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The Best Cable Cord Organizer

Last updated on September 18, 2020
Best Cable Cord Organizer

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As much as technology has improved consumers’ lives, it’s also created a new challenge. All those devices require cables, which can become cumbersome when you’re trying to sit at your desk or unplug a device behind your entertainment center.

One of the best ways to get control of the clutter is through the use of cable management tools. Whether you have one cable or dozens, if you can tie them down, you can keep them out of the way. But there are so many cable management options available, it can be tough to narrow it down.

The first thing to determine is whether you need cable management for one cord or multiple ones. If you just have a smartphone to charge on a desk, for instance, a single-cord option may work best. But if you have an entertainment center or desktop computer with multiple components, you may find that you need a way to bundle multiple cables and hold them out of the way.

Once you’ve narrowed down the number of cables you need to constrain, you can start deciding the type of management you prefer. There are neoprene sleeves that you simply wrap around your cables, then zip up. You can also get adhesive clips that attach to your table or desktop, allowing you to slide the cable in and out as needed. You can instead choose Velcro straps that you simply tie around your bundles to hold everything together.

If you have a power strip or surge protectors, cable management becomes a matter of safety. Those strips can become tripping hazards when set on the floor. You can buy cable managers that are set up as a box to keep your strips safely contained inside. The best thing about these boxes is that they have rubber feet to keep them in place if someone does accidentally kick or step on it.

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JOTO 20-Inch Cable Cord Organizer Sleeve, 4-Pack

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20-Inch Cable Cord Organizer Sleeve, 4-Pack

This neoprene cable sleeve has a zipper and stretchiness to expand as needed. But one of the best things about this sleeve is how easy it is to use. Simply bundle up the cables, wrap the sleeve around them, then zip it up to keep it in place. The black color makes it ideal for using with darker furniture.

Overall Take

Flexible SleeveWhether you're bundling a couple of cables or 10, this neoprene sleeve has the flexibility to expand and conform as needed.

 Runner Up

OHill Self-Adhesive Cable Cord Organizer Clips, 16-Pack


Self-Adhesive Cable Cord Organizer Clips, 16-Pack

You'll get 16 cable clips in varying sizes and configurations. Some are designed to hold five cables separately, while others bundle them in one group. The extra-strong adhesive will ensure they can be attached to a wide range of surface types. To install, you'll just need to peel off the backing and apply it to a clean, dry surface.

Overall Take

Adhesive BackingThese cable organizers stick to a surface to ensure they won't move around even if you need to remove your cables often.

 We Also Like

PASOW Reusable Fastening Cable Cord Organizer Ties, 50-Piece


Velcro Cable Cord Organizer Ties, 50-Piece

Each pack of these cable ties include 50 pieces that can be reused as long as the Velcro holds. They come in a variety of colors to help you find the perfect look for your workspaces. You can use these ties with multiple types of cords, from computers to electronics to appliances.

Overall Take

Reusable VelcroThe Velcro fastening on these ties means you can reuse them, as well as customize the closure to fit any bundle size.

 Strong Contender

Blue Key World Adhesive Cable Cord Organizer Clips, 6-Pack

Blue Key World

Adhesive Cable Cord Organizer Clips, 6-Pack

In this set, you get six single-cable clips, each one measuring 1.14 by 1.14 by 0.59 inches. The design makes it easy to extract your cord to take on the go with you, then reinsert it when you're ready to stay in one place again. The peel-and-stick design means you can just remove the backing and attach it to any surface.

Overall Take

Great for Single CablesWhen you simply need a way to keep one cable in place, this pack is the way to go.

What to Look For

  • Small cable clips can be multipurpose. Since they come in multiples, if you don’t use them all, you may want to consider using them to hold household items like pens or toothbrushes.
  • If you choose a cable organizer with adhesive backing, wipe down the surface with alcohol and dry it thoroughly before attaching your organizer to it.
  • If you’re bundling multiple cords at once, try to keep your bundles to five cords. If too many cables are tightly squeezed together, they can become a fire hazard.
  • Keep safety in mind as you choose a place for your cables. Try to keep them out of the way of young children and pets, and always keep foot traffic in mind if wires or power strips aren’t safely behind furniture. Dogs and young children can bite down on cables, potentially causing injury.
  • One issue with bundling your cables is that it can be tough to trace a power plug from its source to the wall without unraveling everything. If you have an entertainment center, for instance, and you need to unplug your cable box, you may have to unbundle everything to trace the cord from the device to the wall. One way to prevent this inconvenience is to label your power outlets.
  • If you are bundling cables for an item that never moves, you can afford to bundle everything using cable ties. However, if it’s an item like a smartphone charger that you take with you as you go from work to home every day, you may prefer an adhesive cord manager that lets you easily remove and reinsert the cable.
  • One additional benefit of a box that secures your power strips and surge protectors is that some are made with fireproof material. This could help reduce damage if your surge protector catches fire. But the best way to avoid a fire from a power strip is to use them as recommended. The biggest hazard comes when consumers “daisy chain” surge protectors or power strips together.

More to Explore

The term “surge protector” indicates that if your house experiences a power surge, any devices plugged into it will be protected.

That isn’t necessarily the case.

First, it’s important to differentiate between a power strip and a surge protector. Power strips themselves don’t have any more protection than if you’d plugged the item into the wall directly. They’re geared toward giving you a way to plug multiple devices into one outlet.

Even with surge protectors, though, you may not be getting the protection you need. A surge protector has a built-in protective component that ensures that your items will receive only the necessary voltage. There’s a joule rating on the packaging that indicates the maximum amount of surge they can handle. Compare brands and look for the one that has the highest rating.