What to buy and what to skip in November

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DontWasteYourMoney.com‘s own John Matarese shares his list of what to buy in November, and what to hold off on.

Black Friday

First up, you’ll want to adjust your plans this year because Black Friday is spreading out.

“Walmart is actually throwing three Black Friday sales,” says Matarese. “It starts on November 4, where they’re going to roll out some items. [On] November 11, they’re going to roll out the big electronics that everybody loves. And then the day after Thanksgiving, they’ll have a more traditional Black Friday with clothing, gifts, and other merchandise.”

Other big national retailers like Bed, Bath & Beyond and Best Buy will have specific deals starting on different dates. And Target will be closed on Thanksgiving but will offer its Black Friday pricing for the entire month of November. But why?

“To avoid big crowds in the store all at once, and to avoid their websites from overloading and crashing,” explains Matarese.

But some things aren’t changing. For instance, this stretched-out Black Friday is still one of the best times of year to buy big TVs.

“This is the time to buy that big TV you’ve been waiting on all pandemic year,” says Matarese. “We’re talking 65- and 75-inch TVs will be on deep markdown. We’ll see the lowest prices we’ve ever seen on 70-inch HDTVs, including 4K and 8K models. So if you’ve been holding out for that large screen TV, we’re thinking mid to late November will be your best time to buy.”


Now here’s one that’s been causing a lot of frustration, but you may finally get some great deals on laptops.

“There’s been laptop shortages all year because of online learning,” says Matarese. “Laptops are now coming back into stock. We’re thinking late November is a great time to purchase a laptop as well. But with shortages all year long, don’t expect quite the selection of items that we’ve seen in years past.”

Items to Wait On

Finally, how about some items to wait on?

“According to DealNews.com, winter clothing will get marked down starting around Black Friday. Jewelry goes on sale in December for Christmas. And when it comes to exercise equipment, the lowest prices on treadmills and other pieces of equipment are in January, not in November or December,” Matarese advises.

And if you can wait…

“Typically with toys, prices get lower closer to Christmas because stores don’t want to be stuck with them after Christmas.”

So you need to be willing to risk a reduction in inventory!

If you’re looking for ways to save this holiday season, now you’ve got the skinny on wise shopping opportunities to expect through November.

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