Char-Broil Performance 300 2-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas BBQ Grill

Last updated date: June 4, 2020

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Char-Broil Performance 300 2-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas BBQ Grill

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This two-burner BBQ grill makes an excellent addition to any backyard. It uses an electronic ignition for quickly and easy startups and porcelain-coated cast iron grates to keep food from sticking to the surface. There's even a set of side shelves that fold out of the way when they're not needed. In our analysis of 109 expert reviews, the Char-Broil Char-Broil Performance 300 Propane BBQ Grill placed 4th when we looked at the top 13 products in the category. For the full ranking, see below.

Editor's Note July 1, 2020:
Checkout The Best BBQ Grill for a detailed review of all the top bbq grills.

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11 expert reviews
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912 user reviews
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What experts liked
Despite its narrow footprint, you still get 350 square inches of cooking space — ample room enough for 15 burgers.
- Best Products
The porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates offers 300 square inches of cooking space, enough to cook a full meal for two at a time.
- Grills Zone
The grill is ignited electronically; therefore, the startups are both fast and reliable.
- A Top Daily
​The electronic ignition feature of it provides quick and reliable startups with the push of a button
- Kitchen Guider
The 2 burners output a total thermal cooking power of 24,000 BTUs for an all-round grilling experience.
- Barbecue Grills & More
It runs on liquid propane, so there’s no need for charcoal or other solid fuels. With two burners you have control over your barbecue session, with the possibility of creating 2-zone cooking.
- Food Fire Friends
The grease pan is also removable on the Performance 300 for easy cleaning and maintenance.
- Everyday Grillman
This grill comes with a 300 square inches of primary cooking space over porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates. Additional 100-square inches swing-away warming rack is also available which improves cooking space as well.
- GrillSay
The manufacturers have coated the cast iron grates with porcelain to prevent rust from forming and food from sticking to it.
- Grill Ace
It also comes with built in side tables and a storage cabinet, making it an ideal small gas grill for balconies or tighter cooking spaces.
- BBQ Report
The porcelain-coated cast-iron cooking grates offer 300 square inches of cooking space, enough to make a delicious meal at the same time.
- Sports One Charlotte
What experts didn't like
It’s not large enough to feed guests.
- Grills Zone
​Steaks don’t sear properly in it
- Kitchen Guider
The LPG tank takes up most of the cabinet volume, leaving little room for storage.
- Food Fire Friends
The maintenance of this char broil 2-burner gas grill will be a real hassle.
- Sports One Charlotte

From The Manufacturer

Grilling great food for family and guests made easy with the Performance 300 gas grill from Char-Broil. The two stainless steel top-ported burners are built to last, and deliver 24,000-BTUs of heat across 300 square inches of primary cooking space and the 100 square inch swing-away rack. The large metal side shelves provide ample prep or work space, and fold down to save space when not in use. Rust-resistant, porcelain-coated, cast iron grates, help prevent food from sticking and make cleaning simpler. Features a removable grease pan for easy removal and cleaning, electronic ignition for fast and reliable startups and a lid-mounted temperature gauge for added heat control. The stainless steel lid, handle and control panel provide style and durability. The Performance 300 is a cabinet style grill, meaning that it sits on four casters- two of which lock- providing easy mobility, and the ability to secure once in place. One black, painted door provides access to the cabinet, which can be used to store the propane tank, accessories, rubs or tools. Assembled dimensions: 42.9-inches W x 24.5-inches L x 44-inches H.

Overall Product Rankings

Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal BBQ Grill
2. Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal BBQ Grill
Overall Score: 9.7
Expert Reviews: 10
MASTER COOK 3-Burner 30,000 BTU Propane Gas BBQ Grill
3. MASTER COOK 3-Burner 30,000 BTU Propane Gas BBQ Grill
Overall Score: 9.1
Expert Reviews: 7
Cuisinart CGG-7400 Full-Size Four-Burner Gas BBQ Grill
5. Cuisinart CGG-7400 Full-Size Four-Burner Gas BBQ Grill
Overall Score: 8.9
Expert Reviews: 14
Blackstone Gas Grill Griddle Station
6. Blackstone Gas Grill Griddle Station
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 4
Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker
7. Z Grills Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker
Overall Score: 8.8
Expert Reviews: 5
Weber Spirit II Outdoor Gas Grill
8. Weber Spirit II Outdoor Gas Grill
Overall Score: 8.5
Expert Reviews: 5
Coleman RoadTrip LXE Portable Gas Grill
9. Coleman RoadTrip LXE Portable Gas Grill
Overall Score: 8.3
Expert Reviews: 9
George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill
10. George Foreman Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill
Overall Score: 8.2
Expert Reviews: 6
Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared Gas Grill
11. Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared Gas Grill
Overall Score: 8.2
Expert Reviews: 3
Weber Stephen Company Liquid Propane Grill
12. Weber Stephen Company Liquid Propane Grill
Overall Score: 8.0
Expert Reviews: 6
Char-Griller Grillin’ Pro Gas Grill
13. Char-Griller Grillin’ Pro Gas Grill
Overall Score: 7.7
Expert Reviews: 7

