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The Best Multi-Vitamin For Women

Last updated on March 8, 2024

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Our Picks For The Top Multi-Vitamins For Women

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OLLY Ultra Strength Capsule Multi-Vitamin For Women, 60-Count

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Ultra Strength Capsule Multi-Vitamin For Women, 60-Count

With this multi-vitamin for women, you'll get 60 softgels, which equals a one-month supply. It's a great choice for ladies who want a well-rounded supplement that also provides extra energy to face the day ahead. Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and iron are also included in the formula.

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No Added SugarThis multi-vitamin for women has a pleasant lemon and mint scent.

 Runner Up

MaryRuth Organics Liquid Sugar-Free Multi-Vitamin For Women

MaryRuth Organics

Liquid Sugar-Free Multi-Vitamin For Women

If you have trouble swallowing pills, opt for this liquid multi-vitamin for women. In addition to supporting your overall wellness, the formula gives your immune system a boost, which is much needed during cold and flu season. It also contains B vitamins, which help with energy and keep your metabolism working properly.

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Easy to SwallowThis 40-ounce multi-vitamin for women lasts 32 days, so you only need to order it once a month.

 We Also Like

SmartyPants Wheat-Free Gummy Multi-Vitamin For Women, 180-Count


Wheat-Free Gummy Multi-Vitamin For Women, 180-Count

Third parties have lab-tested these multi-vitamins for women, which contain 17 essential nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids. They come in a delicious gummy form. Adults should take six per day.

Overall Take

Delicious OptionThese tasty multi-vitamins with omega-3 acids come in gummy form.

 Strong Contender

Rainbow Light Superfood & Probiotic Multi-Vitamin For Women, 150-Count

Rainbow Light

Superfood & Probiotic Multi-Vitamin For Women, 150-Count

These additive-free multi-vitamins for women are vegetarian and allergy-friendly. They are made with plant-sourced enzymes and support immune health, digestive health, bone strength and more.

Overall Take

Vegetarian ChoiceGet energized with these vitamins, which have plant-sourced enzymes.

Buying Guide

Taking a women’s multivitamin is a great way to add essential nutrients to your diet. While a multivitamin doesn’t replace the food you need to eat to be healthy, it can be beneficial under specific circumstances.

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If you’re on a restricted or limited diet due to allergies or because you’re vegan or vegetarian, multivitamins can help you get nutrients such as vitamin B12 and calcium. Older women, particularly those over 50, may benefit from supplements because the body begins to absorb less vitamin D and B12 as it ages. Women who have other health conditions, such as cancer, liver disease, celiac disease or alcohol dependence can also see advantages from taking multivitamins to maintain or improve their health.

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Also, if you’re pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant, taking a multivitamin specifically designed for women can be important. Women require additional iron and folic acid during the early stages of their pregnancy. Folic acid taken even before conception prevents neural tube defects and promotes healthy cell growth. Women who are taking care of an infant or young child can also use a multivitamin to get extra vitamin D and iron.

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Other key ingredients in multivitamins for women include iron, calcium and iodine.  Women are more likely to experience iron deficiencies than men due to menstruation and they need more calcium as they go into menopause, while iodine helps with thyroid issues.

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What to Look For

  • Women’s multivitamins are available in capsule form and as gummies and chewable pills. Capsules need to be swallowed whole, while gummies and chewables can be chewed and then swallowed. Some capsules can be particularly large, making them difficult to ingest for many women. If that’s the case, opt for a gummy or chewable.
  • If you’re looking for a women’s multivitamin, opt for one that says “CGMP” on the label. This stands for Current Good Manufacturing Practices, so you can rest assured that the multivitamin follows the Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines for quality, accuracy in labeling and the absence of contaminants.
  • Consider women’s multivitamins with the most active forms of nutrients. For example, they might have methylfolate instead of folic acid or methylated B vitamins instead of regular synthetic versions.
  • Multivitamins for women that have been tested by a third party are known for their high quality. For example, some may state that they are approved by National Sanitation Foundation International or Consumer Lab.
  • Some women’s multivitamins contain fillers, binders, artificial flavors, sweeteners and other unnecessary ingredients. People can have allergic reactions to some of these ingredients, so it’s best to always read the label to understand all of the ingredients in each vitamin, not just the nutrients that are included.
  • Women’s multivitamins come in varying quantities, such as 60 pills per bottle or 180 pills per bottle. Be sure to consider how many pills you need to take and how often to determine how big of a bottle you need. Also, check the expiration date on the bottle to make sure you can finish it before it should be discarded.
  • For best results, keep your multivitamins in a cool and dry location, not somewhere there is a lot of moisture or heat.
  • Sometimes, it can be hard to remember when to take your multivitamin. Instead of trying to establish a new routine, combine it with an existing one. For example, if you always do your hair in the morning or have a sit-down breakfast, keep the bottle near your hairbrush or on the kitchen table. You can also set a reminder on your smartphone or smart device.
  • .For some women, especially those in early stages of pregnancy, taking a multivitamin in the morning can lead to nausea or vomiting. Try taking it at night before you go to bed instead.

More to Explore

Did you know that vitamin C and B-complex vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B-6, folic acid, vitamin B-12, biotin and pantothenic acid) are water-soluble and can’t be stored in the body? That means we have to take in both of these every day to stay healthy. Because of this, there is absolutely no advantage in taking more of these vitamins than the recommended dosage. Your body simply eliminates them.

Meanwhile, folic acid (or folate, in its natural form) — also a B vitamin — is necessary for women of child-bearing age. The Centers for Disease Control recommends that all women who could become pregnant get 400 micrograms of folate per day. Folic acid has been shown to cut the incidence of birth defects by up to 60 percent when taken before and during pregnancy. It may also help reduce congenital heart defects, the risk of low-birthweight babies, and irregular ovulation. When taken by men, folic acid been linked to increased sperm count.

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