of Five-Card SequencesLearn the basics of cards, sequencing and strategizing with this board game for adults.

" This game teaches so many great skills, including the basics of cards, sequencing, strategizing, and decision-making. Advanced players learn when and how best to block opponents or remove chips strategically as well as the pros and cons of playing offensively..."
 Best for Groups

Telestrations After Dark Board Game For Adults


After Dark Board Game For Adults

Included with this board game for adults are 100 playing cards, eight sketchbooks, eight dry erase markers, eight cleaning cloths and a set of instructions. One player will need to draw what they see, while others attempt to guess the answer. You'll even get a complimentary set of drink coasters to use while you play.

Overall Take

Great for PartiesThis board game for adults is designed to create contagious laughter in a group, so plan on bringing it out at your next party.

 We Also Like

Hasbro Gaming Monopoly Ultimate Banking Board Game

Hasbro Gaming

Monopoly Ultimate Banking Board Game

A refresh of a classic board game, this board game for adults steps up the technology by letting you scan a fake credit card while doing all your banking transactions. This game will still require all the patience that it always did, and it's just as fun as it ever was.

Overall Take

High-Tech ClassicThis board game for adults lets you play a classic game with credit cards and fancy technology.

" Its good quality, the houses are well molded, the board and the playing cards are bright with sharp illustrations. I like how the rents are laid out the property cards. It opened a traditional game up to a wider age..."
"The only negative I can think of is the lack of AAA batteries for the card reader included in the box."
 Unique Pick

Spin Master Games Escape Room The Game, 3 Games

Spin Master Games

Escape Room The Game, 3 Games

The heat is on when the clock starts in this set of escape room games as you'll get 60 minutes to figure out how to escape from one of a few simulated rooms. These rooms are filled with clues and hints that can help you figure out how to free yourself.

Overall Take

Escape RoomThis set of escape room games is fast-paced and challenging as you need to put clues together in order to win.

" The amazing Spin Master Games Escape Thrilling​ lets you choose from three different mysterious adventures, including the Secret Agent, the Dentist, and the Space Station. Unite with your fellow amateur detectives for unifying escape exercises. Find clues, decode secret messages,..."

Buying Guide

Playing board games as an adult is a ton of fun. You understand the rules and concepts way better than when you were fumbling through your first games as a child, and you’ve reached a point where you can choose whether you plan on being a cutthroat competitor during a session of gaming or simply enjoying the act of sharing the game with some friends or family members. In fact, playing board games with those closest to you is a great way to engage with them in a way that doesn’t involve technology, which is something that many of us strive for as we find balance in our busy daily lives.

Board games can be funny; sometimes they’ll have you rolling on the floor laughing as you find yourself learning new facts about the people you’re playing with. Other board games are mentally engaging as you plot and plan your way into the best strategy to lead you to victory over your opponents. Whether you are hoping to flex your brain with trivia or simply to kick back and laugh at low-effort memes, there are surely a number of board games that will be a good fit for you.

If you’re looking into buying a board game, or perhaps many board games, you will need to figure out which types of games are worth investing in. Think about who it is that you’ll be playing these games with and start imagining what type of game would be ideal for the setting.

A raunchy card game that involves lewd images or words might be a blast with your closest friends, but it may make your parents or relatives uncomfortable if that’s not the type of relationship you have with them. Similarly, a long and thoughtful board game that takes many hours might be a great way to connect with your significant other as you engage with them in mental warfare tactics, but that same game would be a big drag during a party, when you have people over who don’t have the time or desire to be so involved.

The difficulty of a game is important to note when you’re looking at a game you’re unfamiliar with. If there’s a chance that you might rope some children or teenagers into playing the game with you occasionally, their age will be a big determining factor in whether they’ll be able to fully comprehend what’s going on. If they are confused by a plethora of complex rules and strategies, it may very well ruin the game for them ,and they won’t be able to enjoy the time they’re spending while playing it. It’s a good idea to have games that span various difficulty levels. Even as a smart and independent adult, you don’t always want to challenge your brain at every chance you get, many people use game nights as a way to unwind and have a good laugh. Include fun and funny games so you know that you can lean on those when the mood is right.

Games often have themes or styles that can help you determine if you’ll like them. If you want to sharpen your recollection of trivial knowledge, there’s a game for that. If you want to get lost in a land of fantasy with mystical wizardry or space aliens, there’s a game for you. Sometimes a game can help with hand-eye coordination as well and will challenge your reflexes. Determining what kind of game you are hoping to play can lead you in the right direction.

A lot of companies will make different themes for the same game as well. You could find a trivia game that covers a specific topic like Star Wars and surprise your Star Wars-loving friend by giving it to them as a birthday gift. There are some games that are themed for popular universities as well and these games are great for giving as gifts to those people in your life who are big sports fans.

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Our experts reviewed the top 12 Board Games For Adults and also dug through the reviews from 45 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Board Games For Adults.

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What to Look For

  • Organize your board games somewhere that you can see them all at a glance. It’s not uncommon for one to be lost in the back of a closet, never to be played for years on end.
  • Decks of cards can give you many options for games to play if you are willing to take the time to learn some new games and their rules.
  • Have a spare set of dice or a deck of cards just in case one becomes lost or damaged in a game that you have. This can save your game night in the event of a lost-card emergency.
  • Read the rules before playing. There seems to always be someone who thinks the remember the rules perfectly and this person is rarely correct.

More to Explore

Civilization has advanced to have a lot of new technology and an entirely different way of life than what our ancestors were used to, but the desires and thoughts we have are maybe not so different. Board games were depicted in drawings from times as far back as 3,000 B.C.E. and ancient board games have been unearthed from every ancient civilization known to us today. This helps support the idea that we really do enjoy sitting around with other people and engaging in games like these and we always have.

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