Thousands Of People Love These Comfy (And Cheap) Sandals


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The search for the perfect sandal may have finally come to an end. Amazon customers swear by these affordable, cute and comfy sandals for spring and summer. So, these might just be the exact shoe you want to slip into once the warm weather is here to stay.

The Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 sandal might just be as comfy as its yoga namesake suggests. It’s been reviewed by over 7,000 customers, and 76 percent of reviewers give the product five stars. In terms of price, comfort and style, these reviews might just convince you that there’s nothing not to love about these shoes.

Ranging in price from $14.98-$57.34, the sandals come in a variety of colors and patterns, and considering the price point, you could pick up a couple of different ones to match your wardrobe.

You can get everything from classic colors such as black and white to bold prints and patterns:



Sole colors vary, too, and include options such as black, gray and brown:


The thousands of people who have tried these sandals seem to be very pleased with their purchase.

One Amazon reviewer wrote, “I love, love, love these! I was worried about how they’d look on my feet, I have chubby feet, but they feet like a glove. They are great. And oohh so comfortable! I originally bought them as beach shoes but, I’m not gonna lie, I’m gonna wear them all the time!”

While these may be great for vacationing, another Amazon reviewer pointed out that they can really go the distance when you’re walking in them, too:

“I racked up a whopping 68 miles across six park days in Disney World wearing only these flip flops. My steps are often missed while I’m pushing the stroller so I’m sure there were even more miles than that. I always wear broken-in tennis shoes on big walking days and packed them with me just in case these flip flops didn’t work out, but I never needed them! My feet normally get very hot and swell and I really hate wearing tennis shoes. I never wore these before our trip and was so happy there was no break in period at all. It even rained for hours on end one day and my feet were still comfortable in these.”

You’ve got to admit, the sole of this shoe looks very cushioned, so no wonder they’re comfortable to move around in!:


Those who didn’t absolutely love this sandal seemed to have issues with the sizing and the fact that your foot may slide around in the shoe when walking.

“I was very excited to try these shoes because I had heard wonderful things about them. I usually wear a 9 or 9 1/2. Because a lot of 9 1/2 shoes are big on me I chose the size 9. They are a little small but not so small that my toes or heels hang off the ends. A 10 would have definitely been too big. The thing I dislike the most about them is how the actual shoe seems to make your foot slide to one side. Instead of your foot staying straight on the shoe both feet will slide to the inside when walking,” one three-star review read.

The shoes do not come in half sizes, so you will have to be mindful of that when making a purchase. Some have had luck going a size down, others needed to go a size up to get the best fit. There’s a sizing chart that might help you make a decision.

But, in the end, most have loved these sandals as a comfortable, stylish option for all of your spring and summer activities.

Are you convinced to give them a try?

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