Kiss Me Organics Matcha Green Tea Powder

Last updated date: October 19, 2020

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Kiss Me Organics Matcha Green Tea Powder

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Update as October 19, 2020:
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Overall Take

This organic green tea matcha powder has all the health benefits you are looking for. It is unsweetened, with a slightly grassy taste. Use it in whipped drinks, smoothies, baking recipes and lattes.

In our analysis of 34 expert reviews, the Kiss Me Organics Matcha Green Tea Powder placed 1st when we looked at the top 8 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

This 4oz bag of authentic 100% certified organic Japanese Matcha green tea powder is perfect for Lattes, Smoothies, Whipped Drinks & Baking recipes! The all natural, unsweetened, grassy and slightly bitter flavor lets you know that it’s the good stuff! Increases energy and focus, and lifts your vitality and concentration with the slow release of nutrients. Our Matcha provides hours of steady energy without the caffeine crash. Helps increases the rate of natural calorie burn that helps maintain a healthy metabolism to naturally support weight loss goals. And hey, if you ever need more, just ask your Alexa Device, “Alexa, order Kiss Me Organics Matcha”

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

Sprinkling a bit of matcha into prepared foods (just as you would any herbal seasoning) is a very easy and low-maintenance way of ramping up the nutritional content of the things you already cook, and as you get used to the taste, I'm sure you'll find, as I do, that it adds a pleasant extra flavor boost, too.
- Reviews, Chews & How-Tos
Easy to mix into recipes. Gives you a lot of energy and focus
- Merch Dope
the matcha seems to be very high quality. The Kiss Me Organics tea was full of flavor
- VeganOstomy
the packaging is resealable — very important for preserving the freshness of your matcha
- Running on Happy
As it is completely vegan, it can be consumed by everyone.
- Green Tea Lobby
I can attest to the energy and focus, as well as how it really is perfect for lattes and smoothies.
- Run Out of the Box

What experts didn't like

The powder seems not to dissolve completely and even settles at the bottom
- Merch Dope
It did come with an extra plastic bag around it, which I thought was redundant and just added to plastic waste, which I try to cut down on as much as I can.
- VeganOstomy
very bitter taste if taste-tested on a clean finger
- Running on Happy
Another point you need to note down is that drinking matcha in huge quantities can backfire at you. It can lead to an upset stomach.
- Green Tea Lobby

An Overview On

Matcha tea has come into the mainstream in recent years, and it is touted for its health benefits. The tea leaves are harvested and then ground down into a bright green powder. They can be dissolved and whisked into hot water or cold milk. Unlike regular tea leaves that are brewed, matcha powder retains more of its nutritional value — matcha has 137 times more antioxidants than traditional brewed green teas.

The finest matcha is cultivated in Japan, and it is also used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. The green tea bushes there are kept in the shade, which increases the chlorophyll content and nutrient production. Once tea leaves are picked and the veins and stems removed, granite stones are used to grind them into superfine powder.

Matcha comes in different grades, and the highest have the brightest colors, best smells and most distinct flavors. This is the grade used for tea ceremonies. The next grade down is called Usucha, which is thinner and slightly bitter. Culinary-grade is less costly and is more versatile and widely used; you can incorporate it in many different drinks and foods.

Matcha is also revered for is energy-boosting powers. It contains caffeine but delivers it in a steadier way, so tea drinkers don’t have the typical post-beverage energy crash. Fans of matcha also drink it for its antioxidant properties and feel that it promotes weight loss, detoxifies the body, lowers cholesterol and stress, and is good for emotional health, cognitive health and healthy skin and teeth. Whether you drink it for the health benefits or just because you love the taste, there is a matcha powder out there that’s perfect for everyone.

The Buying Guide

  • Not sure how to get started with matcha powder? First, use a tea strainer to sift the powder into a bowl to avoid clumps. This will aid in easier dissolution into your tea.
  • Matcha powder needs to be mixed with warm or hot water, and whisks work best when it comes to stirring everything together.
  • The tea will get foamy once it is ready to consume. That’s the right time to pour it into a cup to drink.
  • Add your favorite milk (regular, soy, almond, cashew or oat) to make a quick and delicious latte, hot or cold.
  • Matcha tea has next to zero calories, so it’s a great pick-me-up regardless of what you’ve eaten during the day.
  • You might have to get used to the taste of matcha to see if you want to drink it regularly. Different versions have varying colors, aromas, flavors and textures. Sample a few to see which one pleases your palate.