An Overview On BBQ Grills

In many areas of the country, when the weather turns warm, the barbecue grills come out. Summertime is for backyard get-togethers where hamburgers and hot dogs are grilled up and handed out. Foods like steaks and chicken are never quite as good as they are when cooked on a good grill.

But if you haven’t shopped for a new barbecue grill in a while, you may be surprised at the many options. You’ll still find plenty of gas-powered grills, but even they have improved. You can now find grills that use technology to ensure every inch of the grill is heated to the same temperature, eliminating the need to move food around to make sure everything cooks evenly. You’ll also find that some grills start with the push of a button and heat up quickly, which means you won’t have to stand around waiting for it to reach the right temperature.

“There is a dizzying array of options to consider when you start looking at BBQ grills, and it can be a little confusing,” says culinary expert Julie Chernoff, member of Les Dames d’Escoffier, dining editor for Better magazine and food journalist. “Some people prefer the ease of a gas grill — easy to turn on, quick to get to temperature — but there are other energy sources to consider, like infrared, wood pellet, electric, and charcoal briquet. ”

One newer type of grill that has become popular is the wood pellet grill. This adds a smoky flavor to your meat that you can’t quite get from charcoal or gas grills. This type of grill can be much more expensive, but for true foodies, the smoky taste is well worth it. These grills can act as a smoker, tackling foods like ribs and chicken, or cook more traditional grilled foods, like steaks and hamburgers.

“If you’re looking for that wood-grilled flavor, the wood pellets will impart that smokiness to the food, and they come to temperature faster than charcoal,” Chernoff says, “Although they also burn quicker, so for longer grilling projects, you will probably have to supplement.”

Another newer available type is the infrared grill, which uses gas or electricity to heat a solid surface; the radiant energy from this surface heats the food. Infrared grills reach high temperatures and are excellent for searing meats to seal in flavor — “but overcooking and drying out of proteins can be an issue,” Chernoff notes.

And of course, there is the traditional charcoal grill.

“Charcoal, the old standby, is super versatile, and lends itself well to larger grills,” Chernoff says. “The coals are generally piled in a chimney and lit; once they are ready, they are spread out over the bottom of the grill, and the cooking grate placed above. After the cooking is done, the cooled ashes are cleaned out and disposed of.”

You don’t even have to wait for good weather to grill, thanks to the indoor units that are on the market today. These grills have expanded in recent years, growing in size and capabilities. You’ll also find that some indoor grills can be used outdoors, as well, coming with a special pedestal that can be removed when you bring it indoors. Many of these are electric.

“Electric grills can be used indoors or out, and they are very affordable, though generally smaller,” Chernoff says. “They do not get as hot as any of the other grilling options.”

If you’ve ever tried to cook for a crowd on a grill, you probably know space can be at a premium. Now, there are grills on the market that keep that in mind, creating enough cooking space to squeeze in plenty of burgers, hot dogs, steaks or whatever else you want to cook. Some also come with side burners and warming areas that make it easier to keep multiple items going at the same time.

Cleanup is also a factor with any grill you buy. Plenty of outdoor chefs have wasted valuable time scraping away melted on food particles. To avoid this, look for a grill that collects waste and food debris in a separate tray to keep your cooking surfaces as clear as possible. Removable grates and other pieces are also helpful. If they can be put in the dishwasher, that’s even better!

Affordability can also be a big differentiator. You’ll likely find that wood pellet grills are far more expensive than standard gas grills, which is understandable, considering their expanded functionality. Features like even heating and extra warmers may also drive up the price among standard grills, so if you notice one is more expensive than another, consider all of the extras you’ll be getting. On the far more affordable end are the indoor grills, which may not make food that tastes quite as good as what you’ll get with a gas grill or a wood pellet grill, but will have plenty of advantages in addition to low price.

