FILMGOO Static Cling Heat Control Window Film, 18-Inch x 8-Feet

Last updated date: February 2, 2023

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FILMGOO Static Cling Heat Control Window Film, 18-Inch x 8-Feet

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We looked at the top Heat Control Window Films and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Heat Control Window Film you should buy.

Update as January 31, 2023:
Checkout The Best Heat Control Window Film for a detailed review of all the top heat control window films.

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In our analysis of 28 expert reviews, the FILMGOO Static Cling Heat Control Window Film, 18-Inch x 8-Feet placed 11th when we looked at the top 12 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Window film heat control Daytime privacy to home and office! window film privacy one way heat control uv blocking Mirror reflection effect Heat Insulation A privacy window film offers a variety of options to enjoy the sun during the day without compromising your indoor privacy.The tonal film provides daytime privacy while improving the appearance of the window by adding a designer look to the exterior of the building.With the thermal control of our movies, your room and electricity bill will be more friendly to you and the environment. FILMGOO one way window film provides great intended privacy during daytime.Note:when the inside light is stronger than outside, like the lights in the room are on,the mirror effect will be reversed. So the inside could be see through outside.Remember to draw curtain during night. This window film can also effectively suppress ultraviolet rays with the additional UV solvent layer. It can block 85% of UV rays from the outside.keeping your room in a relevant comfort temperature by reducing heat diffusion, which has a great meaning in energy saving and environment protection. Our mirror window film in his villa with very bright sunlight during the whole daytime.The temperature difference between day and night can easily reach 5-10 degrees. Crashproof and no harmfull rays window tint film mirror coverings clings paper stickers window tint film mirror coverings clings paper stickers window film mirror tint static cling window tint film mirror coverings clings paper stickers Protect your children’s eyes.UV blocking window tint blocking most of the harmfull rays,protect kids’ mid-growth eyes. See through window film in daytime.See in window tint in night.Say no to local expensive one way mirror film installation! One way window film free your kids’ eyes,protect their moth skin,blocking heat out.Their playing will more comfortable. Crash proof give a more safe glass to you and your families by an exrra layer of the glass window. Say no to sunburn and freckles.Crash-proof,keep safe. window film one way privacy heat control uv and sun blocking For beauties, our blocking window film can prevent sunburn,anti-aging and freckles.Ultraviolet rays are the biggest enemy to delay aging. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are responsible for both tanning and burning.It’s the culprit of freckles. When you want to enjoy the sun but don’t want to get sunburned, your comfortable sunshine needs our window film. Prevent injuries caused by unexpected rocks or hard objects flying outside windows, Dual protection for your your family’s’safety. When the window breaks up unexpectedly, our window film will provide a powerful force to fix the glass fragments on the window to prevent splashing and accidental injury.Keep you and your family safe. The sun’s ultraviolet rays are responsible for both tanning and burning. window film tint stickers paper one way Installation Instructions: Step 1. Keep window or glass clean. Step 2. Spray the window or glass with water (Soapy water will be the best choice) Step 3. Remove the static film from backing protect sheet (Please make sure you have removed it before you apply the window film to glass) Step 4. When you install it, apply to wet glass and smooth with hand. Step 5. Squeegee away air bubbles and redundant water. Step 6. If you want to remove it, simply peel the window film from any corner. It comes off cleanly without residue Read more Black Sliver window privacy films Blue Sliver heat control window tint for home Brown Sliver static cling window covering Sliver UV and sunblocking window cling frosted window film for privacy window tint decoration window covering tint mirror film Black Sliver window privacy films Blue Sliver heat control window tint for home Brown Sliver static cling window covering Sliver UV and sunblocking window cling Frosted privacy window tint Decoration window privacy film %UV 97 90 90 85 100 80 %IR 85 85 85 90 99 85 %VL 10 15 10 15 0.7 22

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An Overview On Heat Control Window Films

Your windows do a great job of keeping the interior of your home comfortable. But no matter how well-sealed those windows are, most let at least a small amount of the great outdoors in. That means in the summertime those 90-degree temperatures battle it out with your home’s air conditioning. It also means that your utility bills are higher than they have to be for at least a few months out of the year.

