Ellies Best Drawstring Italian Nylon Nut Milk Bag

Last updated date: June 3, 2022

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Ellies Best Drawstring Italian Nylon Nut Milk Bag

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We looked at the top Nut Bags and dug through the reviews from some of the most popular review sites. Through this analysis, we've determined the best Nut Bag you should buy.

Update as June 3, 2022:
Checkout The Best Nut Bag for a detailed review of all the top nut bags.

Overall Take

This nut milk bag is designed to prevent countertop spills. You can fill it with plenty of pulp without worrying about overflow. It's made from commercial-quality materials that are built to last. This was easy to clean and intuitive to use.

In our analysis of 38 expert reviews, the Ellies Best Drawstring Italian Nylon Nut Milk Bag placed 3rd when we looked at the top 14 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

From The Manufacturer

Ellie’s Bigger Better Nut Milk Bag is the perfect strainer for juices, kefir, home made almond milk, coconut milk, ghee, vegetable or fruit juices, all smooth, creamy and delicious. Use for cold brew coffee filter – iced tea maker – beer home brewing – cheese makers – A Fine Mesh Strainer For Vitamix Juicing Without A Juicer – Become a perfect almond milk maker every time, no double straining ever! -Eco Friendly With No Dyes or Chemical Additives of Any Kind & No Pulp Residue Left After Washing – The Bigger Better Nut Milk Bag is double the capacity of most & made to fit over pitcher mouths, medium bowls & large jars for easy pouring unlike small, messy bags – Rounded corners for easy milking and fast clean up – The perfect size mesh only lets the milk & nutrients through, ensuring smooth & delicious nut milks – NO GRAINY PULP – just thick, rich & nutritious milk – All food grade nylon materials made to last & last.

Expert Reviews

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What experts liked

The perfect size mesh only lets the milk & nutrients through, ensuring smooth & delicious nut milks – NO GRAINY PULP – just thick, rich & nutritious milk.
- The Best Deal Reviews Today
June 20, 2019 | Full review
It allows you to pour the pulpy liquid into it without spilling and messing up your kitchen counter. The large sized bag is meant to contain a pretty large volume of the drink and will save your time. The large size also makes it easy to hold and squeeze the milk out of it.
- The Finest Kitchen
- Top Best Review
March 6, 2018 | Full review
Made from fine-mesh nylon cheesecloth, this commercial-quality nut milk bag gets points for its wide opening and rounded corners which help eliminate food waste and messy pouring.
- Heal With Food
Bags is sturdy and can withstand plenty of stretching and pulling.
- BestReviews
It is LARGE — it has a wide opening and rounded corners so you don't have to worry about waste or a big mess.
- BuzzFeed
It’s nice and easy to hand wash, just turn it inside out and wash in the sink with soap and water then leave to air dry.
- Juice Buff
May 3, 2019 | Full review
The strain is also very fine that everything that is supposed to get out does so and all that is meant to stay in the bag obeys as well. This enables this bag to yield nut milk that is of a great texture. BPA Free.
- Benefits of Juicing
The combination of shape and size of this pro quality milk bag make it easier to process large amounts of blended liquid at once with less chance of spilling or mess. This is an obvious bonus to anyone who has ever had to clean a messy kitchen, and brings home just how good an option this particular bag is.
- Breves Defilles
Rounded corners for easy milking and fast clean up
- Joyos Reviews
June 8, 2019 | Full review
Made of durable food-grade nylon material
- Cold Brew Queen

What experts didn't like

Drawstring doesn't competely the bag close.
- BestReviews
Can't be put in the dryer
- Juice Buff
May 3, 2019 | Full review
Small debris gets stuck in the outside seam when cleaning. It shrinks over time
- Cold Brew Queen

An Overview On Nut Bags

Moo-ve over, cow’s milk: nut milks are on the market and here to stay. Milk made from almonds, cashews and coconuts are lining grocery store shelves. They’re must-haves for shoppers with dietary restrictions, milk allergies, vegans or anyone looking for new flavors. The only issue? They’re pricier than cow’s milk, and that adds up. 

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

Luckily, you can make your own nut-based milk at home with the help of a nut bag. Nut bags are fabric pouches that help you strain raw nut milk, removing pulp and creating a smoother, creamier nut milk. Using a nut bag will give your milk a texture that’s closer to traditional milk, and you can use the leftover pulp for other cooking projects. 

Nut bags are an inexpensive way to create your own fresh non-dairy milk at home. Making nut milk at home is simple. Purchase a bulk amount of your preferred nut, soak them in water for several hours, then pop the nuts in a blender. Use your nut bag to strain the mixture for a delicious result. 

Kristin Forte/Simplemost Media

Most nut bags are made from nylon mesh. This sturdy material is stretch-resistant, easy to clean and won’t hang onto odors. They come in various sizes for both small and large batches of nut milk.

The Nut Bag Buying Guide

  • Nut bags grant you a great deal of freedom in making your own types of milk. Almonds are a go-to for nut milk, but you can also use cashews, coconut or hazelnuts. 
  • If you’re using larger nuts or making a bigger batch of nut milk, make sure you have a larger nut bag on hand. Using the wrong size can cause a messy overflow of nut pulp. 
  • The toughest nut bags are made from nylon mesh, but organic cotton bags are also available. Cotton bags are perfect for anyone sticking to a fully organic lifestyle. 
  • Your nut milk will have a smoother texture if you use the proper technique while straining. Instead of twisting the bag and wringing out the liquid, let the pulp sit at the bottom of the nut bag. Then pull the drawstring closed and slowly squeeze from the top down until only pulp is left in the bag. 
  • Clean your nut bag as soon as you buy it, and clean it again after every use. Wash the outside of the bag with fragrance-free organic or natural soap, then flip it inside out and wash the inside. Rinse the bag with running water until it’s completely soap-free. 
  • To remove odors from your nut bag, soak it in a mixture of vinegar and water. This solution will also sanitize your nut bag.