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The Best Bathroom Rug

Last updated on February 29, 2024

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 Best Overall

MAYSHINE Ultra Soft Foam Bathroom Rug, 17×24-Inch

Don't Waste Your Money Seal of Approval


Ultra Soft Foam Bathroom Rug, 17x24-Inch

Thanks to this bathroom rug's incorporated fiber-locking technique, you won't have to clean up fibers from the floor after each use. You'll find this attractive rug comes in 17 different colors, as well as a host of features that will place it at the top of your list. The rug has a non-slip bottom made from a mesh PVC material, water-absorbent capa...

Overall Take

Plush SurfaceIf comfort is important to you when selecting a bathroom rug, you'll appreciate this rug's super soft surface that feels like a cushion.

 Stylish Choice

Color&Geometry Microfiber Anti-Slip Bathroom Rug, 16×24-Inch


Microfiber Anti-Slip Bathroom Rug, 16x24-Inch

Keeping this bathroom rug clean is a cinch, as it's machine washable. The rug comes in a variety of sizes to match the space in your bathroom. It's outfitted with an anti-slip bottom that keeps it firmly planted on your floor and a super soft upper that also dries quickly to prevent bacteria growth.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsYou'll find this bathroom rug comes in a choice of eight brilliant colors, including red, navy, green and dark gray.

 We Also Like

Genteele Machine Washable Bathroom Rug, 17×24-Inch


Machine Washable Bathroom Rug, 17x24-Inch

This bathroom rug holds the Best Value among its competitors for the generous size and excellent quality. We're obsessed with the comfy memory foam, which is supportive on your feet, and the microfiber velvet texture is luxuriously soft. You can’t go wrong with this affordable bathroom rug.

Overall Take

Ultra CushyWhen you step out onto this bathroom rug, you will find great support for your feet and back.

 Dries Quickly

Gorilla Grip Rubber-Backed Bathroom Rug, 30×20-Inch

Gorilla Grip

Rubber-Backed Bathroom Rug, 30x20-Inch

Keep your bathroom floor dry, while also preventing slips, when you opt for this soft bathroom rug. The thick Chenille fabric traps in moisture and provides a soft surface for your feet. Underneath the mat, you'll find a TP rubber backing that firmly holds the mat in place.

Overall Take

Easy to CleanIf you're looking for a bathroom rug that is easy to clean, you'll love this model, as it's safe for both the washing machine and the dryer.

Buying Guide

Enhance your showering experience by adding a lovely bathroom rug to your space. Bathroom rugs are not just for decoration; they have many other purposes. Finding the perfect one for you and your space can take a little more effort than you realized, though. From the correct size to the right material, let’s see what makes the best bathroom rug.

The best place to start when purchasing a bathroom rug is in the bathroom. Measure from one edge of your tub or shower to the opposite end. This will help you gauge how large or small you need the bath rug to be. The standard sizing for bath mats is either 21 inches long or 34 inches long. This will allow a little bit of space on either end, so your rug doesn’t get caught on any fixtures or roll up against a wall. Knowing the measurements can also help you decide the shape you want for your bathmat. If you like a large mat but think it’ll be a tight fit, opt for an oval or round rug that can maneuver around other objects. You  may need to measure around the toilet as well and in front of the sink or sinks for some rugs. Be sure to keep these measurements in mind when shopping.

Materials of bath rugs vary greatly but you want to choose wisely. Cotton is probably the most sought-after material for bathroom rugs. It is super absorbent and soft to the touch, particularly Egyptian cotton. Another common material is microfiber. From shag style to memory foam mats, microfiber is absorbent, quick-drying and easy to wash. They are cushy on your feet and the microfiber covers are soft on your skin.

It is fun to shop for home décor and essentials like a bathroom rug but you’ll also want to consider safety. Whether you have little ones or elderly that live in the home, it is important to find a rug with non-skid backing. This will help prevent falls or slips after showering. In fact, a thick rubber backing can grip almost any flooring so you can step out of the shower with confidence.

Another important factor to consider is the maintenance of a bathroom rug. For cotton rugs, you can usually machine wash and dry with great results. Microfiber is easy to machine-wash but typically needs to air dry outside. If the bathroom rug has a non-skid backing, you might be able to machine wash it, but air drying is a must. You don’t want the rubber backing to go through any heating in the dryer or it’ll disintegrate much faster.

If style is important to you, choosing the right bathroom rug can pull all your bathroom décor together. For a serene bathroom, choose a white, gray or muted color rug. A calming effect would call for soft blues and greens in your décor. To enhance the style, find a complimentary shower curtain and towels with matching colors to make your bathroom rug set complete.

Make your home the cozy and beautiful space that you want to live in by decorating and furnishing it with the best products. Just like your doormat or kitchen towels, your bathroom rug should be comfy and cozy and reflect your style for your home. Enjoy shopping for a new bathroom rug and then you can thoroughly enjoy using it.

What to Look For

  • Keeping up with proper maintenance of your bathroom rug will prolong its life.
  • Some bathroom rugs are naturally anti-bacterial.
  • If you purchase a non-skid rug, consider washing it with bleach to rid or prevent mold on the rubber backing. Of course, always pay attention to the care instructions on the product itself before using bleach in the wash.
  • Rubber backing on rugs can get moldy on tile floors because of all the moisture that the rug itself retains.
  • Finding an anti-bacterial rug is a great idea considering the bathroom is one of the most germ-filled areas of the home.

More to Explore

  • The difference between a rug and a carpet is the size. A rug is 40 square feet or less than a piece of carpet.
  • Although rugs didn’t make an appearance until much later, in the 16th century, homeowners would use straw over their dirt floors to provide stability and traction.
  • Club soda will remove stains from a rug and brown paper bags will remove wax from a rug. Place a piece of a brown paper bag over the wax and heat it with a blow dryer for a few seconds. The wax will stick to the paper and lift off the rug.
  • In 1963, the phrase “sweep it under the rug” was first coined.
  • The “Red Carpet” was used as a reference as early as 458 BC by Aeschylus and is still used as a reference to a custom used for important figures walking down a carpeted aisle.

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