These essential oils are being recalled for lack of child-resistant packaging


If you’re one of the many people who love to use essential oils in your home, you need to check your collection for a recalled product.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled two essential oil products made by Airomé: the Wintergreen Essential Oil and Deep Soothe Essential Oil 100 Percent Pure & Natural therapeutic-grade essential oils.

The recalls were issued because the packaging of these products failed to meet the guidelines of the Poison Prevention Packaging Act, a law that requires certain household products to be packaged in child-resistant packaging.

The recalled products contain a substance called methyl salicylate. The inclusion of this substance within the essential oils requires a child-proof container because it poses a poisoning risk. None of the recalled items have child-resistant packaging.

The recall includes Airomé Wintergreen essential oils in the 0.5-ounce and the 0.34-ounce amber glass bottles.


It also includes Deep Soothe essential oils in 0.5-fluid-ounce amber glass dropper bottles sold without a child-resistant cap.


Each bottle has a black cap and blue label with either “Airome Wintergreen 100% Pure Essential Oil Stimulate” or “Airome Deep Soothe 100% Pure Essential Oil Cool” printed on the front. The recalled products have one of the following UPC codes printed on the bottom of the gift box in which the bottles were sold:

  • UPC Code 83324503131
  • UPC Code 833245034567
  • UPC Code 833245035977

The Arome Wintergreen essential oil was sold separately and as part of a three-pack Focus & Concentrate Essential Oil Gift Set. They were sold at gift shops and specialty stores nationwide, as well as on Amazon, from December 2016 through July 2019.

Anyone who has these recalled products should immediately store the product in a secure location away from children and contact the manufacturer, B&B Acquisition, for a free replacement child-resistant cap. Consumers can call B&B Acquisition at 800-262-2305 or email for more information.

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