MZOO Memory Foam Contoured Sleeping Mask

Last updated date: October 7, 2022

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MZOO Memory Foam Contoured Sleeping Mask

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We looked at the top Sleeping Masks and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Sleeping Mask you should buy.

Update as October 7, 2022:
Checkout The Best Sleeping Mask for a detailed review of all the top sleeping masks.

Overall Take

Whether you're meditating or napping, this sleeping mask will help you relax. Memory foam makes the eye pads contour to your face and the full-head circumference blocks all light out. The memory foam also keeps the fabric far enough away from your eyes to allow you to blink unencumbered.

In our analysis of 195 expert reviews, the MZOO Memory Foam Contoured Sleeping Mask placed 3rd when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

6 Reasons for You to Choose Our Luxury/Deluxe Sleep Mask: – New generation of 3D eye model design offer a plenty room allows for free eye movement. – Practical low rebound memory foam. The super soft material makes you feel more restful without putting any pressure to your face. – The new design soft adjustable buckle strap will never catch your hair and its top-notch design allows for a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep in every single position you prefer! – Naturally fit to the bridge of the nose and adjusts to the best position when worn. Block unwanted light, improve insomnia and get long REM sleep every night. – Excellent for travelling, shift workers and sleeping during the day. Ideal for men, women and children. – Luxurious intimate gift set. Perfect gift for mom, dad, sisters, brothers, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend and yourself! Seller Warranty Description: – We offer a guarantee: Try out our Sleep Mask for 60 Days, and if during that time you don’t love it, we will give you a full refund with no questions asked. – If you have any concerns, questions, or issues about the product, please visit our store and contact us by seller support E-mail for a full refund or replacement. Attention: – Please wash it with clean water before using this sleep mask. – Please do not wash it by the heavy-duty cleanser, and we’d like to suggest you to wash it with cold water only. Then the naturally dry, avoid wring dry. – Please do not tear or pull it vigorously, and it can last for a long time in normal use. – Please do not leave the viscous skincare products, because they will smudge the mask. Package Included: – 1 x 3D Eye Mask – 2 x Earplugs – 1 x Travel Pouch – 1 x Gift Package

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

I found the light-blocking is excellent – the overall shape fits snugly across the nose and doesn’t let any light in the sides. The strap is wide and has a sliding buckle, which is preferable to velcro.
- No Sleepless Nights
People choose this mask for its 3D design and contouring memory foam. The 3D design means thick fabric around the mask seals out light and lifts the eye mask so it doesn’t touch your eyes. The memory foam contours to your face, blocking light and providing comfort and stability, so the mask won’t move when you roll over.
- Sleep Help Institute
The design is much more sturdy and durable, after being made with a unique heat-bonded technology. Fitting all shapes and sizes, the mask contains a fully adjustable buckle strap that is easy to use and won’t snag on hair or pillows during sleep.
- ReviewThis
MZOO eye mask cradles your face inducing a warm and fuzzy feeling within yourself. Furthermore, the unique sleep eye mask heating technology binds the parts together.
- Julie Pro
The mask is affordable, and it costs just under $15, and you also get a 60-night trial to test it out.
- Snore Magazine
The shape of the eyecup tells you that your eyes are safe inside. The bulging edges make sure the fabric doe snot touch your eyeballs or mess with your make up. After you place this mask over your face, you should be able to see no light coming through the edges of the fabric.
- Disneysmmoms
The design of this sleep mask is very good and it has been made to fit your face as comfortably as possible. It has a 3D contoured cup design that feels very natural and it should work nicely to help you get some rest while you’re traveling.
- Travel Freedom
The mask is made via heat bonding (instead of with glue), so it might be more durable than similar products that are made with glue.
- Sleepopolis
This new generation 3D eye mask offers plenty of room for free eye movement. The rebound memory foam allows you to rest peacefully without putting pressure on your eyes.
- Style Craze
There is a unique heat-bonded technology used with this eye mask, rather than glue. This makes it sturdy and durable, and it won’t easily fall apart. The top-quality fiber fabric won’t stain bed sheets or pillows and memory foam makes you feel comfortable.
- Best Seekers

What experts didn't like

Possible material-to-skin sensitivities.
- ReviewThis
Some people don’t like how it fits around their nose.
- Travel Freedom
While not crazy expensive, this is pricier than a lot of the other options on this list.
- Sleepopolis
Slightly expensive.
- Style Craze

An Overview On Sleeping Masks

Nothing can feel more luxurious than a midday nap. But unless you have a windowless bedroom or room-darkening shades, it can be hard to shut out the light so that you can get some sleep. This is especially problematic for night-shift workers who have no choice but to get those eight hours when the sun is at its brightest.

Simplemost Media

A good sleeping mask could be the cure to that problem. Finding the right sleep mask can be tough, though, since many seem to promise efficiency and comfort, only to fall through when you actually try them. You’ll want to prioritize a mask that’s comfortable while also blocking out as much light as possible. Combining those things is all in the material and design of the mask itself.

Simplemost Media

As you’re shopping, you’ll probably notice the masks that most effectively block out light cover a large surface area of the face. But when you’re covering your eyes, cheeks, and part of your nose, the last thing you want is a material that blocks air from circulating, leading to heat buildup during the hours you’re sleeping. Silk is one of the best materials for achieving that goal, keeping you cool while also providing the thickness you need to keep light out.

Simplemost Media

Another great thing about silk is that it’s soft against your skin. The best silk sleeping masks are padded, as well, for that extra cushioning you need as it conforms to your face. Look for 100% natural silk as opposed to silk blends that can reduce the benefits you get from the material.

Simplemost Media

Sleeping mask manufacturers will advertise all types of benefits from their products, so use your own discretion. Some say they help with migraines and headaches, but to get this benefit, many consumers recommend putting it in the refrigerator or freezer to cool it down before applying it. Perhaps the most accurate promise is that it will help with insomnia, but only if your sleep disruption is caused by too much light in your room.

The Sleeping Mask Buying Guide

  • The first question you’ll probably ask when shopping for a sleep mask is whether it actually does what it says. Look for a mask that covers the nose and eye area generously, keeping in mind that light often slips through near the bridge of the nose with sleep masks. Some masks also extend around your ears to slightly muffle sound.
  • Comfort can be tough with something like a sleep mask since not all heads are the same size. Many sleep masks have an adjustable band to allow you to find the right size, but those with extra-large heads may find it tough to get the light blocking and comfort they need.
  • The material of the sleeping mask plays a direct role in how comfortable it is. The most comfortable masks are made from silk. For best results, look for a mask with a 100% silk design.
  • As comfortable as silk is, though, it can tend to slip around while sleeping. Make sure you choose one with a comfortable, adjustable band that will hold it in place.
  • Although many sleep masks use elastic bands to allow you to adjust them, some are made with Velcro. Keep in mind that unless built correctly, both types of bands can get tangled in your hair, bringing unwelcome pain in the middle of your nap.
  • Your sleep mask will need to be washed occasionally to keep it clean and reduce allergens. Many sleep masks are hand-wash only, especially those with padding. Even if you buy one that advertises it can be laundered, hang it to dry and wash it in a lingerie bag to maintain the material’s integrity.
  • While you’re waiting for your sleep mask to dry, you won’t have it to use. For that reason, you may want to consider buying two of them to swap out.
  • Some sleep masks are reversible, helping you get extra wear between washes.