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Before you invest in special windows, there’s a much more affordable option. Window film easily applies to the glass of your windows, providing privacy and blocking the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. But as Vicki Liston, writer, host, and producer of home improvement show “On The Fly…DIY,” points out, not all window films insulate your home against those scorching summers.

“Look for a film that advertises ‘UV,’ ‘heat control,’ or ‘solar control’ features, as they are specifically designed to keep the heat out,” Liston says. “Metallic film or ceramic film will provide the best heat-controlling results.”

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While both metallic and ceramic film is effective, Liston has found that some consumers don’t like the mirrored look metallic film brings to their windows. Ceramic film is better in those cases. She also recommends ceramic film for those who live near seawater since salty air tends to gradually corrode metallic film.

Beyond all of those features, though, there’s the simple fact that different films provide a different look to your windows. You’ll have the option of simply shading your window or creating a decorative look. Stained glass is very popular in window films, so that could be something to give your room a little pizzazz.

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In addition to cutting down glare and keeping your home better insulated, window films also protect your belongings. Instead of the sun shining in on your furniture day after day, your window film will block UV rays, keeping your upholstery and other items like new for as long as possible.

The Heat Control Window Film Buying Guide

  • Before you start shopping, it’s important to know the difference between the light-blocking properties of each type of film. This is essential because it determines how much of the outdoor heat your privacy film can keep out. You’ll get the most insulation from Gila Privacy Black Window Film, 36×78-Inch, which blocks 99 percent of all UV rays and 94 percent of glare. You’ll get 85-percent sunlight blocking with the CottonColors Heat Control Privacy Glass, 35×79-Inch.
  • However, there can be a downside to all that sunlight reduction. As Liston points out, you’ll lose some natural light when your insulating film is too strong.

“A film with a total solar energy rejection number in the 70-percentile range will make your home feel much cooler while not inhibiting too much natural light,” Liston says. “UV rejection in the 90-percentile range is common and will minimize damaging rays and contribute to the heat reduction.  If you want more natural light in your room, go with a film that denotes 60-70% light transmission. However, many people find a 49% light transmission to be a good compromise between allowing some natural light in while keeping the glare to a minimum.”

  • If natural light is a priority for you, you might prefer HIDBEA UV Window Film, 35-Inch x 8-Feet in silver, which reduces sunlight only by up to 71 percent.
  • CottonColors Heat Control Privacy Glass, 35×79-Inch also helps out in the wintertime, reducing heat loss from your home by 30 percent.
  • One side benefit of privacy film is the actual privacy it provides. It’s important to note that some movements and shadows can still be seen, particularly with films that let in some natural light. Check to ensure your chosen film offers maximum privacy before choosing it for an area like a bathroom or bedroom.
  • Installing your window film should be fairly easy, as long as you choose a film that doesn’t require glue or adhesive to install. Rabbitgoo Privacy Window Film, 35×157-Inch, CottonColors Heat Control Privacy Glass, 35×79-Inch and HIDBEA UV Window Film, 35-Inch x 8-Feet install using water. Gila Privacy Black Window Film, 36×78-Inch uses static cling, and static cling applications can be less durable than those that apply using water.
  • The Rabbitgoo Privacy Window Film, 35×157-Inch comes in seven different sizes. With other privacy films, make sure you buy a size that’s larger than what you need so that you can cut it to fit during install.
  • Technicalities aside, your choice will probably come down to how the film itself looks when installed. Rabbitgoo Privacy Window Film, 35×157-Inch and CottonColors Heat Control Privacy Glass, 35×79-Inch have a stained glass look that makes them more ideal for bathrooms and smaller windows. If you’re covering a large sliding glass door or you just want something less obvious, HIDBEA UV Window Film, 35-Inch x 8-Feet is a great option. It gives your window a subtle tint in black, blue, brown or silver, depending on the color you choose. Gila Privacy Black Window Film, 36×78-Inch tints your window in a shade of black to darken the room.