5 Tips For Blow Drying Your Hair The Right Way

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You know that feeling you get when you walk out of the salon after a great blowout, knowing your hair looks flawless? Try as we might, many of us struggle with replicating the same look at home.

Although it seems easy enough, blow-drying your hair correctly is a delicate art. Here are some tips for blow drying your hair the right way to get salon-worthy results every time.

1. Don’t Start With Hair That’s Too Wet

If you’re in a hurry, it’s tempting to start blasting your hair with the hairdryer as soon as you step out of the shower, but this can actually cause some serious damage to your tresses.

“A lot of women start with sopping wet hair,” Redken celebrity stylist Rodney Cutler told Marie Claire of this common mistake. “Your hair should be 60-to-65 percent dry before you even start to blow-dry with a brush.”

He advises towel drying, followed by blow-drying using only your hands for a while, before finishing with a brush.


2. Use The Nozzle

The attachments that come with your hairdryer are there for a reason. As with any beauty and personal care product, it pays to hang onto the manual that comes with it and learn how to use the appliance correctly.

“If you don’t use it, it just sprays the hair with heat all over,” Cutler explained of the nozzle. “It won’t be concentrated on the cuticle and you won’t get that smooth look.”

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3. Work In Sections

Another key to super-smooth hair is to divide your hair into sections before drying. This helps to keep layers separate and prevents overdrying, which is a surefire way to damage your locks.

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4. Make Sure Hair Is Fully Dry Before Styling

Before you whip out the flat iron or curling iron, make sure you have completely finished blow-drying your hair.

“If you see steam or you hear a sizzle, stop and evaluate the situation,” model stylist Harry Josh told Teen Vogue. “Hair should be bone dry when you straighten.”

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5. Use The Right Product

Although super-smooth, silky hair may be your ultimate goal, your hair can be too silky before you start drying, which can make it difficult to manipulate.

“My number one tip is picking up a good foundation product, like a mousse or texture spray, so you’re not fighting with super soft, silky hair,” stylist James Earnshaw told Refinery 29. “A product like this will give your hair grip and hold and makes styling much easier.”

Earnshaw recommends amika’s UN.DONE Volume & Texture Spray.


Do you feel ready to give yourself a salon-level blowout?

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