Get paid $1,000 to binge watch ‘Fixer Upper,’ ‘House Hunters’ and other home improvement shows


If you enjoy watching home improvement shows — whether it’s to learn tips you can use on your own home or just for fun — there’s a chance you could get paid a cool grand to watch your favorites!

The website ReviewHomeWarranties is looking to pay someone $1,000 to watch 10 episodes of three different television shows (30 episodes total) within a month’s time. That’s about 15 to 30 hours of your time, depending on whether the episodes you watch are half-hour or hour-long shows.

You must be at least 18 years old to apply and you must have enthusiasm for home improvement shows, especially the most popular ones. You will be asked to take notes and share your viewing experience, so you will need a strong attention to detail, plus the availability to binge-watch the required amount of programming. You’ll also need to have access to cable or a streaming device to watch these shows. 


To apply, just head to ReviewHomeWarranties’ website and fill out the application. Your level of enthusiasm for watching the shows will be a strong factor in the selection process, so be sure to explain how much you love these kinds of TV series. You have until May 10 to apply.

While you will have to watch 10 episodes of three different shows, you won’t be able to watch any home improvement show you like. ReviewHomeWarranties has narrowed down the list of TV series you can choose from to the following:

  • Fixer Upper
  • “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”
  • “House Hunters”
  • “This Old House”
  • “Flip or Flop”
  • Property Brothers
  • “Rehab Addict”
  • “HGTV Design Star”
  • “Flipping Out”
  • “Curb Appeal”
  • Favorite YouTube Channel

You’ll receive a separate worksheet to complete for each show as you watch. If chosen, you will be notified no later than May 17, and then all shows will need to be watched and all worksheets completed by June 17.

The person chosen for the gig will receive a one-time payment of $1,000 in the form of either a single gift card or multiple gift cards.

Do you love home improvement shows enough to apply for this sweet gig?

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