HomeGoods reps finally reveal details about their spin-off store, Homesense

HomeGoods Celebrates Grand Opening Of Its First Manhattan Location
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HomeGoods has built a passionate fan base of customers who love nothing more than to spend a Sunday afternoon wandering through the aisles, picking out beautiful pieces that look much more expensive than they actually are, having some laughs over the inexplicably strange items lurking in the clearance section.

And as if that wasn’t fun enough, soon HomeGoods devotees will have a new place to indulge their interior design obsession: a spin-off store called Homesense.

Homesense was announced back in March, when the CEO of HomeGoods’ and Marshalls’ parent company, Ernie Herrman, revealed that the goal of the new store was “to make them distinct enough, but complementary to HomeGoods and its offerings.”

She added: “Our customers are passionate about home goods and we are confident they will love our new home concept, too.”

We’ve been waiting quite awhile since that initial announcement, but more details are finally pouring in about the new home decor destination.

Homesense reps revealed exclusively to People that the stores will be similar to HomeGoods, but will have expanded selections of furniture, lighting, art and gift items and layout steamlines installation.

This will include “sofas, chandeliers, dining chairs, bar stools, poufs and pool and foosball tables,” among many other classic items and statement pieces.

The layout of Homesense stores will be what differentiates them the most from HomeGoods locations.

While HomeGoods is famous for its endless aisles of shelves stuffed full of treasures, Homesense’s layout will more closely resemble an upscale furniture or interior design shop, with displays mirroring the setup of an actual home.

Think IKEA, but smaller and more navigable. In addition, Homesense will house a “general store” section to stock basics like cleaning supplies, hardware and storage accessories.

HomeGoods and Homesense president John Ricciuti told People, “Just as our customers enjoy shopping both TJ Maxx and Marshalls, we are confident that loyal customers and new shoppers alike will be excited about shopping both Homesense and HomeGoods. We are excited to bring consumers an expanded selection of quality merchandise at incredible prices, along with a new shopping experience in which they can discover and curate the home of their dreams.”

As of right now, Homesense stores will be clustered in the northeastern area of the country, with the first location in Framingham, Massachusetts, slated to open on August 17, followed by two locations in New Jersey and another location in Massachusetts.

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Homesense sounds like more of all the things people love about HomeGoods, along with unique some incentives to add another stop to the usual home decor shopping route.

Time to start a formal countdown to opening day, which can’t come soon enough.

The Downright Weirdest Stuff Ever Spotted at HomeGoods

And now for your daily dose of humor.

Walking into a HomeGoods store is a thrilling experience for many home decor addicts. It’s almost like gambling, in that you never know what you’re going to leave with: your money or… something else entirely. From picture frames to bath towels, vases, rugs and pillows, there seems to be a little something for everyone.

You can expect to find all sorts of home good basics: solid-colored towels, plain pillows and your classic wooden pictures frames. But then there are the decor items that are a bit more, well, unique. If you’re a true HomeGoods fan, then you know what I’m talking about.

If you spend enough time in HomeGoods, you will often find a hidden gem that leaves you scratching your head. Sasquatch statues and giant metal roosters, we’re talking about you.

Here are some of the strangest things spotted at HomeGoods that have then been shared on social media for all to enjoy:

1. Maybe Roosters Are Your Thing

Like we said, there really is something for everyone if you happen to hit up the store at just the right time.


2. Sasquatch Sighting!

Who doesn’t need a life-sized Sasquatch as part of their home decor?

3. Zombie Bunny?

The perfect piece of home decor if you’re looking to scare children who just can’t stop asking to meet the Easter Bunny. Sure you want to meet him if he looks like this, sweetie?

4. Chicken, Pig, Cow

We don’t even know what to say about this one.

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