Verizon to offer $10-a-month Netflix and Max streaming bundle deal

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We love a good bundle when it can save you money on anything you’re already buying, and Verizon is about to launch one that could make your streaming bill quite a bit lower each month.

Starting Dec. 7, Verizon will offer its myPlan customers a $10 monthly bundle for Netflix and Max ad-supported streaming services. Netflix’s ad-supported plan is usually $6.99 a month, and Max’s is $9.99, so this is a big discount — a 40% savings over the regular subscription price for the combined services.


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Customers who are enrolled in Verizon’s latest wireless plans, including Unlimited Welcome, Unlimited Plus or Unlimited Ultimate, are eligible for the $10 bundle price. Current Verizon customers not enrolled in one of those plans can sign up to receive the bundle perk, too.

Once enrolled in an eligible wireless service plan, customers can choose the $10 Netflix/Max bundle as one of their myPlan perks. Other myPlan offers include Disney+ streaming discounts, Walmart+ membership discounts and more. In fact, customers can also get a Disney+, ESPN+ and Hulu add-on for $10 a month, which just might cover all of your streaming needs.

The Netflix/Max streaming bundle marks the first time the competing streaming services have been packaged together in this way. Typically, bundles get put together under the same company ownership, which is the case Disney, Hulu and ESPN.

However, as more people find ways to trim their streaming budgets, companies are exploring the possibility of collaborating to save their profits.

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Apple and Paramount Global are negotiating to develop an Apple TV+/Paramount+ bundle package. However, streaming analyst Dan Rayburn told USA Today that the Verizon deal is a different sort of partnership than the one Apple and Paramount are discussing.

“We’ve heard a lot about bundling over the last couple of years, but we haven’t seen real bundling,” Rayburn said. “[Verizon’s offering] is not Netflix and Max working with one another. It’s a mobile carrier getting together and bundling. That’s a very different kind of bundling.”

Regardless of what kind of bundling this is, there is no denying Verizon’s offer can save customers money on two of the most popular streaming services available.

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