Speedo Power Plus Scalloped Edges Hand Paddles

Last updated date: February 26, 2022

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Speedo Power Plus Scalloped Edges Hand Paddles

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We looked at the top Hand Paddles and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Hand Paddle you should buy.

Update as March 18, 2022:
Checkout The Best Hand Paddles for a detailed review of all the top hand paddles.

Overall Take

In our analysis of 20 expert reviews, the Speedo Power Plus Scalloped Edges Hand Paddles placed 6th when we looked at the top 6 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Four size options make this paddle ideal for all resistance ability levels, drill work, and varying stroke choice. Increase your stroke technique using the Power Plus Paddle. This specialized training tool is crafted with scalloped edges to help you push more water for smoother pulling, while tube straps offer a comfortable fit.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

Specifically designed to help swimmers improve their resistance, and overall shoulder strengthening. Various size variants allow intending users to decide the most suitable option. The Speedo Power Plus swim paddles have a swim coach approval. The scalloped edges on the paddles allow for improved trajectory.
- Swim Network
You have several options to choose from to match how you train. They fit really comfortably. They work for any level of swimmer.
- Pool Homeschool
Available in four sizes and four colors as well. Have scalloped edges to improve efficiency. Can be adjusted to fit any size of a palm.
- Top Buzz List
Textured EVA foam making them very comfortable. Can be used for all swimming strokes, and all swimming activities. Available in four sizes and four colors as well. Scalloped edges to improve efficiency. Can be adjusted to fit any size of palm.
- Aquatic Glee

What experts didn't like

Users may need to buy bigger sizes when they’re ready to increase swimming resistance and power abilities.
- Swim Network
A little on the small side. The strap can loosen as you use it.
- Pool Homeschool
Users may need to buy bigger sizes when they are ready to increase swimming resistance and power abilities.
- Top Buzz List
The plastic strap holding the hand to the paddle isn’t very durable.
- Aquatic Glee

An Overview On Hand Paddles

Hand paddles are some of the best tools a swimmer can use to become a better athlete. Swimmer hand paddles are a terrific way to improve one’s technique, and most competitive swimmers use them to build up their skills.

The paddles help show swimmers what they might be doing wrong so they can make corrections to their swimming strokes. Swimmers who use them regularly can also develop more muscle strength, coordination and speed.

These paddles are not expensive, either; price-wise, you can expect to pay less than $20 a pair.

Hand paddles also increase water resistance and can be solid or have channels built into them. They are ergonomically shaped to fit on the palms and can have holes or adjustable straps.

Some are designed for individual strokes, while you can use others for all four. They are thought to be especially effective for developing the breaststroke, but coaches and swimmers rely on them to improve freestyle, butterfly, backstroke and crawl.

Size counts when it comes to hand paddles; they come in small, medium and large sizes, and the larger ones create more water resistance. The paddle should be slightly wider than the swimmer’s hand to start; if it is too big, it will be challenging to train correctly, and the fingers and tendons could get injured.

When putting on paddles for the first time, make sure that they are comfortable; don’t stretch your fingers out all the way because this is not the position they will be in when swimming. Though some paddles do not have holes or channels to decrease the resistance, experts do not recommend this paddle type for beginners.

The Hand Paddle Buying Guide

  • Pointed hand paddles are designed for freestyle swimming practice.
  • Swim gloves are different from handle paddles. They provide less resistance and help swimmers work on how they catch the water.
  • It is best to begin with a slightly larger paddle than the hand and slowly build up to a larger one that offers more resistance. The same idea holds for the holes: start with more and work toward having none.
  • Swim paddles are sold in different shapes, but the ergonomic ones mirror the natural hand shape. Many coaches and swimmers prefer these ergonomic options.