This map shows a price breakdown of rent by zip code

Whether you’re looking to move across the country or just want to see how the rent you’re paying in your area compares to the average rent price, this nifty breakdown of rent by zip code created by Rent Cafe will definitely come in handy.

Not only can you see the average rent price of different cities across America, but you can also see the top 20 cheapest and most expensive places to live in the entire country.

To create this map, the publication took information gathered from every state and every zip code in 125 major U.S. markets from Yardi Matrix, and turned it into an interactive tool for curious tenants.

You can zoom in and out of locations or use the search feature to find rental prices for specific areas.

According to their findings, Manhattan and San Francisco comprise 19 of the 20 most expensive rental prices, ranging from average prices of $5,924 to $3,977. The only other city that snuck into the top 20 list is Boston, coming in at number 12 with an average rent price of $4,227.

As far as the most affordable cities to live in, Wichita, Kansas is number one. The average rent in Wichita is $400/month, so if you’re looking for the most affordable place to move, this would definitely be it. Some cities in Ohio, Tennessee and Georgia also made the most affordable list, which included a $400-$524 price range.

All of this information is from March 2017, so it’s still very much up-to-date, and very much worth taking into consideration if you’re planning to move in 2017.

National Low Income Housing Coalition

There are also helpful infographics that show how much you’d have to make per hour to afford a two-bedroom rental in each and every state, with California and New York coming in as the most expensive.

To afford a two-bedroom in either of those states, you’d need to make $28.59 and $26.69, respectively, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition. So before moving, study up and make sure you’re prepared.

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