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The Best Plastic Bag Holder

Last updated on March 6, 2023

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Our Picks For The Top Plastic Bag Holders

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Lunies Lightweight Wall Mount Plastic Bag Holder

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Lightweight Wall Mount Plastic Bag Holder

This large plastic bag holder has lots of space. It provides easy access to bags with multiple holes. The plastic bag holder can be installed in just a few minutes with adhesives or screws.

Overall Take

Lots of SpaceThis plastic bag holder is large and has multiple holes.

 Runner Up

Utopia Kitchen Brushed Stainless Steel Plastic Bag Holder

Utopia Kitchen

Brushed Stainless Steel Plastic Bag Holder

This modern plastic bag holder is sleek and stylish. It can be mounted on a wall or cabinet door. The plastic bag holder resists fingerprints, so it will always look shiny and clean.

Overall Take

Modern LookThis plastic bag holder is sleek and stylish.

 We Also Like

Spectrum Diversified Adhesive Wall Mount Plastic Bag Holder

Spectrum Diversified

Adhesive Wall Mount Plastic Bag Holder

This simple plastic bag holder is easy to use. It has a large opening so the bags are fully accessible. The plastic bag holder can be wall mounted with screws.

Overall Take

Simple DesignThis plastic bag holder is easy to use.

 Also Great

TOGETRUE Hanging Polyester Mesh Plastic Bag Holders, 2-Pack


Hanging Polyester Mesh Plastic Bag Holders, 2-Pack

This durable plastic bag holder is made from study polyester mesh. It also has reinforced straps. The plastic bag holder features a space-saving design.

Overall Take

Durable MaterialThis plastic bag holder is made from heavy-duty mesh.

Buying Guide

While many retail stores have started using cloth or paper bags, there are still many shops that continue to use plastic bags. While they aren’t a great option for the environment, one way people can be more eco-conscious is to re-use the plastic bags multiple times before throwing them away. For many people, these plastic bags serve as trash bags or are re-used again when they go grocery shopping, for example. However, storing plastic bags at home takes up a lot of space. They can easily fill a cabinet if not stored properly. This is where a plastic bag holder comes in. Much like the name sounds, a plastic bag holder is a device for storing your plastic bags in a compact and organized way.

When selecting a plastic bag holder, first consider where you will keep it. For example, in a cabinet in the kitchen or mud room is a common place. You want the location to be handy and easily accessible. It should also be somewhere that is near where you will be using the plastic bags. For example, if you plan to use them as kitchen trash bags, keep the plastic bag holder in the same area you keep the trash can.

Decide whether you want a mounting, hanging or stationary plastic bag holder. Mounting ones can be attached to a wall or cabinet door, while hanging ones can be hung up on a wall or on the back of a door. Stationary ones sit on a level area, such as the bottom of a cabinet.

What to Look For

  • Plastic bag holders come in different sizes, so determine how many plastic bags you’ll be storing at one time. For example, if you get new plastic bags every time you go to the grocery store, you may end up with a large accumulation and need a larger storage solution. However, if you only get the odd plastic bag here and there, then a smaller plastic bag holder will do just fine.
  • While plastic bag holders are primarily functional items, style does come into play for some buyers. This is especially important if the plastic bag holder is out in the open instead of hidden behind a cabinet door. Try and match the style of the plastic bag holder with other items in the same. For example, if you have white kitchen cabinets, you may want to go with a white plastic bag holder.
  • If you plan on mounting or hanging up the plastic bag holder, be sure to look at the installation instructions before you buy to ensure they are not too complicated. Some plastic bag holders come with installation hardware, such as screws or adhesives. For others, you’ll have to supply the installation hardware yourself.
  • If you’ve ever tried to store plastic bags, you know they can get tangled up easily. This can even happen inside the plastic bag holder, making it difficult to take out just one bag at a time. Opt for a plastic bag holder that has a large opening or multiple openings. This will allow you to untangle the bags before taking them out, and will reduce the chances of the bags blocking the opening.

More to Explore

Can plastic bag holders only be used for storing plastic bags? Depending on the design, they can be quite versatile. Some people also use these devices for holding paper scraps or wrapping paper. Others use them for holding small umbrellas or canes. Certain plastic bag holders can also be used for storing reusable cloth bags as well. If you want to have the flexibility, consider the design you’re choosing carefully to ensure it will provide you with the versatility you’re looking for. You can also purchase multiple plastic bag holders for different uses around the home.

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