Review: Putting LuLaRoe’s athletic Jordan leggings to the test

Kate Desmond

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A few weeks back, I gave my two cents about a whole bunch of leggings, including the OS by LuLaRoe. Well, it seems LuLaRoe also has an athletic version of their super soft leggings and thought it was only fair to put them to the test, too.

So, I turned to the internet in search of a pair of Jordan leggings. Turns out the reason I hadn’t heard of them is that they are kind of tricky to get (at least for me). Most of the consultants I know don’t stock them and the one I did order from had to special order for me.

Because of this, I couldn’t pick the color so I ended up with a violent pattern of pink, red and green florals. Let’s just say, $65 seems like a pretty steep price to pay for this grab bag pattern, regardless of performance.

From first try-on these leggings feel comfortable, and I really liked the waistband. It is thick and supportive, and stayed in place no matter the activity—wrestling with my kids, jumping, hiking, etc.

Unlike the original LuLaRoe leggings, the Jordan pants come in different sizes (XS-2XL). Which is great, except I wear a 2-4 which put me firmly between the XS and S sizes. So, I went for the S. And, at first the fit felt great but a few hours in the pants started to stretch and felt a little saggy.

Fit issues aside, the real problem for me is the inside of these pants. The lining is still impossibly soft (hence the comfy factor). But, I don’t want really soft when I am working out. It seriously feels like a cozy fleece blanket. So, maybe I will wear these the next time I ski. I just don’t get it otherwise.

To me, it felt like someone coated a pair of normal LuLaRoe leggings with shine and stuck a reflector on the back. Comfy for sitting around the house, but not ideal for physical activity. I felt hot and sweaty, not “comfortably cool” as the website suggests.

I will say, the Jordan leggings are thicker than the regular LuLaRoe leggings, so they do look a little better on my backside. But, they don’t hold a candle to the sucking in power of some of the other sporty leggings we tested.

The leggings: Jordan Athletic Leggings

Price: $65

Pros: The bold patterns can be spotted from space, and the waistband is super comfy.

Cons: The signature LuLaRoe softness feels too hot and sweaty for an actual workout.

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