DWYM Fun Fact

Wood pellet grills have long struggled to keep up with gas grill sales, but that may be gradually changing. Experts say it’s the fastest-growing segment, despite still comprising only 5 percent of overall grill sales. The technology has actually been around since the 1980s, but it took a while for them to hit the mainstream. Wood pellets are small, which allows it to burn more cleanly than other wood fragments would. They’re available in a variety of flavors, from hickory to mesquite, which can make a difference in how your food tastes. The design of these grills also allows consumers to slow-smoke food, making them grills and smokers all in one.

The BBQ Grill Buying Guide

  • When it comes to any cooking appliance, what you really want to know first is, “How will the food taste?” In recent years, pellet grills have become increasingly popular due to the rich, wood-grilled taste you get with each bite. You can even find models that are both wood-pellet grills and smokers that allow you to grill, smoke, bake, roast, sear, braise, barbecue or chargrill your food.
  • Electric grills create delicious-tasting food for what they are, but you still won’t get the same taste as you would on a charcoal or propane grill.
  • When you’re ready to grill, you want plenty of space to squeeze all your items in. Grills with a cooking surface area of 700 square inches are ideal for families and couples who host large outdoor barbecues. Keep in mind that a grill with a 450-square inch surface can grill up to 12 burgers at the same time. Smaller grills with a round cooking surface of just 240 inches are okay for individuals and couples who like to cook a few pieces of chicken or a package of hot dogs.
  • If you’re looking for easy setup, the Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal BBQ Grill is the best choice. It comes in pieces that you can put together in a few minutes. The ISUMER Stainless Steel Charcoal BBQ Grill and MASTER COOK 3-Burner 30,000 BTU Propane Gas BBQ Grill all require complex setup processes, so you’ll want to set aside some time at the outset.
  • Once assembled, the MASTER COOK 3-Burner 30,000 BTU Propane Gas BBQ Grill and Char-Broil Performance 300 Propane BBQ Grill are very easy to use. They both start immediately by simply pushing a button. Once started, they heat up quickly so that you can start grilling.
  • Electric grills rely on a power cord, which is oftentimes fairly short. Make sure you have somewhere to set it near a power outlet, whether you’re using it in your kitchen or on your back patio.
  • If you’ve ever owned a grill, you probably know how hard it is to find one that emits consistent heat across every square inch. You shouldn’t have to move your items around from the warm area to the hot area to make sure everything cooks. Some grills build in TRU Infrared technology to cook evenly across the entire surface. This is also the tech behind how a grill warms up faster and gets hotter than other grills.
  • The MASTER COOK 3-Burner 30,000 BTU Propane Gas BBQ Grill features 30,000 BTU burners designed to maintain consistent temperatures in any weather, but that BTU rating is slightly below the average for its category. Electric grills are able to offer even cooking, but they also give you more control over how much heat you’re using. With some pellet grills and smokers, you’ll get consistent temperatures unless the heat controller unit malfunctions. This is a known issue with these grills.
  • If you want a grill you can take along with you, perhaps for a family reunion, you’ll want to stick with the ISUMER Stainless Steel Charcoal BBQ Grill. Not only is it only 4 pounds, making it easy to transport, but you can also set it on any surface by just removing its legs.
  • Electric grill lines specialize in letting consumers achieve that grilled effect indoors, which keeps you grilling even during those long, cold months. To use them inside, you’ll just need to remove the pedestal and take it inside. But one of the best things about this type of grill is that it can also be used outside. These grills are rather large, so you’ll need to make sure you have enough counter space for it.
  • Nobody wants to spend time scraping and cleaning the grill after use. Look for a specially designed waste and oil collector to help keep the surface clean while you cook. Additionally, a grill with a removable cooking plate that has a non-stick coating makes cleanup easier. Unfortunately, these often aren’t dishwasher safe, though.
  • If you’re looking for an affordable grill, the ISUMER Stainless Steel Charcoal BBQ Grill will be appealing. But if you want a gas grill, the MASTER COOK 3-Burner 30,000 BTU Propane Gas BBQ Grill is your next-best option. Wood pellet grills and smokers will usually be priced well above other grills, due to the fact that they can give food that desirable smoky taste.
  • If you’re looking for sturdy construction, the Char-Broil Performance 300 Propane BBQ Grill delivers. From porcelain-enameled, cast iron cooking grates to a stainless steel heat deflector, you’ll get a grill built to last.